The signs on Halloween


Taurus: oh my goodd look at that houses decorations! and that houses! and that one and that one and that one ect

Gemini: that little shit that pranks houses

Cancer: *hands out candy mumbling “i wish I could trick or treat”*

Leo: *hiding under the covers with their christmas decorations waiting for it to be all over*

Virgo: I put so much effort into this costume aND NO ONE SAID A THING

Libra: who cares if im 25 and in debt IM GOING TRICK OR TREATING

Scorpio: *finishes the 8th scary movie they’ve watched this night* *clicks next*

Sagittarius: somehow has the best looking costume you’ve ever seen

Capricorn: *wears a white shirt that says ‘costume’ like its supposed to be ironic but we all know that it was a last minute costume*

Aquarius: forgot it was halloween so they just wore the same outfit they’ve been wearing three years straight like were not going to notice

Pisces: the asshole that puts on a scary outfit and scares young children

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How do you feel about the Mark x Pewdiepie ship? (Can't remember what it's called, sorry ^-^)

Bruh,don’t worry, im dah same.A real goldfish memory.  ୧༼✿ ͡◕ д ◕͡ ༽୨

Most of the time,ppl call this PewdieMark/PewdiePlier  (bc pewdieken,pewdiejack,pewdiecry ect…) 

Also, yea’ i ship them.i ship so many youtubers together ! 

i just don’t have the time to fall deep into this.

.+:。(ノ・ω・)ノ゙ And have a drawin’. bc a rarepair ship always deserve a new drawing !

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Pan, I just got diagnosed with a possibility Acid Reflux. (I think I caught it from you.) Seriously though, how've you been coping with it and what have you done to ease it?

Well my doctor gave me 40mg Generic Nexium Tablets to take everyday 1 hour before meal

I stayed away from fried food and stuff and mostly ate Grilled Chicken. There’s a lot of info online of what you should and shouldn’t eat.

Not to lay down or sleep until 3 or 4 hours after eating. No midnight snacks

I took the pills every day until I didn’t get any acid reflux symptoms. Then I spaced them out 1 day yes 1 day no. Then 1 day yes 2 days no ect.

If you start to feel bloated a lot after eating stuff like Yogurt, or get white greyish or mucas clear turds. Cut back on the Nexium. Too much without spacing them out caused my Bile Produciton problems. What really helped was Benefiber, and Digestive ProBiotics, and 1 bottle of water with lemon a day. That helped me a lot.

Make sure you get Digestive Probiotics that brag about being able to survive digestion

After about 5 months, Currently I think I’m all better now with some minor Bile problems that are improving

TMNT Episode time changes

I just noticed that The Super Shredder is on at 9am not 11am US eastern time and also the Clocks got back in the US as well.

So don’t forget on November 6th, The Super Shredder is on a 9am not the regular 11am in the US and clocks go back too.

International euro fans that means it’s 2 hours earlier for us too. So if you are from the UK it will start at 2pm and of course if you are from France, Spain ect it be 3pm.

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Brotherhood + the Omen trailer is kind of depressing.

Noctis in high school, living as normal a life as he can. With friends, his own apartment and car, ect. Playing at the arcade. Doing exams. 

Then the Omen as a possibility of his future. 

Talk about dragging a normal young man to hell and back. 

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Do you have any advice for getting memories?

you bet i do!!

heres what i do (and i have NO IDEA who started this, i heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend, you know how it is. if its a tumblr user anyone knows, please tell me so i can source them!!)

meditate. get to a safe place (if you happen to have a place specifically for preforming magic/talking to spirits/meditating ect, use it)

make sure you wont be too hot or too cold during this process, be as comfortable as possible.

start meditating, clear your mind.

(this is the longest part for me. how do you clear your mind?? ITS HARD!! i mantra in my head, “clear your mind. clear your mind.” and sometimes focus on some constant background noise)

once your mind is clear, imagine light surrounding you. all around you. shielding you. protecting you.

now imagine you are absorbing this protecting light. mantra FIVE TIMES something about the light protecting you. remember what you say, it will always be the same. (for me its “dear light protect me.”)

once you have absorbed the light and said your phrase five times, imagine you are in a hallway. imagine every little detail of this hallway, youll be coming back everytime you do this.

theres a door at the end of the hallway. walk towards it. open it. you may see a bright flash of light, then memories will come to you.

they may come in shadowy shapes or vivid images, in sounds or feelings, but they will come.

WARNING: sometimes you can get a bad memory that you didnt want to see, you usually cant control what memories you get. if you focus and use will power, you can escape and open your eyes.

i hope this helps!!

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Sooo… the SS novelization is quickly catching up on us. The entire electroshock was a revenge act, because apparently Harleen wasn’t the nicest doctor to the Joker - she probably put him on the ECT table a lot against his will. This makes their relationship even more complex and intriguing, and finally we get some dark edges to it  that I think the final cut of the movie overlooked. I’m not saying I want it to be abusive but I want all these different shades and nuances. She did things to him and he did things to her back.

Without the deleted scenes, we got a rather shallow view on their relationship and I am so ready to leave the “everything is perfect in their little wonderland” trope far behind and see the full depth of their relationship portrayed.
(Also, him urging her to shoot him - “do it, do it” - is maybe a wink to the TDK scene where Joker taunts Batman and wants him to run him over, oh my god.)

