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so my little sister loves minecraft right???

i have a minecraft account and i used to play it a lot and i have it on my laptop so i decided to open it up just to take a look and see whats new cause shes hype about an update that happened recently on the ps3

new launcher and shit its real nice and it lets you look at your skin. super nice. 

whats my minecraft skin?????

fenris. i played minecraft as fenris. who had the red romance cloth around his wrist.

Am I Really That Known in the Aphmau Art Community?

I’ve been questioning it for a while every since I got that anonymous ask.

They said that I was an inspiration to them.

I felt happy knowing that I’ve inspired a few people with my art, but I still kept thinking.

Am I actually well known when it comes to my art?

It’s just a simple drawing, nothing much.

Yet, people love it.

I guess I just want to know why people love my art so much since I don’t know how it’s considered “special” to them compared to how it’s “special” to me.

anonymous asked:

“You’ll freeze to death if you sit on your own.” w/ Axel x Petra please?

Some people don’t do well with quiet. It’s the sort of thing that gets in their head, makes them either feel way too uncomfortable or like they have to start talking and making noise to make up for it.

Axel’s one of those people.

And for a bonfire, huge multicolored flames crackling and constantly moving in the wind and through the falling snow, it’s awful quiet.

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Minecraft game devs:

  • *name the 1.12 update “world of colour” *
  • *release the update during LGBT+ pride month*
  • *make the preview art virtually an LGBT+ pride parade*:

so… the rumour come out: does minecraft is gay?

i think yes. minecraft is very gay.




I will never understand why people consider certain things cringy

Minecraft??? its just a game about creating and having an adventure,you can 100% ignore that videos on the internet

MLP??? Let people have fun??? its just a cute show?? if its not your thing than do like me and ignore it

FNAF/Undertale??? its just games?? literally just games and the guys behind it have their stories (Toby worked on UT for like 3.5 years and Scott has a family and donates the fnaf money sometimes)

its just so easy to not become an asshole about people’s interests?? its not even hurting the others,if you wanna hate on people then hate on the notorious nazis and hateful people in this hell site instead,most of these “cringy” fandoms are just kids having FUN,literally just having fun

let people have fun in this site,by what it seems its gonna go down soon so why don’t we snap out of this and have fun for once?