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Imagine if Emily was AD. Just imagine. I think the fandom would be shook for 22 years. Nobody would ever expect Puppy Eyes Emily Fields ;)

Dude I said this like…two days ago to someone!!! Emily being A.D. would be the biggest plot twist in the history of entertainment television. We, as a fandom, suspect everyone one and their unborn fetuses but nobody suspects Emily at all. If I were a big time writer, that’s the exact angle I would go with for a reveal. Without all the plot holes and inconsistencies, I would make my villain the most innocent person to the public, this way no one would ever consider the possibility - all while making very subtle hints towards that person.

Man…if it made sense, Emily would shock me for the rest of my life, deathbed and all. I would have paranoia and trust issues until the day i died.

We all know it’s like the most unlikely idea on the planet but can you imagine her motive? Like her infatuation with Alison got out of control until she became obsessive? Over the years she lowkey became one of those delusional lovers to the point she purposely implanted her eggs inside Alison this way they had no choice but to be together. Everything she did to Ali was “out of love” but because her brain is so warped, she doesn’t see the line between love and torture. She did all those things in the beginning to see if Alison was really dead and if she would come save her/her friends if they were in danger but over time, she became “addicted to playing with everyone’s lives”, as Mona referred A.D. to in 7x15. However, she keeps her act of innocence towards everyone and targeting herself along with the others but really doing up her victim role so that nobody would suspect she’s the mastermind because of all the situations she got herself into. That………that would be so wild.

"We've known season 7 since before seasons 5 and 6" - the true story of what PLL is all about, is right around the corner.

I’m still here hoping that in the series finale they completely re-do Charlotte’s story from 610. I’m a firm believer that the writers were faced with a bloody monstrous task when writing 610: how do we give the fans a satisfying and logical Big A reveal, when we are going to INTENTIONALLY give them lies? I think that the finale will see the truth finally come out:

Charlotte pushed Marion off the roof, and blamed Bethany. Jessica, who was on the board of Radley, helped her niece get away with this.

Bethany escaped Radley that night to get revenge on Charlotte for blaming her for Marion’s death, and also revenge on Jessica for helping Charlotte get away with it.

Radley called Jessica to say Bethany has escaped. Jessica knew this meant that Bethany was coming after her and Charlotte.

To protect herself and her aunty who she loved, Charlotte thought she hit Bethany on the head with the rock. But she hit Ali.

Mona hits Bethany thinking it was Ali and then Melissa buries her, aiming to protect Spencer.

And, since Bethany was blamed for Marion’s murder, Charlotte’s story in 610 was exaggerated. Her out privileges were never taken from her. She did have a roommate, she did attend college, she did attend Rosewood High (hence the yearbook picture) and she did go to all of Eric Kahn’s parties. She left Radley far earlier than she lied about in 610; she was no longer a patient hence she needed a visitors pass to see Mona. How did CeCe even know to go visit Mona, if she wasn’t “sneaking into the room next-door for bedtime stories with the new patient?” Wren told us in 323 that Melissa called CeCe and told her about Mona having been admitted to Radley. That’s how CeCe knew to go visit her. This is why Wren is back. To reveal that he authorised these passes for CeCe who was no longer a patient.

Just because Charlotte was never blamed for Marion’s murder, her motive for being A isn’t reduced. She finally found something in life she could succeed at, and it did become her drug, after her transphobic father punished her for wanting to be herself.

I think that is the true story of Pretty Little Liars that they’ve been wanting to tell for years, and the fact that they managed to come up with something somewhat logical in 610 to hide this, is kind of genius. Unfortunately, the challenge of “giving intentional lies which must come across as the truth” was too hard, because we did have plot holes. Evidently, these plot holes can be fixed. But now the show is ending, and the true version of events, which had been planned longer than the fake version, will finally be revealed. I want to emphasise again that it’s pretty damn impressive that they came up with an entire fake story in parallel to the real story.

(I’ll add that it’s possible Bethany made it out alive from that night and then killed Charlotte, after failing that night. While Charlotte was A, she was everywhere yet she was nowhere. While she was in Welby, she was untouchable. Yet, when the time came for her to be released from Welby 5 years later, Bethany wanted her out so she can finish the job she failed that night. I’ve already theorised most of this on my blog before, specifically in my post dedicated to Bethany in my important posts tab. But the point of this post is to emphasise that I think there is one story which comes in two versions: the fake version from 610 and the real version from 720.)

*Rewatching that scene from 715*

Alison: “I know how-”

Me: “I feel when she looks at me. I’ve never felt that with anyone before. It’s like [pause] she sees who you really are. Maybe that’s the scariest part. You look at her. You look [cracked], you look at her eyes, and you wanna be worth the effort. YOU WANNA BE THE PERSON SHE SEES.” 

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: where is Pepe? Like I get that he ran away and it was probably a pain having a dog on set but still! We were promised answers this season and I never got closure over that! He made ali happy and confirmed what we all knew in our hearts- that she was a dog person! Isn’t it a little unrealistic that ali hasn’t gotten a dog in the five years since? Considering how happy pepe made her? But I guess it would be amazing if Emily got her a puppy! There are not enough animals on this show! And I think we don’t talk enough about what an animal person ali was! Like she had a bird too! She loved horses! Why can’t you reflect more of that with giving her another puppy? Like I’m sorry am I alone in this?

Wilden is AD

It’s Wilden. AD. Is. Wilden. There’s a reason they brought back his face and his picture. Who hated Hanna more than Wilden? Who hated the girls more than Wilden? Who was rumored to have gotten Ali pregnant? WILDEN. Who is connected to all the NAT members, connected to Cece, Melissa, Garrett, Jessica DiLaurentis, Alison, Ian, AND connected to the Radley coverup? WILDEN.

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How did the story of the comic book and this didn’t remind anyone of

THIS from the dollhouse

If this show taught me something, it’s that nothing is left to chance, everything is there for a reason and has a purpose.


I live for this.
Imagine how much of a Emison shipper and a fangirl I am, they’re just sitting beside each other and I squealed, I even tried over and over to put pause to the sneak peak video just so I could get this shot. 😂

I just want them to be together already, oh my OTP hurts.

Tired and Annoyed

Reading all these theories where the reveal would be large and things from 7 seasons ago are relevant are fun to read but not realistic. There are 5 episodes left and there is no way we aren’t getting any actually answers until the last 2. Do you think 7 seasons can be concluded in 3 hours? I want Toby to be involved, I want Ali to have started to NAT club but Marlene isn’t going to do that because she is so obsessed with making sure the 4 girls end up with their first loves (which is stupid and unrealistic). Marlene is so focused on these girls’ love lives but like the main point of the show is A FUCKING STALKER. I really don’t have high expectations for the finale, I like our theories better