Just as I thought, Harleen is terrified in the ECT scene, although the cut scene in the movie tried to make her seem like she was consenting. This is getting really dark really fast and I love it. Despite what she did to him and what he did to her, they get attached to each other like glue in the end and form a mutual connection and unbreakable bond. That is what I’m here for.

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What happened in 2012 🤔

they got super popular on youtube and phan shipping came to a head (and got extremely invasive) which probably felt like an overload to dan and phil considering they did so much in 2012 (vegas, moving to london while not really having much money, trying to sell their radio show pilot, more subscribers, people stalking dan’s family, ect). so phil sort of stayed neutral about the whole thing as he usually does. but dan sort of lashed out in multiple ways: making a side tumblr blog just to answer asks pertaining to him and sometimes phan-related subjects, limiting his contact with phil in videos, literally saying he didn’t want to be a double-act, distancing himself from phil in videos, and just general “””no homo”””” vibes (ie: fyi i like vagina). people even speculated that dan and phil “broke up” or whatever. that’s what the phandom mainly focuses on. but to me 2012 was one of their best years content-wise and they did so many amazing things. also moving to london doesn’t exactly sound like “breaking up” their friendship/hypothetical relationship. they were both becoming extremely successful and the pressure probably wasn’t good for both of them. but they both seemed to deal with it differently and dan’s reaction has been focused on more so the view of 2012 is pretty warped by the phandom

So, from now on we have a new way of doing plots. Plots, need to be run by the admins as normal, once the plot is okayed by us it needs to be run through the OOC. 

Anything that could affect more than five or so characters needs to be posted in the OOC so that people can prepare and react to the situation and plot ways to deal with it if its triggering or upsetting. If a plot is triggering AT ALL it needs to be run through the OOC. You can find a list of triggers here.  Also make sure you are always checking to make sure your posts, plots ect are triggered. 

If anyone has a problem with any plot, post or anything PLEASE go to the mun first, talk to them about it, then inform us so that if we need to we can try to play mediator. 

Please like this post once you’ve read and understand. 

My review for Vlogumentary

It’s finally here after waiting for several years this is the documentary which we’ve all been waiting for…or is it?

I’ll type like what happens, then at the bottom final thoughts
ITS LONG thats why there is a read more

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Art Giveaway Winners

So after running this through random.org, and hopefully counted right and hopefully bypassed any “double entries“-

The winners have been chosen!

First place winner is @marinebiologistjotaro!

2nd place is @doitsunokagakuwasekaichi!

And 3rd place is @badlydrawnsmokeybrown!

Congrats! :D
Chosen in the order in which I rolled, meaning the first timed I rolled I used that for the 1st place and ect.

So winners, please send me an ask at @crystalchimera, at @almostdailyjosukes, or send me an IM and we’ll talk more about the prizes!

Story Commissions!

Hello everyone! I’ve finally gotten a paypal!

So, I now will charge money (Unless said other wise or for month long challenge things {Ex; Fictober, Ficmas, ect.} or if I ask for prompts})

Small Drabble (100-700 words): $1.00
Short Drabble (700-1,500 words): $2.00
Medium Drabble (1,500-2,100 words) $3.00
Longer Drabble (2,100-3,000 words) $5.00
Short Story (3,000-8,000 words) $10.00
Full Book (10,000-40,000 words) $25.00
More that 40,000 words: Ask for price

Fanfics are acceptable as well as OC’s. 
Ask about ships if they aren’t tagged.

My paypal is https://www.paypal.me/PersonalInstability

icapturedkindness What would you say are Regina’s personality…

Underdeveloped sense of empathy? Woah. I’d like to hear more about that :)

I think she has one.  And that it’s been expanding ever outward from her family over the course of the show.  But I think that she’s learning how to see others as people.  So in season 1 Henry was a person.  In season 2 Emma and Henry were people.  In season 3 Snowing, Robin, Emma, Henry… ect… until season 4 and 5 and now 6 she’s talking about and caring about the thoughts and feelings of large groups of strangers.

I love the process but the fact that she had to learn how to care … is a less than wonderful trait.  It’s fascinating to me just like her rage.

I feel like the ppl in alola don’t call alolan form Pokemons like alolan vulpix or alolan meowth, ect like that they’re probably just call it by name w/o adding the word “alolan” but If they traveled to kanto at somepoint in their life and see a meowth or smth they’re mostly like “so this is what a kantoian meowth looks like, huh”

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I think Stevie's performance of Moonlight was really gorgeous. Her vocals were strong, the simple arrangement was brilliant, and the setting created a mystical atmosphere. And yet, I still can't get over the heavy handed references to Twilight lol Everytime I hear, "they run from the one who hunts them" ect. I cringe. Which is a shame cause I love the original lyrics of Lady From The Mountains.

I agree, so cringy. Lady From The Mountain is a great song as it is, it didn’t need to be associated with Twillight.

i need an au where louis and harry are both witches but they have different specialties (spells, potions, wand work, ect) and it takes them time to learn to get along and not mess up each others work but eventually they learn to work off each other and both of their magicks grow stronger