Corrupted Artwork by @vvideoclub

Pablo aka @vvideoclub is a 25-year-old artist from Chile. A year ago, he was dropping out of film school and trying to get in to digital processing such as slit-scanning and pixel sorting. While working with a friend who was bending / building audio, he was lead to analog video processing.

“I approach my work trying to overcome the 2D nature of the display through feedback and voltage control, focusing in simulating moving shapes and ethereal landscapes.”

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Henry and Snow inspiring Regina to believe in hope again. Just like she taught them to.

G/t Halloween~

So!! I thought of an idea! I wanna give back to y'all because I’m so appreciative of how supportive y'all have been. So remember when we did g/t prom? Which I hope we do again because it was awesome. But let’s do something for Halloween! Halloween costumes for your personas and/or ocs! I would love to draw each of y'all again. Something to give back again.

So the cut off day will be October 31st, of course lol. On November 1st, I will gather everyone that had made a costume or have done something for the holiday and draw each and every one of y’all like I did for g/t prom. Remember I had 4 pages worth of wonderful people? I wanna do that again but Halloween inspired! :D

Whenever you have something done, please make sure to also tag #gthalloween and/or #gthalloween2016 (I will check each tag everyday). Let’s do something for this amazing community and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let’s keep this a positive community project. We do no need any more hating anons like at the prom. 

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Nissan Reveals Details for New GT-R Track Edition

Another eagerly anticipated chapter in the Nissan GT-R success story has begun, with the arrival of the GT-R Track Edition.

As the name implies, it’s been specifically engineered for thrill-seeking track enthusiasts by the dedicated team at NISMO – Nissan’s motorsport division. Designed to deliver a higher level of performance than the standard GT-R, it is priced from £91,995 ($119,271).

The Nissan GT-R Track Edition sits above the Premium, Prestige and Black Edition in the model line-up, but below the flagship GT-R NISMO.

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Have you ever met a woman
capable of causing even
the tiniest speckle of
existence to twirl
and spiral by
the sheer
incandescence of her presence,
making you doubt the concept
of matter in its entirety
as time stands still
and all seems to
flow freely;
purposely dissolving
the world around the both of you,
causing you to see –
that which constructs reality
is merely
the existence of what needs to be,
and all that truly matters
is you and she?
—  Hold on to such a woman fervently - M.A. Tempels © 2016

@ all of yinz reblogging that “what if nursey/dex were on the couch???!?!?!?” post and also reblogging the “don’t out people before they’re ready” posts at the same time: the second posts are talking about the first. put yourself in jack and bitty’s situation. if i were bringing my secret girlfriend into the house and i didn’t realize that someone could over hear everything i was saying, i’d be mortified. i’d be so stressed out when i found out. i’d be so paranoid about saying/doing anything again when i thought we were alone. even if jack and bitty do come out to the people in the haus in the next update, having someone on the couch find out before they were ready is not cool or cute and i can’t see ngozi doing that to us.