Looking through my old sketchwork, I found a cute little doodle of Miss Rarity and got the sudden urge to color it up!

This was a really fun experiment with thin inks/delicate lines, layer alts, and minimal shading/shines. I honestly couldn’t decide if I just wanted her as her normal lovely self, or to go with that surprisingly cute punk rock look she flaunted in the recent episode. So why not both? =D

Raridash pirates! After seeing the main six pirate outfits (shown in the art book for the movie), I decided to draw a few sketches for them and one really stood out so I went ahead and colored it~

Speaking of the movie, I’m working on a new comic regarding it! 
>>> You can check it out here <<<

It’s not raridash related obviously, but if you enjoy my art/stories you might like it. I’ll post updates on a weekly basis on link related, so be sure to check back if you like the comic!

Raridashtober’s on the rise. I will try to get some drawings done for it, but mostly I’ll be busy with that comic, so don’t keep any high expectations.