@aujinrew’s Big Leap to Embrace Adventure

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It’s been almost 10 years since Aujin Rew (@aujinrew) overhauled her whole life, leaving behind a stable engineering career in South Korea to pursue photography. Last year, she accomplished another dream by traveling all over Asia, starting in Vietnam and ending in Turkey. “Mostly I traveled by bus or train, but sometimes hitchhiking took me on a more adventurous experience,” she says. “I hitchhiked a vegetable sellers’ car from Sary-Tash, Kyrgyzstan, and helped them sell vegetables on the way to Osh. A three-hour journey became six hours.” Aujin’s current home base is in Singapore, but before heading back on the road, she’s pausing in Seoul to reflect for the #LunarNewYear: “What has been driving me to keep traveling and stay away from home? Maybe even before I find some answers, my itchy feet will lead me to somewhere in Siberia or the border between Myanmar and India. Who knows? Life brings surprises.”

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Name: Vaughn

Star Sign: Leo

Gender: Male

Height: 5'11

Favourite Colour: Blue

Time right now: 7:24/19:24

Average hours of sleep: 6 hours

Lucky Number: 4

Last Thing I googled: Kanye West finger in the booty lol

Blankets I sleep with: 1

Favorite characters: Batman, Spiderman idk

Favorite Books: None

Favorite Artists: Beyonce, Neyo. Adele, Bryson Tiller, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Jodeci, H-Town (I love 90′s music)

Dream Job: DEA Agent

When did you create your blog?: April 18, 2015

Current amount of followers?: 221 lol

What do you post about most?: Models, Exotic Pics, and Selfies 

Do you have any other blogs?: No.

When did your blog reach its peak?: It has not happened yet.

Do you get asks on a daily basis?:Nah

Why did you choose your url?: It represents me. I am not perfect lol

Now I have to tag 20 people. I guess I’ll tag 20 mutuals lol 

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Third Flatiron Needs Speculative Fiction Stories for May 2016 Issue - Pays up to 6 cents/word

Third Flatiron Publishing (est. 2012) has reopened its reading period to curate sci-fi, fantasy, and horror stories for its next quarterly anthology, this one with the theme, “Hyperpowers”–a collection of space opera and military-themed fiction tales. Writers can refer to the site’s upcoming Themes page for full details.

Editor/Publisher Juliana Rew welcomes tightly-plotted stories using fantastical settings, creatively diverse characters, intriguing dialog, sarcasm, light horror, and dry humor.

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doe those weird sound mashups at the start of radio shows that are like scrubleibleo *several chords of a song* *rewing, speed up* Johnny and The THE THE theeeeeee *fog horn*  *glass shattering, rewind* *laughter, reverb* JOHNY A-A-A-And THE SASQUATCH on Twenty Twenty ….. Twenty Nine Point THREEEEEEE

count as noise music?