When faced with a terrible boss, some people quit, some people retaliate, and some people… cross-stitch. At least, that was the case for Julie Jackson, who turned to cross stitch to calm her nerves, only to find herself stitching expletives within intricate borders of traditional pink flowers.

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Princess Zelda, Take Two

Look who’s done! Yaaaaay. She’s all washed and cleaned, and I’ll run the iron over it for the wrinkles tomorrow probably. I didn’t want to do my usual signature for this, since she’s a special project but can’t think of what I could do instead. So will just go without. Now I just have to frame her and have him pick it up. Can’t believe I finally finished it!!

Tomorrow, I’ll work on the Charizards! That project shouldn’t take too long to finish itself (which would be more surprising than finishing Zelda since I kept adding to it, haha). I want to at least have that one done, and perhaps put a little time into my Disgaea cleric, before I start the Van Gogh exploding Tardis. :) As I might pick up an extra day at work, will wait until the weekend after this to start it.