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15 Dinge, die nur in Kreuzberg passieren

#Berlin: Ach ja, Kreuzberg, du willst einfach alles: Die hippen Leute, aber immer günstige Mieten. Keine Drogen im Park, dafür im Coffeeshop. Hier ticken die Uhren eben immer ein wenig andes. Hier sind 15 Dinge, die nur in Kreuzberg passieren:   1. Menschen können über Wasser geh…

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Ed Ruscha


Various Small Fires and Milk, 1964, Second Edition

Some Los Angeles Apartments, 1965, Second Edition

Every Building on the Sunset Strip, 1966, First Edition

Thirtyfour Parking Lots in Los Angeles, 1967, First Edition

How to Derive the Maximum Enjoyment from Crackers, 1969, Second Edition

Royal Road Test, 1971, Third Edition

Nine Swimming Pools and a Broken Glass, 1976, Second Edition

A Few Palm Trees, 1971, First Edition

Colored People, 1972, First Edition

Real Estate Opportunities, 1970, First Edition

Edward Ruscha Los Angeles Apartments, 1965

Edward Ruscha (Ed-Werd Rew-Shay) Young Artist, 1972

Mi raccomando, se ti tagli grida,
Che chi vive bruciando ogni giorno dopo un po’ non sente caldo
—  Rew, “Barbie-Turici”
Weekend Rewind: 'Outcast' Crew Talks About the New Story from Robert Kirkman's Brain
Number three in our update series…

‘Outcast’ Crew Talks About the New Story from Robert Kirkman

I may be a little behind on this one since the video was posted on Nerdist.com Thursday and then to Skybound’s website on Friday, but it was still worth sharing again.
'Outcast’ stars Patrick Fugit (Kyle Barnes) and Wrenn Schmidt (Megan Holter) sat down with Jessica Chobot (@JessicaChobot) from Nerdist to discuss the show, what it’s like to work in the horror genre, and how to deal with demons possessing people.

When asked how 'Outcast’ compares to Robert Kirkman’s horror behemoth 'The Walked Dead,’ Wrenn Schmidt said that,

“It’s not your typical horror show.  There’s a lot more to it.”

You can catch the full interview on the Nerdist or Skybound websites.

As you should know, Patrick Fugit will play Kyle Barnes, a man who has been followed and plagued by demonic possession his entire life.  Wrenn Schmidt will play Barnes’ adopted sister who happens to be a child psychologist.  The interaction between these two will be fun to watch!
If you haven’t grabbed any issues of the Outcast comic, written by Kirkman with Paul Azaceta managing the art, then you haven’t been listening to me and I’m disappointed in you.
*|grabs pen and crosses your name off the nice list and scribbles it onto the naughty one|*
For real, get to the comic book store and pick up volume one of the trade or the new releases and get to reading.  
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