“Build our machine, you die tonight!”-DAGames,Build Our Machine.

i love bendy and the ink machine now. 

so yeah.

Bendy!Goten and Boris!Trunks designs were involved by Human Bendy and Boris designs on Tumblr/MMD

i may make a separate blog about this.



Shelby GT-H

A New Experience

 So, might have gotten sudden inspiration for a short story from this. Hope you enjoy!

Mark excitedly set the package he had just received on top of the kitchen table. He had ordered this a few weeks ago, without Jack’s knowledge, as it was a surprise. He ripped the tape off the top and opened it wide. His hand delved into it, pushing the packing peanuts away and bringing out a medium sized box. His hand delved deep again and this time he brought out a very tiny box, almost identical to the other medium sized one. Mark smiled, but jumped when a voice from behind startled him.

“What ya got there?” Jack’s voice called out. Mark did his best not to drop the boxes and sighed in relief when he succeeded. He placed them on the table and turned around to see Jack, on top of the coffee table in the living room. He was trying to peek around Mark, to catch a glimpse of what was on the table. Mark moved in front of the packages, blocking Jack’s view and making him pout.

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Vercors 2017 - Lamborghini Club France

I just,,, i love Xayah and Rakan so much,, Rakan is my baby– he’s my fav champion in league i love him hes the only character im playing rn 

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i mean!! just look at them!! they’re my favs & ima gush over them;;;

i wanna write and draw so much gt for them!! I’m so sad that whenever i look up league of legends gt stuff, its 100% gts and porn stuff ;;;; idc if im a 1 woman army making gentle/sfw gt stuff out of league of legends characters ima march on!!!

i have!! so many headcannons for giant rakan!!! safasfsg