Fun Facts About… Lettuce!

1. Boosts mental function and concentration. That’s why I call it “smart lettuce”!

2. They can be cultivated in the ground or in the water. 

3. Iceberg, Romaine and Leaf lettuce are the best known varieties of lettuce. They are different in color, texture and in the amount of nutrients.

4. Lots of Vitamin A good for your skin and eyes.

5. Lettuce can be consumed in the form of salads or as an ingredient of sandwiches. It can be also used for the wrapping of food.

The Fall

This is a rewrite of the TNG episodes ‘Descent Part I & II’ because @lilstinky and I found the episodes wanting. 

This is a joint effort between Scott and I. Scott has drawn some gorgeous art for the rewrite as well, linked here: (x) (X)  

Data must fight his own desire to be human and his morality in order to stop his brother Lore from doing the unthinkable.

Enjoy everyone.

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Louis (and Liam) is (are) NOT homophobic. They wrote Home together.

Louis wrote Strong, ALIVE (!!!!!), End Of The Day, THEY DON’T KNOW ABOUT US (!!!!!!!!).

Louis changed the lyrics in “One Thing” from “‘Cause you’ve got that one thing.” to “'Cause you’ve got that big dick.” And he changed the lyrics in “I Would” from “'Cause I can’t compete with your boyfriend. He’s got 27 tattoos.” to “'Cause I can’t compete with my boyfriend. He’s got 27 tattoos.”

Remember in an interview he said that he didn’t complain about gay and straight fans, because they’re both listening to their music and that’s not a problem. And when the interviewer asked that the guys might like his shirtless pics he said yeah them too.

He was the first to wear a rainbow shirt on a concert.

He wore a rainbow apple for Tim Cook’s Coming Out.



It wasn’t necessarily easy for me to come out. But I couldn’t betray myself or lie about myself. I was on The View not long before I came out. Barbara said something like, “You’ve never been married. Have you just never found the right guy?” I said, “Now Barbara, you and I both know that’s not the reason.” And she just shut right up. Those kind of things happened a lot. From the 1970’s forward, I wouldn’t lie. I just couldn’t. - Lily Tomlin