Tag: Spell your blog name with songs! (aka oh god, this is going to take fucking forever)

Alright so still going through my tags when I noticed I’ve been tagged in this one a bit, thank you so much specifically to prettylittletheorists, kisses-anonymousprettylittlebullshit (love your music taste btw babes) for the tags! :-)

I’m doing this based on my spotify saved music. I highly recommend all of these songs ;-)

  • Runaway  (U&I) - Galantis (also my fave song of like all time)
  • Energy - Drake
  • Dark Fantasy - Kanye West
  • Crew Love - Drake ft. The Weeknd
  • Often - The Weeknd
  • All of the Lights - Kanye West
  • Tuesday - Drake & ILoveMakonnen
  • Blood on the Leaves - Kanye West (Can you tell? I really like Kanye West)
  • Lean On - Major Lazer & DJ Snake
  • Arabella - The Arctic Monkeys
  • Californication - RHCP
  • Kids - MGMT
  • Voodoo Child - Jimi Hendrix
  • Ego (Remix) - Beyonce ft. Kanye West
  • I Could Be The One - Avicii ft. Nicki Romero
  • Long Live A$AP - (obviously) A$AP Rocky

I’m tagging…. anyone who wants to do this and addictedtoprettylittleliars prettylittleliarsbiga spencersarcastic welcomebackmona manna-vandermarin myworkmyreason emisonshowers xxariax emilyandali cause I wanna see yalls music taste :-) xoxo

[high res] I tried to include all chao I have and I must be honest, there is two missing; I just didnt know where to put any more…

from left to right from top to bottom:
shad, silvy, meph, eggman, blubby, shadow, bubbles, rew, shady, maria, sonic, scourdy, scourge (not in the picture: ghosty and a not yet named baby)

shadow has a lot of children

Ich brauch eure Hilfe!

Auch wenns wahrscheinlich sehr unmöglich ist, dass sie das jemals liest oder Tumblr hat versuch ich es trotzdem…

“Du warst am 15.08.2015(ca 12:40Uhr) bei Rewe in Oberhausen/Königshardt & bist mit dem Fahrrad dahin gekommen. Hatten uns ein paar mal angeschaut und hoffe du meldest dich :)”

Wäre euch sehr dankbar wenn ihr das teilen könntet, danke 😊

NO BUT GUYS. OKAY. Russian language is basically a trigger to Andrew, it sends him into a spiral of nausea and serious anxiety as he is forced to relive the moment his back broke. The tall, strong Russian player who sent his smaller figure flying over the dasher board muttered out a threat to him in Russian only seconds before the sudden crack and massive jolt of sudden pain rushed through Andrew’s body. He is piss scared of Russians and will get incredibly uncomfortable, sick and uneasy if he ever comes across Russians in his presence. 

1989 Song Titles

1: Welcome to Yew Nork
2: Spank Blace
3: Steel
4: Out Of Whe Toods
5: Yall Ou Had To Do Stas Way
6: Ake It Shoff
7: I Would You Wish
8: Blad Bood
9: Drilest Weams
10: How You Girl The Get
11: Lis Thove
12: I Plow Knaces
13: Clehn
Tronus Backs:
- Londerwand
- You are Lin Ove
- Rew Nomantics

Zweites Mal hab ich nun Lieferservice von #Rewe getestet und diesmal bin ich echt zufrieden! Ist zwar nicht alles soooo gesund … aber zum Gesundwerden braucht es halt ne Menge #Soulfood!!! ☺️