A Difficult Distance- Shawn Mendes Imagine

A/n: My first Shawn imagine! I’m considering a part 2, but we will see how many requests I get for it. I hope you enjoy this little thing I whipped up in a half an hour and didn’t proof read :’D 

WARNINGS: Literally like none except for it potentially sucking since I didn’t even proof read it… 

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“I love you baby.”

“I love you too Shawn, now go be a super-star” you say as you finish up your seemingly short phone call. With him on his Illuminate tour you have barely gotten to see or even hear him. Sure you were happy he was out living his dream, but you missed him… a lot.

“Just two more months” you say softly to yourself. If you can make it through 6 months of this, two more should be a piece of cake, right?


A week passed by, and to someone like Shawn time was flying by, but to you it felt like an eternity. Work dragged on, your coworkers always asking you what it’s like to date someone famous. Not to mention the constant messages from your mom asking when you and Shawn would stop by for dinner, and you having to always remind her that he won’t be back for a while.

This past week you got a total of 4 texts and 5 snapchats from Shawn. Yes he was busy, but throughout the beginning stops of his tour he made sure to message you every chance he had and to leave you cute voice messages for you to wake up to. Instead you saw countless of his posts on twitter thanking fans and saying how much fun he is having. You even saw a few candids of him with some girl that you presumed be some sort of model.

“Come on (y/n) we are going out tonight” your best friend says eagerly. She was the only one who seemed to understand how hard the past few months have been on you, she was the only who cared.

“Can’t we just stay in and have a wine and movie night” you beg even though it was helpless.

“Nope not going to happen. We have done that every Friday night for the past 6 months, so today we are getting you some air and some crappy alcohol at a cheap bar. Now get dressed… and at least try to look nice.”

Although you lacked the motivation to get ready, your friend had a point. You’ve literally been hiding out in your apartment every night ever since Shawn left. Tearing through your closet you settle on the perfect little black dress and your signature vans. Your makeup was minimal compared to your friend’s but you still felt confident in your look.

“Finally, I swear this is the first time you’ve looked hot in months” she says sarcastically.

“Oh shut up, let’s get going” you banter back. Your friend offered to drive because she wanted you to drink whatever you wanted and however much you wanted.


The bar was fairly crowded and the music was loud. You each comfortably find a seat along the main bar counter and immediately order drinks. You two hadn’t even been there for ten minutes before a man comes up and approaches you.

“Hello ladies, what brings you here tonight” he asks smugly.

“Well ya see my friend here is sad, and she could use a little pick me up” your friend jokes.

“Why don’t you two let me buy you a round then?” He calls over the bartender and we give him our order and quickly finish up our first drinks. Minutes pass by as your friend is making flirtatious small talk with the stranger who is obviously hitting on her as well. However, you couldn’t be any less interested then you are now and just start nonchalantly scrolling through your phone while they talk.

“Can I get you a refill” the bartender asks, brining you out of focus from your phone. When you look up you give a small nod and turn to see your friend and the stranger are no longer by you. Instead they are now on the dance floor grinding on one another, and you start to question just how many drinks your friend has already had.

“This one’s on the house” the bartender says while handing over the drink. He gave you a look of pity as he could tell that there was something bugging you, but you just shrugged it off. You down the drink in a matter of minutes and feel a warm tingle take over your body. A daze begins to consume you as the alcohol flows through your veins. A constant ringing of your phone helps to break you out of your buzz.

“Hello” you answer without even looking at the screen.

“Hey baby what are you up to?”

“Shawn! What are you doing calling me, isn’t it like super early in the morning for you?”

“No it’s like 11pm” he says casually.

“How is that even possible” you ask completely confused. Sure you weren’t great at knowing all the time zones, but there was no way that France was the same time as you. Before you even had time to process what he was talking about, you feel two strong arms wrap around your body. Turning around quickly, you almost fall off your chair in excitement when you see your boyfriend standing right behind you.

“Oh my god, what are you doing here” you exclaim while embracing him in a giant hug. His arms stay wrapped around you tightly and he fills your body with warmth.

“Well when I realized that there is still about two more months of tour, I knew there would be no way I could make it without seeing you at least once.” There was a comfortable pause between the two of you as you soaked up each other’s embrace. In the corner of your eye you see your friend smiling at you with a thumb up, there’s no doubt she helped set this up.

