This is from Ridel’s AU where the new trilogy gang time travel!! Something happened with Rey and her gang that caused them to shrink!! So here is Vader with Rey and Ben finding out that she was in this time too, but small??? AND GRAMPY VADER IS A TOTAL REYLO!!! LOOOOOOOOLL!! 


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congrats on reaching $2000/mo!!!! 🎉🎉🎉

I’m super happy to have reached the goal ;A;

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aye yo look,,im a gal with A LOT fo scars from issues I've had in my past and the part in the AU where they just love each others scars and accept them made me tear up a lil,,im a bit older and ive had really bad anxiety about dating bc of them so I thank you so much for giving me the hope that it'll be ok!!!

<3 <3 <3
I’m happy it was able to give you hope! :D
Scars are beautiful <3
They are evidence of our triumphs!
That we have survived, that we are still here, they are testaments to our ability to thrive in the face of adversity!

Love yourself and your scars X3
I am sure that you will find someone who understands how beautiful they are <3

You all know the game. Someone is the murderer, and if you’ve been winked at, it means you’re killed. The object is to catch the murderer before he winks at you.


Notes: The Alienist comes out Monday (who else is excited??!) so I thought I’d kick off the weekend with a moodboard of John Moore. Tagging those who I think would enjoy this <3 <3 The countdown is almost over!! 

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Can you do the I love you prompt thing, number 26 with Eggsy? I love your writing so much 😍 thanks in advance if you decide to do it ❤

[HI! SO I’m gonna say RIGHT NOW this is angst up the ass. I wish I could say it ends well, but…. idk, the prompt just didn’t feel like a happy ending to me SO I WENT A LITTLE CRAZY WITH THE ANGST. Hope you enjoy still. :) ALSO I THINK THIS IS THE CORRECT PROMPT BECUASE THATS WHAT I HAD WRITTEN DOWN IF NOT *shrugs* LET ME KNOW AND I WILL FIX IT AND BY FIX IT I MEAN MAKE YOU A NEW ONE hahahah 

ALSO ALSO THANK YOU<3<3 That makes me super happy ;.; we all go through times where we dont feel good enough, so reminders like this are so nice <3

Pairing: Eggsy x Reader

Words: 1.6k

Warnings: cursing, angst Eggsy cheating on Tilde…………………… 

–Read on Ao3!]

“Broken, as you clutch the sleeve of my jacket and beg me not to leave.”

You had to go… you had to get out of there, because if you didn’t you weren’t sure you ever would, that you ever could. It wasn’t like you didn’t want it.

Actually, most nights that’s all you ever wanted… him.

You’d dream of the chance to show him just how fantastic you two could be together… How great life could be. But Eggsy was with Tilde, and it had quickly turned into one of those ‘till death do us part’ things.

And you really did know that going to his house would be a mistake… You knew what would happen, but you did it anyway, and before the kettle had even gone off, he was kissing you. You’d of been lying if you denied loving the way it tasted… the way he always seemed to taste like cinnamon and chocolate, and just like every time before you were pulled into him like a drifter caught at sea.

Whether you were lying to yourself or not, it shouldn’t have happened because the last you checked he was still with Tilde. Actually as memory serves, he’d officially asked her to be his wife about 3 weeks ago. Even invited you to the fucking wedding… The cheeky fuck actually had the audacity to ask you to be a part of his fucking wedding party. 

You actually laughed in his face at that, and you’ll never forget the look he gave you…  

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Request: Please do Clyde Logan and ‘Why are you like this’ please please please !! i love your writing! your story 'Sick’ really had me out here !!! <3 <3 <3

High school Au

AN: Sorry it’s kind of short loves


Clyde Logan was viewed as the school freak. His ears were too big for his head, his nose was long and humped, his lips were large and pink. His arms seemed too long for his body and his shoulders were too wide for how narrow his chest was. People poked fun at his shaggy black hair that hung in front of his face to cover his moles. They tripped him, emptied his backpack over his head, shoved him into lockers.

You on the other hand, brushed his hair behind those perfect ears. You pressed soft hisses to his beautiful nose and plump lips. You loved wrapping your arms around his chest and holding him tight, you mapped out the constellations on his face, helped him up when he shoved them and knew the combination to almost any locker in the school.

Clyde didn’t know how he’d been lucky enough to meet you. Why you’d chosen him of all the people who chased after you and your pretty hips. He couldn’t understand why you chose the Logan brother who’s ears stuck out like sails and who’s nose often got in the way of his vision over the Logan brother who was the star quarterback with a handsome smile. Whenever he brought up how much better off you’d be with Jimmy you’d simply laugh and kiss his cheek.

One day when the two of you were laying on his couch watching a movie, joking and laughing as usual, Clyde made a joke that hit a close to home for him. He wanted to see how you’d react to it, he’d never admitted it to anybody before. Not even Jimmy knew about the thin scars that covered his arms. You paused in your laughter, giving Clyde a compassionate and calming look.

“Clyde?” You asked hesitantly, resting your hand on the long sleeve of his shirt. He swallowed nervously as you pushed the sleeve up his arm. You looked down to see the long white scars than ran vertically down his forearm. You felt pain and anger welling in your chest. Anger that people would push someone so far. Anger that Clyde, your big teddy bear, had been pushed so much that he felt he had to punish himself. You felt sadness that there was once a chance that your Clyde would no longer exist.

You leaned down and pressed soft kisses against each and every scar, checking his other arm as well and kissing those scars. You looked at him, asking without asking if there were more. He undid the top two buttons of his shirt, revealing more scars across his chest. You leaned in and kissed them gently. Clyde felt tears welling up in his eyes as you kissed up from his chest, kissing his ears and cheeks, covering his nose in feather-light pecks before pressing a loving kiss to his lips.

You pulled away and rested the side of your nose against the side of his, looking deeply into his eyes. You reached your hand up and rested it against his cheek, catching a tear from his eyes as it rolled down his cheek. You gave him a small smile and he pulled his head back with a huffing laugh.

“Why are you like this?” He asked, trying to make light of the situation with a joke. You placed a hand on either side of his face and turned him so he was looking at you. He reached up and covered one of your hands with his own as you took a moment to collect your thoughts.

“I’m like this, because I love you. I’m in love with you Clyde. I’m in love with the way you laugh. I’m in love with how humble you are. The way you always let others go first, all the little things you do.” You said, shifting your position so you were straddling his hips with your arms draped over his shoulders and your foreheads pressed together.

“I love the way your nose crinkles when you laugh. I love the way you always turn up the heat in your car when you drive me because I always get cold, even though you hate when it’s hot. I love the way you always offer me some of your food before you eat, I love how you never eat all of your food even if I said I didn’t want any. All because you know I’ll end up stealing some anyway.” Clyde wrapped his arms around your midsection, pulling you against his chest and letting out a shaky breath.

“I’m like this because I met an amazing, sweet, handsome man who deserves the entire universe served to him on a golden platter with a side of burned bacon.” You said in a whisper, pulling your head away from his and pressing a kiss to each of his eyelids then his lips. Clyde opened his eyes and looked up into your (e/c) eyes. Clyde nuzzled his face into your neck, holding you as tight as he could without smothering you. You gently ran your fingers through his hair as he sobbed into your shirt.

“I love you Clyde Logan.”