Some tododekus from @pitviperofdoom‘s Summer Stars fic! Aka the fic that has been killing me with every update  _(:‘3」z)_

Okay, so Mycroft is very obviously holding a pen in TST, and John is very obviously holding a pen in TFP, is there anyone holding a pen in TLD?  ‘Cause then maybe we could assume TST is Mycroft’s “fixing” of Mary’s murder as evidenced by his “fixing” of Sherlock killing Magnussen at the beginning; TFP is John’s mind after he gets shot; so presumably Sherlock would be writing TLD, but was he ever holding a pen in that one?  Does this make sense?


A while ago @consuelodoodles became a year older, a year wiser, and a gift for her birthday was this poem from… someone?. And of course I died and came back to life only to make this. Enjoy.

Good practice, cute poem, I don’t have time for this so it was like 10-30 minutes everytime I did anything. Thank you for the inspiration, I’m ready to let this go.