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Queen Annabeth and King Percy headcanons, please?

  • they were married at 17 despite their parents being arch rivals because their parents could not deny the benefits to both their kingdoms 
  • at 23 years old they are the most popular royals of the last century 
  • Queen Annabeth is King Percy’s most trusted advisor and it is widely known that he never makes a decision without first seeking her counsel 
  • it had caused him problems in the past, with older rulers not agreeing with having a woman in the room no matter her title 
  • but Percy was adamant 
  • any kingdom looking to do any sort of business with his would have to respect the authority of his Queen or face embargo 
  • after a border skirmish with a neighboring kingdom, the threat of war was imminent  
  • Percy had been in war council meetings all week and his partner was surprisingly absent 
  • there were rumors throughout the kingdom that the queen was sick, possibly even on her deathbed and no one, not even other royals, were brave enough to ask Percy about her health directly 
  • he is in a meeting with this war council one day when Piper, one of Annabeth’s ladies, enters and whispers into his ear
  • as soon as he is out of the war room, he sprints to the other side of the castle where the infirmary is 
  • the doctor is waiting outside the infirmary for him and explains Annabeth fainted while out in the gardens on a walk 
  • the door creaks open and he sees his wife sitting up on a bed and leaning against the wall, eyes closed, but she smiles when she senses his presence 
  • “Are you gonna come in or are you just gonna stare at me from over there all day?” 
  • “Don’t tempt me,” he teases 
  • sitting down next to her, Percy places a hand to her stomach and a kiss to her forehead 
  • she opens her eyes as she places her hand on top of his and takes a deep breath, "You’re cute when you’re worried. Your eyebrows get all scrunched together.“
  • he laughs lightly, his thumb rubbing circles onto her barely showing belly 
  • “We’re fine, Percy. I promise.” 

soa meme:  [2/6] quotes → jax in “Gilead” [2x07]

“ my son, he’s given me, a new pair of glasses. You know? I find myself thinking about the things I do. Things I say. Ramifications. Not as angry or reactive. For instance, you showing me these photos, trying to lay my rage, my need for revenge, didn’t work. See, I was able to take a moment, think. And I realized, that if we did have a relationship with the Irish, which of course, we don’t, what’d stop me from tipping them off? Lettin’ them know you got’ em under thumb? You take a huge risk playing that card. Which means you’re desperate. You got nothing.”


Photos capture hermits who have escaped society to live peacefully in the wild


At certain moments we all feel the desire to escape from it all. Even if it’s only a brief walk or a long drive through the countryside, there is truly no greater companion than ourselves. Yet there are few who can break free from social dependence, away from the urban comforts, to live alone in nature. Photographer Danila Tkachenko set out to document the hermits of Russia and Ukraine who have crossed the tree line to exclude themselves completely from society.

“I am concerned about the issue of internal freedom in the modern society: is it at all reachable, when you’re surrounded by social framework? School, work, family – once in this cycle, you are a prisoner of your own position” writes Tkachenko

Solitude is something of a misunderstanding in the 21st century; all too often we confuse solitude with loneliness. But when you are alone and begin to feel the space grow vast around you, the realization comes that you are beginning to make a step towards self-understanding. This is why though many of us have grown up in the heart of large city, we find ourselves drawn into the wild.