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going thro ur blog reminds me of the good ol days,,,,ahhhh i miss the 2ps, they were my babies as well as the 1ps...i love your blog is what im trying to say♡♡♡♡

aaaa same!!! I always slip into new fandoms, but Hetalia is the one that has ALWAYS remained with me since the beginnings in 2008!! it’s gonna be a decade old next year :,,)))

thank you sm! i’m glad I can bring old vets like ourselves joy <33


Why am I alive?’ I wondered that for so long.. But I finally feel like I’ve found my answer. Even if there’s no reason, it’s okay for me to be alive. Because my last moments are of such fulfillment. I can end my journey surrounded by so many people in the arms of the person I love. I did my best to live. I lived here.