''.....maybe a little''

Not Lout

Snotlout :’( 

Love the insecurities, and his anxiety, and the pressure his father puts on him and how he’s still struggling to find himself in that messy balance of dad’s approval and changing with the times and fitting in with his peers.

You know what else I love?

Acknowledging that the dragon riders are aware that Hiccup’s going to be chief one day and that they’re looking at how the dynamics in their group are going to shift and where their future lies.

levi is the only one i can draw semi-consistent, so i figured… why not draw a bunch of different levis so i can confuse myself?

i haven’t read @valisi-clark‘s fic smack[x] yet, so i’ve spent the past couple of days reading through this novel-length monster. i’m one chapter away from being caught up. it’s quite a fucking ride, i gotta say. very, very good. i’ve been tickled that our interpretations of levi have been so close when i haven’t read this fic before–so i wanted to sketch my final tour[x]!levi along with canon!levi to see how different each levi can be. i’m not really happy with smack!levi yet, but there will definitely be more fanart to come, so i’ll figure it out.

don’t worry guys. i start some figure drawing courses tomorrow, so hopefully i’ll Git Gud at this soon.

Oookay…. In today’s episode (”Heinous”) we learned that Rasticore (or how that dumb lizard guy with the chainsaw was named) can regenerate from only his hand that remained after that gift card blasted him to bits (I swear the show writers are on drugs after this sentence).

Miss Heinous gave as a reason that he is a lizard monster and can therefore regenerate as long as a part of his body is still existing.


Now I’m pretty sure we get to see Toffee’s face again (after Ludo’s wand is destroyed or something)

anonymous asked:

for micro-prompts, if you have time, can you do Royai 99?

99. Quiet

Roy’s greatest fear was Riza’s newfound solace. 

When her steady breaths had become so quiet that he could no longer hear her beside him when he awoke. Visions of her ruby-red throat and and pleading stare would flash before his unseeing eyes and he would succumb to his hysteria, his scrambling feet always carrying his intentions faster than his voice.

He would collapse beside her bed, hands frantically groping until he found and aroused her. 

Every time.

There was always a panicked gasp, an uttered rank, but never a scolding tone. Instead there was only a warm embrace and silent reassurance as his senses returned to him, a reminder to him that she was there -always there- and always would be.

the real College Feel™ is feeling guilty for having fun


it’s that time of the year again 🎄🎅

  • Leo: Can’t we have a little fun? Remember that time Victor and Yuuri spent an entire hour in the bathroom at a press conference?
  • Guang-Hong: Yes, but wasn’t that because Yuuri lost a contact lens?
  • Leo: You’re so cute.
Voltron: Legendary Sweater Weather Defender!

I hc that Lance easily gets cold on the castle and that he somehow ends up having a huge stash of big sweaters…no one knows from where though

I also hc that Keith secretly loves seeing fluffy Lance in too big sweaters

Fleur Delacour

FMA art book 3 giveaway

I’m giving away the third Fullmetal Alchemist art book! 130+ pages of delightful Arakawa art.

To enter the giveaway, just reblog and like this post, and I will use a random number generator to pick a winner. Multiple reblogs will not be counted. I will ship to anywhere in the world. A small doodle will be included. 

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Happy New Year folks!