Mola mola munch munch! Target feeding with our two young ocean sunfish is a piece of cake. Both beasties have learned to hit their Mola marks to dine on tong-delivered delicacies!

Even though ocean sunfish have a brain the size of a walnut, they can be trained to recognize a visual dinner-bell (a “target” in the biz) to come over and be fed by hand. 

The molas are fed a special blend of food inside a sausage casing, allowing us to study how fast these animals grow. Our daily tailgates with the molas prove that you can be bean-brained brainiac!


(EN) This is the best machinima I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s just perfect. BRAVO ^^

(ES) El mejor machinima que he visto en mi vida. Simplemente perfecto. BRAVO ^^

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before cursed child, i had a mild headcanon that lily luna potter would be down-to-earth, kind of mean, and bad at potions, james sirius potter would be a shy, completely by-the-books stickler for the rules, and albus severus potter would be the most loyal and caring person who is always there for you and would never betray a friend


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jesus fuck i need a button that will make me stop with addictional effects on my drawings