When you running 500hp on Stock internals 😂


kissing the wall 😘 

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Been seeing a lot of naga art??
Makes me sooo uncomfortable! Especially since so much of it is sexual.
Nagas are Hindu Deities and spirits. (I just Googled it a bit more and they are present in Buddhism too.)

I was raised Hindu and I am Indian so… This feels a little bit like appropriation?

Idk! Obviously a culture cannot own snake people as a concept but! Stop calling them nagas?

I have to think about it more but I’d love to hear from my fellow Hindus/Buddhists!

okay but there’s this one fact in g/t that everyone kinda overlooks

length of vocal chords determine how high pitched your voice is. when you’re a kid, they’re short, and your voice is high pitched, and as you grow your vocal chords lengthen and thicken which leads to a deeper and less squeaky voice.

so, say, if someone were to be shrunk, their vocal chords would suddenly be VERY tiny. maybe not to others of their size, but giants?

basically, every tiny has a super squeaky voice to giants!

i’m like, the last person for scientific accuracy, but this can be funny as hell to think about during some scenes.

tiny yelling? angry tiny? trying to hold a serious conversation?
meanwhile they sound like they just took a whole balloon full of helium while the giant’s struggling not to laugh

Jasper here!

So, today Elliot and I went out to Petco and he decided to get a Madagascar hissing cockroach. Cuz they’re cute, I suppose? He’s owned many before but he has always meant to get another. Well now, we are proud parents of our bug child Medusa. In celebration, I decided to give out a precious little bug pokemon. There are no roach pokemon but Venipede is good enough!

Elliot requested this giveaway of course

Medusa the Venipede!

  • Level: 10
  • Gender: Female
  • Code: fancy-a-roach

How to get one:

Deposit a zubat into the GTS with the codes above! You do not need to send me an ask letting me know you deposited, it will clutter up the inbox.

If you do not have a zubat, let me know what pokemon you deposit with your IGN in our ask box. However, it may take longer for me to trade with you!

Rules and Info! Do not send an ask until your read this info and the FAQ below! I will ignore your ask if it answered in the FAQ or rules below!

  • You can have one of each pokemon.
  • Do not send me an ask about how long you’ve been in the GTS. Please be patient!
  • I only hold Pokemon for 24 hours. 
  • I will announce when the giveaway is over, no worries.
  • Let me know if you have been sniped more than once! It means to have your pokemon traded with a nonshiny pokemon.
  • Reblogging and liking this post lets me know who deposited!
  • Mention fancy-a-ghoul in a post with a picture of the pokemon you got! I love it!
  • I always appreciate thank yous!

Here is the FAQ!


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