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What if instead of Yang it was Ruby who lost at beacon?

no hear me out. Ruby keeps on getting through situation after situation with just sheer luck. She never loses. She doesn’t have any real loss. For fucks sake, she should have had an actual loss on top of that aircraft with Torchwick. Yes, she used her wit to beat Neo. Using her weapon against her was brilliant and I think that was done wonderfully. But Torchwick killed my deus ex grimm? bullshit. Ruby should have lost that fight. Fuck, she did lose that fight. But did she learn anything from it? Does that fight bring anything to her? No. She doesn’t have nightmares seeing someone killed by a grimm right in front of her eyes. She has no battle wounds from being at Torchwick’s mercy.

So what if Ruby lost something for once. A limb, an eye, fuck even her pride for once. Torchwick shoots her eye out. She falls to beacon and has to continue to try and save Pyrrha dispite the intense pain she has. There is a gaping whole where her eye should be. Blood is covering her face. Yes, having one eye is still enough to freeze the grim and use her silver eyes. But she only has the one. And has to deal with the fact that her not taking this seriously? Not treating this as a real threat? Not treating TORCHWICK as a real threat? It has real god damn consequences. And hey: Cinder has a damaged face, Ruby has a damaged face. They both need to carry their scars from the fall of beacon forward. 

[and then meeting with my previous post: she sees Torchwick again. He fucking lived. The fucker who took part of her vision is still alive and he makes jokes about her only having one eye now. Her depth perception is gone because she originally didn’t have proper perspective on the gravity of the situation. Maybe he plants seeds of doubt within her: would she have been able to save Pyrrha if she had the power of both eyes? Maybe she would have been there faster. Maybe Pyrrha’s death is because of her failure, because she lost her fight with Torchwick. Let that eat at Ruby’s soul. Let that eat at Jaune and Nora and Lie Ren as well. If Ruby hadn’t fucked up maybe their teammate would still be alive. They don’t want to blame her but…]

  • Aoi: the app that I always use has been shutting down so often that I’ve been away from Twitter for a seriously long time... .
  • Aoi: CHOCOLAAAATE...,.
  • Aoi: I’m entertaining myself by tweeting about the things around me in a slightly scary way... .
  • I think, he doesn’t use the official Twitter app but Ecofon/Soicha/The World instead. I guess, the one he’s normally using has been crashing a lot lately so he hasn’t really been on Twitter for a while.
Then he says he’s tweeting about the things around him in a scary way, which is kinda confusing. I’m guessing, he has chocolate somewhere around him which is why he’s tweeting about it but I don’t see what makes it scary. Maybe the fact, that it’s Katakana (which in Japanese is often used as a means writing a word in capitals).
  • The last one is pretty confusing but my theory is that he’s referring to the Japanese comedian Torihada Minoru. Torihada (tori=bird, hada=skin) means goosebumps but instead of tori he wrote chokobo which is a fictional bird from Final Fantasy. Doesn’t really make a lot of sense but it’s Aoi, so ;)
How to Make Cup of Porknoodles from Mother 3
An easy noodle recipe you're really going to PK Love. What You Need: 2 packs Ramen or Udon noodles Pork: 1/2 cup chopped pork, 1 tsp mirin 1 tsp cornstarch A...



So, check out this cool vid from Jammy Cooks as he teaches you the ways of the pork noodles.

These look delicious, I’ll try it out myself in the future, hope you will too! 

Can’t promise they’ll look as good as his tho…