[Eng] Beijing Weekly Magazine with Hangeng~

Q: Is it possible to see all 13 members on the stage? 

 Geng: I always want to…

Q: Fans are always waiting for Super Junior to be reunion again. Is it possible to see all 13 members on the stage?

Hangeng: I always want to. Last year (2015), on the 10th anniversary day, i phoned Long (Mr.) brother and then Leeteuk. I said to him that it has been 10 years. I hoped Super Junior members will be on-air for an EP (Hangeng’s Documentary), making an album, and at the midyear doing an activity. Not for other reasons, just wanted to make a memorial 10th anniversary of being together. At last, because of tight schedule and other factors, it was not possible to happen. I always regret this. Now, it’s already 10 years that me and the members has debuted. I wanted to keep something as a memory. That is why i have done what i wanted to do in my concert. In the New Year (Chinese New Year), i went to Korea, met Heechul and many colleagues. We went out having a dinner. That moment, i phoned leader Leeteuk and Kangin, talked about this idea. Everyone was hoping that we will be together in a concert. We already told a manager and a company. Unfortunately, their schedule were too busy, such a pity. [c]

Hey cat, well I drew molten Frisk and nitro Chara’s souls and then I was wondering what would their kids’ soul (I know it wouldn’t happen but still) would look like so I drew it and I just kinda wanted you to see it.. I hope you like it, it’s not much but I wanted you to see it.