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 In the library you would meet up with college!calum to study. And even though he was pretty popular and the head of his frat he still wanted to get good grades because, he was trying to get into med school.  He had the rep of being a douche,but he was never liked that toward you in the library, he was always giggly and making jokes that would make you laugh a little too loud. so you would get shh’d by the people around you. Plus sometimes the two of you would go get ice cream after studying because Calum says, “its a reward for doing good.”

But after ice cream one day he asks you to go to a party with him, and you are kind of taken back. “You want me to go with you?” “I mean yeah. I’ll pick you up at nine.” He drives away before you could get it through your brain that he asked you to a party. 

The two of you arrive at the party and before you can get out of the car, Cal leans over and grabs your hand. “Wait! Uh, before we go in, i just want to say that frat parties can be a bit wild and there’s a ton of people. So, wear this.” He takes the snapback he was wearing off and puts it on your head. You blush a little and Calum began nervously explaining, “You know, just so some creep doesnt try to hit on you because, you know, that’s my hat.”  “So, are you ready to party?” You ask, while he wraps his arms around your waist leads you into the house. 

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This is the problem with Hillary: She is willing to say ‘yes’ to green technology and green jobs, but she is showing no signs of being willing to say ‘no’ to the oil and gas lobby, which we know is funding her campaign significantly.
—  Naomi Klein, author of the best-selling book, “This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate,” which is out in paperback today. Watch her interview on Democracy Now! this morning.
SAVE THE CNMI from Super Typhoon Soudelor

The Devastation of a Super Typhoon

This is Saipan, a tiny but beautiful U.S. territory out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. This is where I was born and raised. This is my home.

On Aug. 2, 2015, it was hit directly by Earth’s most powerful storm this year: Super Typhoon Soudelor. It was the worst typhoon our island has seen in a decade, and it was devastating. It is now in a state of emergency and flagged a “disaster area.”

Damaged cars, telephone poles, roofs, fallen trees amongst other debris now dominates this once beautiful island. These pictures are just a tiny fraction of all the damage taken from Super Typhoon Soudelor.

The airports and seaports were shut down. Emergency relief planes could not land for a time, because debris had to be removed from the airstrips.

The first plane to fly in held people from FEMA.

Entire homes have been claimed, leaving over 350 families homeless and living in makeshift shelters at various schools around the island, shelters which have been maxed out.

Amongst these people are my friends and family who have lost almost everything. (My own mom and sister had to take shelter in a neighbor’s home after a portion of our roof ripped off. They were nearly trapped in there, unable to open the door because the pressure in the house was too strong. I have several other family members and friends who have had their homes damaged.)

After the storm, a total of two Shell gas stations were up and operational. The lines for gas at each station were at least two miles long. Because of a 500 gallon leakage in the storage tanks into the port of Saipan, residents are only allowed $20 worth of gas each to help conserve the dwindling supply.

Only small sections of the island have running water, and the only power that is available is that through generators.

Fortunately, no casualties have been reported, and relief efforts are underway. Saipan is going to be only one of many victims of the strongest storm of the year.

The hardest thing for me about this situation is that I’m not there, and I can’t help them recover from this. Spreading the word is literally the only thing I can do that is within my power, and I’m asking for you to do the same.

Please donate to this cause to help save Saipan and the CNMI.


I understand if you can’t (hell, I’m not able to donate either), but please help get the word out and reblog this. This is my first time reaching out to the Tumblr community for help on such a serious matter, and I’m hoping it will be the last.

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