A handful of sky deities from Philippine Mythology.

Mayari, the one-eyed moon goddess of war and beauty, Tala and Hanan, the morning and the evening stars, the protectors of the moon, and Libulan, a lunar deity, and his husband, Sidapa, slayer of Bakunawa the moon-eater.

Spanish colonialization has erased many of the Philippines’ lore and folktales. Out of the hundreds of poems and epics written, only two remain. The rest are lost  to the flames of Spanish priests. (Yet we treasure what we have.)

The Philippines was the first country in Asia to have ever rebelled against European colonizers.

today is the last day of buwan ng wika, or the month where Filipinos celebrate our heritage. Maligayang Buwan ng Wika!! 

BTK Killer's Tips How To Not Be Killed

“You know, lately I’ve been thinking about what people can do
to protect themselves from guys like me, and I came up with a little
list,” he said. “I guess most of it is pretty obvious, but I’ll tell it to you
if you like.”
“I’m all ears,” I said.
“The first thing I’d suggest for a woman living alone is to get a
security system,”
he said. “For
women living alone, I think the most important thing they can do is
give the impression that they live with a man. Maybe have some
men’s clothes scattered around the house or leave a toiletry kit out in
the open, just in case someone breaks in to scope the place out. It
would also be wise to have two dogs—one outside and another one
And on the answering machine, have a man’s voice on the out-
going recording.
And you know how I used to cut the phone lines of
houses? People should always check their phones whenever they enter their house.“

“Since everybody seems to have cell phones these days, maybe
that’s not so important … But I do think it’s a good idea to always
leave the radio on in your house and avoid routines. Never take the
same route to and from work or someplace like the grocery store.
the last thing would be for women to be extra suspicious of vehicles
they see parked out in front of their house or apartment.
I often used
to drive back to my victims’ homes over and over again and park out
in front.”

(Inside The Mind Of BTK, pages 314 and 315)