''''he sings my dialogue in a way that nobody quite has'''

Tokyo 2015.06.13 - Hyper-Massu and much member ai

The first day of Tokyo. Massu was apparently very excited about Tokyo Dome because he was really active. 

Disclaimer: all text has been taken from Twitter and blog reports, all dialogue is approximate.

★ Massu was bossy again and when the fans were about to sit at MC he said he didn’t tell them to. He then apologized.

★ When Shige did an introduction he was calling out different parts of the Dome, then he called out men, then he called out Tegoshi like he did before on the tour. Apparently, Tegoshi’s a separate category.

★ Looking back on the concert:

K: Massu, do you have something to say?

M: After all, we went out to eat a lot! 

K: That’s true. We went a lot this time.

M: Though Shige had radio on Saturdays so he couldn’t go.

S: That’s right.

T: You have radio today as well?

S: Yeah.

T: That’s tough! Can you make it on time?

S: Right, I won’t. Right now we have it at 20-21 but at 20 Yaotome and Ino host it.

M: Ah, so if you can’t make it you can go now.

S: But you can’t continue without me. My song parts… ((

M: We can do something about your parts, split them for 3. It’s ok.

S: Let me sing too~ ((

M: Tegoshi could sing it in a dry voice and make it sound hoarse.

S: If that works I don’t want this! *making crying face*

★ Koyama talked about the 3 of them except Tegoshi being stuck in an elevator. As Massu said “That guy has some luck.” So they were stuck there for about 20 minutes and the elevator moved in small brisk bouts so it was scary. Isn’t that a great bonding opportunity though? They said they played shiritori.

★ Koyama said the news every team attended so the others began to fool around asking if Sorajiro (the mascot) came too and such.

★ Koyama mentioned celebrating his 31st birthday on tour which brought them to the age talk. 

S: But you look younger, right? How old do people think you are?

K: About 25.

S: Yeah, I can see that. You’re like the guys who live in houses near the sea, wearing leopard-print tank tops.

K: Tegoshi also looks younger.

T: That’s ‘coz I’m 16 at heart.

They then began teasing him that he’s always so excited and cheerful. Shige was like “even if you get stung by a bee? even if a pigeon shits on you? even if you step into dog poo?”

K: Massu, how old do you look? It’s puzzling, he kinda looks young but you can also see he’s older.

M: Older? No way! Even though I’m so pure?

K: You say you’re pure yourself?

M: Nobody says it so I’m saying it myself.

S: You’re also gonna say “I’m eternally XX”

K: This idol character.

M: Huh? What character?

K: You don’t use the toilet, do you?

M: It all goes out from the pores.

S: That sounds so dirty.

K: Massu, how long are you going to play this character who doesn’t use the bathroom? What did you say comes out when you use the toilet?

M: Strawberry marshmallows.

T: I can show you a good hospital nearby.

K: First you should go there yourself. ♥

★ There was a lot of cute and member ai. Including but not limited to:

  • At one point before the encore Shige blew a kiss at the camera and then Tegoshi came from behind, put his head on his shoulder and made a kissy face. Then on his left Massu made a kissy face too. Then, Koyama and Massu made kissy faces on both sides of Tegoshi and he tried to get away embarrassed.
  • During White Love Story Massu lifted Koyama’s chin with his fingers. Apparently, Koyama expected a kiss but Massu just squished his face. Then Koyama did a similar thing to Massu. Tegoshige wasted time though I did read that while there was initially quite a bit of space between them, Shige gradually scooted closer to Tegoshi.
  • At Koi no ABO Massu hit Shige’s butt and Koyama and Tegoshi did it to each other too.

★ More talk about Shige-sensei.

T: I read his books and his talent is really something!

K: That sounded so high and mighty.

S: Tegoshi, where are you? (looking up)

K: But Massu still hasn’t read any. And Massu’s fans don’t read Shige’s books. *sound of agreement from the audience*

S: It’s ok even if it’s just 1 page. Even if it’s a lie say you read it!

M: But I want to see the movie more than anyone!

K: But that’s ‘coz you won’t read the book.

★ Tegoshige also talked about their Osaka hangup.

T: I went out with Shige and a common friend.

S: I told about it.

K: Did he cry? Did Shige cry?

S: I did not.

S: Me and Tegoshi sang “Ai no Katamari” (laugh) We sang it twice at a concert that day but we still sang “Full Swing” for the third time.

I guess this wasn’t much use after a full report but since I already wrote this here it is.