' we deactivated the bomb.'


           Teen Wolf season 5 episode 17 was somewhat interesting. There were home useless scenes, for instance Mason and Cory in the locker room, the time waste witch Coach Flinstock in the rehab center… We also got some useful information.

           We found out that Parrish is dead, that he is just a vessel for the Hellhound. The Hellhound says that Parrish died when he was born.

Then we saw Parrish getting blown up while trying to deactivate a bomb and Scott, Stiles and Allison getting drowned in the Animal Clinic.


The dark shadow

The dead aunt visions

The Void possession, Nogitsune

Scott, Stiles and Allison were sacrificed in order to give power back to the Nemeton which was collapsing, at the time Argent, Stilinski and Melisa were bound in the “basement” of the Nemeton and if it would collapse it would take them with them.  

           The Nemeton is a mythical tree with enormous supernatural powers, it gave power to Jennifer Blake a.k.a the Darach and saved her from dying. Deaton said that when the tree was cut down the Nemeton lost most of its power and by curing Jennifer it was drained from the rest of its power and started dying.

So when the trio was sacrificed the Nemeton got some power back and it reached out for the first weak person and give it power. That person was Parrish. Parrish died in the explosion and in that moment the Nemeton gave him power, the last line of defense in the supernatural world, the Hellhound. The fireproof supernatural protected Parrish’s body from the explosion in order to get a physical manifestation (a body which the Hellhound can use as a vessel).

           It would explain why Parrish brings the bodies to the Nemeton. As the creation of the Nemeton and as the protector of the supernatural the Hellhound protects the Nemeton from dying by giving it power by placing the bodies on its roots.


           When the Desert Wolf confronted Malia on the lacrosse field she looked at Stiles and said to Malia: He is the one, isn’t she? This lets me to believe two things:

A) That the Desert wolf is going after Stiles to get to Malia because Stiles can’t defend himself and Malia still loves him.

B) It was a rhetorical question and it has something to do with the Doctors and the experiments in Russia/Ukraine

In collaboration with @maroltkiki