“I missed you so much (y/n), you have no idea” he coos.

“I’ve missed you so much too, I’ve just felt incomplete since you’ve been gone” you say with a sad tone to your voice. A frown appears on Shawn’s face as he feels a pang of guilt for making you feel this way while he’s been gone. It was never your intention to make him upset, but you couldn’t hold in your emotions any more.

Few words are exchanged between you and Shawn as you wave goodbye to your friend and walk out to his car. Shawn drives you two back to your apartment so that you can be alone for the short time you have together.

“I’m really sorry” he says so softly you weren’t even certain that’s what he had said.

“Don’t be” you stammer out.

“(Y/F/N) told me all about how you’ve been feeling lately and I’m so sorry. It’s all my fault. I didn’t mean to stop messaging you or ignore you. My cell service was just really bad in the last few cities and I’ve also been so busy filming the music video that I neglected the one thing I truly love.”

“Oh my gosh, I totally forgot about the music video” you mumble, a confused face coming across Shawn’s face. “I kept seeing pictures of you on social media with some sort of model, but she must be the girl from the music video…”

“Did you think I was cheating on you” he states more sternly than you expected.

“No of course not, I trust you with all my heart. It’s just she looks so perfect and beautiful, I just didn’t want to lose you to her.”

“Don’t you see you never will. I am all yours. In fact, you’re stuck with me now and forever.” Your face turns a rosy red as he places a soft kiss to the top of your head. “I have a surprise for you.”

“But I thought you were my surprise” you joke.

“Well there’s more. (Y/F/N) and I already figured it out with work so now all you have to do is pack-“

“Pack?” you interrupt.

“Yes pack. You’re coming to Paris with me for a week.” He flashes to plane tickets and a smile of excitement.

“I’m so insanely lucky to have you” you gush.

“Well I don’t know where I’d be without you by my side, so it’s the least I could do.” Shawn pulls you in for a much needed kiss and you can feel your body coming to life once again. Your lips stay attached, as shaky breaths attempt to escape.  Shawn lifts you up to the counter so that he as better access to your soft lips. His hands reach your lower back as yours find their way to his neck. Just as things start to intensify between the two of you Shawn pulls away leaving you in a heated mess.

“You need to pack” he says a bit out of breath. “We have an 8-hour flight so there is plenty of time for this to continue.” He sends you a smirk and walks towards your bedroom while you just sit there wishing he could have waited at least a few more minutes…

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Liam at the BRIT Awards 2017:

“I know I speak from the heart and for the rest of the boys when I say we cannot believe we’re still winning these. And the sheer devotion that our fans have shown online for this is absolutely amazing, so thank you so much. We’ve been taking a bit of time off working on our solo material, but One Direction is who we are and who we always will be. This one is for you, so thank you very much. Thank you.” 

The Stitched Doll {Updated}

the basics ––– –

  • NAME: Teliyna “Stitch” Autumnblade
  • AGE: Appears mid 20′s (human years)  / Actual age is unknown.
  • BIRTHDAY: Sept 26
  • RACE: Sin’dorei
  • GENDER: Female
  • SEXUALITY: Straight
  • MARITAL STATUS: Married to Zia Silverstar by Scarring.

physical appearance ––– –

  • HAIR: Snowy White
  • EYES: Crimson
  • HEIGHT: Fun Size ( 5′1″ )
  • BUILD: Slim
  • DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Scars down spine hidden by corset piercing. Several stitches on body,
  • COMMON ACCESSORIES: Several stitches,  Corset piercing laced with different colored ribbon. A belt with various satchels. Some hold vials of poisons,drugs, samples of her Sinful Candies. A stitched plushie named Ziabear 2.0

personal ––– –

  • PROFESSION: Creator of Sweetest Sins Sweets, Flesh Crafter, Torture specialist, Owner of Caravan of Curiosities. Soul Collector.
  • HOBBIES: Selling drug infused candies, creating abominations, and torturing.
  • LANGUAGES: Enough to get her a job and keep it.
  • RESIDENCE: Silvermoon , Dollhouse of Horrors {Said to be not far from Brill}
  • BIRTHPLACE: Ghostlands
  • RELIGION: None
  • FEARS: Being Abandoned, fire, and the banshee having full control of her body.

relationships ––– -