so @joliemariella went and made this amazing freaking picture and has been telling me about this adorable little-mermaid-based au idea of hers and my hand slipped for several, several hours, oh dear.

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For the Genyatta prompt: sometimes I imagine that when Genji and Zen have practise fights and Genji has only just met Zen, he sometimes becomes so enraged he accidentally imagines Zen is Hanzo. He immediately flees to his designated room due to how awful he feels after almost killing Zen. So I was thinking as a prompt, maybe Zen goes to comfort Genji after he has one of those moments. Thank you! <33


Thank you so much for the amazing PROMPT

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Resending my ask! Hellooo its me, can you do a scenario of katsuki's S/O surprising katsuki by appearing in his school (his S/O goes to a hero school abroad!) what would his classmates' reaction be??😜😜😜 LOTS OF LOVE FROM ME AND MY FRIENDS WHO ARE ALSO A BIG FAN OF UR BLOG <3 <3

Hello lovely! And of course I can! I very much hope I could write it well enough and that you’re going to like it! Also thank you so very much! Lots of love back to you guys <3 <3

Bakugou looks up when he hears someone call his name. He recognizes the voice, though for a moment he doesn’t really believe it, until he sees his partner.

They’re grinning widely and wave, running towards him. Bakugou feels himself grin as well, turning to face them and he just makes a couple of steps in their direction, before they’re already at his side and draw him into a tight hug, almost knocking him off balance.

“For fucks sake.” He says, his arms wrapped around them just as tightly and he’s still grinning. “Couldn’t you have told me?”

They laugh and let go to take a step back, a big bag slung over their shoulders. “I wanted to surprise you.” Their grin grows a bit mischievous. “And I’m going to be around for a while; I have a rather long break right now.”

“Fuck, that’s great.” Bakugou can’t help but reach out, taking their hand into his, before he notices that his classmates have stopped to stare, though he sees his friends grinning at him.

Scowling, he lifts an eyebrow. “The fuck are you looking at? Move your asses along!”

He makes a shooing gesture and Kirishima and Kaminari throw a comment to talk later in his direction, before they heard everyone away, along with Sero and Mina waves at them, before she walks on as well.

Shaking his head, Bakugou looks at his partner again. “Come on, let’s leave.”

Their fingers wrap around his and they bump their shoulders gently against his. “Good idea, I’m starving, actually.”

Bakugou stops for a moment to pull them into a kiss. “Let’s go to the same place as the last time then.”

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When do we get to see more of your amazing drawings? :( I'm craving for some cutesy stuff!


HAHAHAA. It’s a redraw from my a favorite scene of mine from the NaruSte Backstage!

I hope this is fluffy and cute enough for you <3 <3 <3

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Mikki, how are you my love?? 🌸❤️

Halla my angel <3 <3 <3 i’m brillaint now that we have more Isak content! ahhhhh we have seen him twice this week and he’s had decent lines and it’s only wednesday

OMG is Isak the new Noora???? 


30 Day One Piece Challenge

Day 7: Favourite Male Character

Okay, so most of my favourite characters are creepy tricky types and shadow powers are pretty badass imo, so when they get put together into a weird lazy creature in Oda’s beautiful style, I just have to absolutely love it, right? <3 <3 <3

I know a lot of people think Moria-sama is the most annoying character in OP, but I pretty much love him due to all the reasons they give for not liking him lol xD. I love weird character designs, and he is just one perfect leek. His laugh is pretty much the best in OP imo (with Caesar close behind) and I think his voice is pretty damn awesome overall as well (so many props to his VA). And the fact that he decided to be lazy and use his shadow zombies to fight for him and do all his work is just genius imo. And then we find out that the zombie stuff and him becoming a leek all started due to him losing his entire crew T_T.

Also he was just the cutest kid, and I can’t wait to see him after the TS <3

(I so did not do him justice with those edits D;)

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Prompt: Newt returns to NY to fulfill the promise to deliver the copy of Tina and during his stay in her apartment (Queenie is already living with Jacob), he enters his room early in the morning to pick up his case and discovers that Tina likes of sleep naked. But she's still lying on her stomach, the sheet covering her waist. Then he nervously grabs his case and Tina moves on the bed and turns away, the sheet uncovers her body, revealing it completely to him. Newt IS GLAZED.

I love this. I LOVE THIS. I love this SO MUCH. <3 <3 <3 It’s on the list, and it’s going to happen!