Light Sprite Cost Per Pixel

Ok I had a thought. People always say they “spend a lot of money on pixels” when they have expensive items/dragons despite it not actually really mattering because its just “fake” wealth so I thought it would be cool to see how much money a Light Sprite actually costs per pixel.

Here’s a Light Sprite, a transparent .png found on the site. Lets move Mrs. Light Sprite into Photoshop and check how many pixels she takes up using the histogram.

15,373 pixels. Not bad. Now lets go to the auction house and see the lowest price for a Light Sprite.

A whopping 48500g. If we divide 48500 by 15373 we get 3.2, rounded. 3.2g for every pixel on a Light Sprite. Now lets display that visually using FR’s gem packages

500g gets you 156 pixels of a Light Sprite:

1050g gets you 328 pixels of a Light Sprite:

2150g gets you 672 pixels of a Light Sprite:

5500g gets you 1718 pixels of a Light Sprite:

11500g gets you 3593 pixels of a Light Sprite:

Conclusion: Pixels are indeed expensive when you are a 2013 Light Sprite.

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top 5 special stages?? any k-pop group! :)

Hi, awesome anonnie! :3 Glad you asked, let me give you my most comprehensive answer:

1. Odd Eye, SHINee - this one is a good one because it was written and composed by member Kim Jonghyun. It’s one of the first times Jonghyun ever vocal directed with the members and he proves his love for them in the spot-on vocal distributions choices he makes. Every line fits its member perfectly. The lyrics were written with the charisma of shinee in mind, while the notes/harmonies highlight each of the member’s colors well

2. Okay, buckle up, next we got Odd Eye by SHINee!  the looks in this one are kind of dark, which is super exciting and sexy.  Jjong rocks a head band, Key sees through your soul even with the limited depth perception the iconic eyepatch gives him, choi refuses to wear a shirt. And look @ dem body rolls!!!! especially taemin’s!!!!  even from the front angle rolly worm Jack Skellington has me shook

3. OHHH Boy I don’t know if you’re familiar, but for 3 I chose ‘Odd Eye’ by SHINee. The vocal distribution is impeccable and as usual, CD-nee shines with their live vocals. Taemin’s adlibbing/accenting during rap god Choi Minho’s parts are some of my favorite parts of the performance

4. you guessed it–Odd Eye by SHINee!  Please be careful when watching 1:22, Kim Kibum is known to take lives with the delicious drama of his performance

5. Okay, I’m gonna end strong with a choice that might surprise you: Odd Eye by SHINee.  I think Onew was the perfect way to end the “you’s” as his high notes carry an especially haunting tone.  I don’t know how to describe this song, but a word that fits it for sure is ‘lingering.’  It stays with you.

Thanks for the ask!!! :3 I hope this gave an in-depth look at my performance/musical taste!

can we talk about how edward was carefully choosing which wine to bring to the dinner before he met isabella? he could have just grabbed any old wine off the shelf, but he was taking his time with it. Similarly, I’m sure that Os must have a wine cellar of some sort? And yet, Edward goes out of the way to pick out a wine because they both wanted the dinner to be perfect and i am screaming

fashion inktober: mercedes version!! >:3 

her style is quite hard for me to peg, she can really go from goth, bright colors, to comfy chill at home outfits! i think mercedes, like kurt, enjoys experimenting a lot with her wardrobe. so she may come out the house wearing sheer top or a giant maxi dress LOL

Emperor Tales of the Frozen South is complete!

After seventy Mondays (70!!!), where CWB didn’t miss a single update, Emperor Tales of the Frozen South is now complete. 

I can say, without a doubt, that this last chapter was my favorite of all chapters. If you haven’t started this epic tale, start tonight. If you’re reading along, a magnificent gift awaits you. 

@conversationswithjohnlock, my dear friend, congratulations. This is some accomplishment! 

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