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I LOVE Felicity, but the remark about the lying got me a little angry. First she breaks up with him, saying that she can't be in a relationship with him, bc she realised that with their jobs he has to lie to her and now she gets angry? Decide woman!

Okay. I’ll share a little story with you.

When I was in middle school, I did this experiment with bar magnets - I tied two threads around the center of two bar magnets separately, and dangled them in the air, and my partner spun both of them at the same time on the axis of the thread, all within each other’s magnetic field. I had to hold the threads still in both my hands for a long time as the magnets just kept spinning and spinning, coming closer and drifting farther apart, again and again and again. 

It was exhausting. I just wanted the damn thing to be done with. I tried yawning. I tried talking. I tried to find the metaphors in the scientific things.

The spinning finally stopped.

And you know what happened in the end, after that long time? 

The magnets, still within the other’s field, gradually aligned, and slowly, came together. 

Magnets, no matter the shape or size, have really simple, unbending properties - they are completely the same at the core, yet like repels like and the opposite ends attract.

Oliver and Felicity are magnets. 

They have the same core, the same beliefs, the same ideas and dreams and realities yet they are opposites in so many other ways. That’s why they’ve always had the pull between them. That’s why it takes considerable external force to pull them apart. That’s why they’ve always been the perfect fit. Because when Oliver’s end calls, hers answers, and vice versa.

The situation with both Oliver and Felicity right now is simple - they’ve both been separated and left spinning on their axis, while remaining in each other’s magnetic field. It’s causing attraction, tension, push and pull - rinse and repeat.

It’s exhausting, I know. 

We want it to be done with, just done with

And we still love Felicity (and Oliver) because they are the same at the core as they had been when we fell in love with them. That’s not changed. Their situations have, and they can’t control that anymore than me holding the thread as of now. 

This moment?

Felicity cannot decide, because she’s in flux. She’s going from negative to positive, and back, attraction to anger in the space of a heartbeat in context of Oliver, from wanting to yell at him to wanting to hold on to him and never let go, from anxiety to anticipation, from intense bitterness and blame to compassion and love - back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. 

She’s just so done… and yet not. 

And with the way he replied?

That dry tone of his voice? 

He’s in flux too. He’s feeling it all too. He’s balming her for leaving one second and blaming himself for being the villain of their story the next. He’s challenging her right to question him in one second and acknowledging only her right to question him the next. He’s guilty and gullible, hot and cold - back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. 

He is just so done... and yet not.

Their negative sides push together and repel even as they turn around and they attract.

The problem is not with them not deciding. It’s with them deciding multiple times. Doing this weird mating dance of one step forward, three steps back, four steps forward, one step back - with absolutely no consistency, no predictability, nothing. 

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Because they’re spinning. This is why I loved that scene so much. Because it showed how completely, evidently spinning they both were. 

We only have to wait for the spinning to stop, anon. 

We only have to wait for the magnets to settle.

Because you know what happens in the end when the magnets finally stop?

First, they align. 

Then, they drift forward. 

And finally, they come together.

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