i have this headcanon that Slytherins and Hufflepuffs work together really well and that Slytherins protect their precious Hufflepuffs with their lives and both parties are totally cool with the arrangement and that Gryffindors and Ravenclaws have a similar relationship, except that Ravenclaws can get kinda offended sometimes and are like “Uh no. We can take care of ourselves, thank you very much. And plus we’d probably do a better job of protecting you” and the Gryffindors are like “YES you’re smart we get that but we can use a hex better than you and we can totally use anything to beat anyone up” and then it turns into a competition of who can protect better and eventually the arrangement is just that Gryffindors rush headlong into situations (we do that a lot) without thinking and the Ravenclaws just kinda shake their heads, roll their eyes and then help their precious Gryffindors out of whatever stupid situation they’re in. but only to prove they’re better at protecting, obviously.

Epic Pokemon Gen Two
Week Four – Break Time

I am so tempted to keep the project in the frame to see what I’d manage, because there’s only a little over 700 stitches left for this page. Just know the better move is a pause, as the next few days will be a little stressful and then the last part exhausting. I’m not that old, but definitely not young anymore haha. Just means I can be excited for next weekend because the page will be done and I get to move on to the next.

For now, I’ll just work on smaller ones. It’s a toss between two WIPs or starting a new out of the pile I have. I may also try my hand at creating a pattern. Get the desire every time I watch Family of Blood–my favorite Doctor Who quote is in that episode. 😆 Figure out which words to emphasize, what font(s) to use, or if any of the floss I ordered from madxstitcher might fit the design. Whatever it is I do, light work. Any sewing will be given daily updates.