NO BUT GUYS. OKAY. Russian language is basically a trigger to Andrew, it sends him into a spiral of nausea and serious anxiety as he is forced to relive the moment his back broke. The tall, strong Russian player who sent his smaller figure flying over the dasher board muttered out a threat to him in Russian only seconds before the sudden crack and massive jolt of sudden pain rushed through Andrew’s body. He is piss scared of Russians and will get incredibly uncomfortable, sick and uneasy if he ever comes across Russians in his presence. 

Zweites Mal hab ich nun Lieferservice von #Rewe getestet und diesmal bin ich echt zufrieden! Ist zwar nicht alles soooo gesund … aber zum Gesundwerden braucht es halt ne Menge #Soulfood!!! ☺️

g r e a t, now he’s all focused on melissa
g r e a t, there goes his happy muse.

I don’t think Andrew ever??? Got over Melissa?? Like, how do you get over a girl that you planned to marry, heck, the fucker even brought a ring (how naive isn’t that). He was so deeply in love with her that it’s sickening; it was his first love and she practically screwed him over one, twice, heck even thrice for all I know. 

I think he quietly forgave her despite what everyone else told him to do. Andrew can’t hold grudges too long, especially not if htere is someone is CARES about. Yes, she was a bit on the crazy side, yes she treated Andrew badly but the mentality of someone who is in love with people as abusive as this is a bit strange. You will ignore their flaws, try to explain them, blame yourself to make it reasonable; you try to make them seem good, despite all the bad.

Andrew is still scared of Melissa, but he worries about her so, so, so much.
She was his first supporter; you don’t forget that one.
At least he didn’t.