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honestly? one half of me wants a good season of progressing the story line and action ect but then theres the other half of me like. dreamworks blease give these children a therapist and essentially 4543234543 space mall episodes

the ideal season four doesn’t even have a plot it’s just the paladins fucking around and being kids

So I’ve been looking through the Pennywise tag and honestly I’m not surprised.

People freaking out over the wave of clown fuckers and any horror fan can tell yall bout the Freddys Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Leather face ect fangirls. Fuck I was a Krueger fangirl veteran, I drew my fanart and search the web for any piece of fic I could find.

Main thing is that this ain’t new and as someone who has had my fair share of obsessions over some fictional serial killers, let people have fun. Let them draw their art and write their fanfics.

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I suck at music theory (specifically key signatures) what is a good way to remember what notes are flats/sharps/ect while playing? Would flash cards be a good option?

flash cards are always a good study tool, but they tend to help more for short term memory. playing the scales helps, because that at least introduces a more physical aspect to learning, which will be more permanent. also try the circle of fifths or beadgcf/fcgdaeb

“Tell me,” Kit said. Tell me what you need.

“Put your arms around me,” said Ty. His hands were pale blue blurs in the air, as if Kit were looking at a time-lapsed photo. “Hold on to me.”

He was still rocking. After a moment, Kit put his arms around Ty, not knowing what else to do.”

Who else ship Kitty (Kit and Ty)?

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OW she/her who gets fed up with reaper's edgy B's ,rudeness, ECT ECT and and they blow up yelling at him in the base and they say something like "so if you don't back off and stop your edgy grandpa bullshit all the time your precious cloak is gonna end up as my new canvas!!" And they turn on their heel and storms off their hair smacking him in the process. And the whole thing can be because he was being a jerk all week. They go to apologize later but rough nsfw plz -hint to who I am lol-

Ok so the point I’m seeing is that Reaper is being a Buttface and the reader is fed up with their jerkishness and they have makeup sex? Okay. Let’s do it!

  • All week he’s been unnecessarily catty, like this kind of person that just constantly finds EVERY SINGLE WAY to criticize everyone, including you, over petty nonsense
  • Like calm the fuck down Reaper there’s no need to be a shithead about having too much cream in your coffee
  • When you snap at him, telling him to pull whatever gigantic pole is up his ass out, he just leaves in a childish huff and everyone else on base is just looking at you like “Oh Y/N’s in for it now”
  • After you calm down you decide that it’s best to be an adult and actually apologize for snapping at him (or at the very least having a civil conversation about WHY he’s being such an uptight butt of late and trying to actually help him rather than getting any more upset than you already are)
  • When you go to his room though he’s still just as pissed off as he was before, chiding you for even APOLOGIZING to him because “You’re being annoying”
  • “Oh come on! I’m trying to help you, you idiot! What are you so bothered about hm? You’ve been like this ALL WEEK. I’m just the only person that’s bothering to talk to you, unlike everyone else who’s too scared to.”
  • You both continue to argue at one another. Reaper saying that you should leave him alone and he hasn’t been acting poorly, and you saying that he’s the one being unprofessional because of his unnecessary asshole behaviour. He eventually, by accident out of emotional outburst, let’s the cat out of the bag when he blurts that he’s been troubled by you gettin close to death on a mission last week. Ohhhhhhhhhhh.
  • You reach up to remove his mask, and he tries to rebuff you “Gabriel, let me see your face.”
  • Obviously he can’t say no to you when you refer to him by that name. When the makeup sex begins it’s mostly kinda needy, the sense that he’s actually been really scared about losing you (as much as he NEVER wanted to admit it) and that he’s also mad at himself for being vulnerable in the first place
  • It gets increasingly rougher as it goes on though, because this is Reaper we’re talking about and he has no concept of restraint :P
  • Suffice to say the next day you may have a few marks here and there that if you want to avoid Sombra’s teasing you need to cover up very thoroughly.

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oooooookay so tumblr/ao3/ect. is meant to be a safe haven for fandoms, that’s true, but the it’s only really applicable when it comes to fictional characters, which shane and ryan are not. these are real life guys who live real lives in the real world; the content the shy/an fandom CHOOSES to produce and publicly post doesn’t get to pull the “shipping is harmless” card cos these are real people with real feelings and frankly this looks like you’re trying to shift culpability onto them instead of owning up to your own actions

like if this was a show and they were fictional characters you COULD say that no one really has the right to judge you cos it’s fictional (i’m not saying i agree with that, i’m saying that you’re right when you say it is fictional) but the fact is you’re producing/consuming content that’s about these two real people and since you don’t have that fiction bubble to protect you

idk if anyone like. failed to realize this but uh. when you’re writing about /real life people who exist in the real world/ (public figures or not) and don’t have the fiction safety net on your side, you should be expecting to get judged for it

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M - King has tons of candy hidden away throughout the house. If he sees that your sad/frustrated/ect he'll leave candy near you. On a desk, in your pocket, under your pillow. No one sees him do it and because of that most assume that it's Wilford using his powers to put the candy in places. The only one who knows the truth is Host who had caught him putting caramel peices and lollipops on his desk while he was typing. Host had said thank you to King and King just smiled and ran off.

Yes!!! Good!!!!

Prompt: Can I request Deku or Bakugou where they see their crush out of class only their crush is panicking. They were trying to go somewhere got got lost even with directions. S/o is just really bad with trying to find a new place on their own. They’re not the brightest person but this is the first time they’ve ever been that helpless. They’re so happy to see their classmate they actually hug them and they say they owe them for wasting their time trying help a lost cause

Requester: Lost Anon

Originally posted by nagittos

When Midoriya sees his crush panicked he kinds starts to panic too, honestly. That doesn’t stop him from going to help them right away though, apologizing quickly if he’s with someone as he takes off towards s/o. He’s quick to ask them what’s wrong and if they were somehow hurt, if they need to get to Recovery Girl, ect. When he finds out that s/o is actually just lost Midoriya is actually pretty relieved. Having his crush suddenly leap out and hug him definitely takes Midoriya by surprise though and he’s quickly a blushing mess. His crush is??? Touching him??? So close. He can feel them on him and he can’t even breathe. Still, Midoriya’s not sure if he’s happy or not when s/o lets him go. He’s very quick to assure them that they’re not a lost cause though, that everyone has something that their bad at. Midoriya doesn’t hesitate to offer to take them to their destination and he’s actually pretty happy for the chance to (try to) talk to them on the way!

Originally posted by aishitetsuro

Like Midoriya, Bakugou immediately notices his crush’s distress and reacts right away, worried about what could have happened to them. Unlike Midoriya he isn’t gentle, immediately snapping at them and ready to kill whoever caused them this much distress. When he realizes that s/o was just lost he gets a little irritated since they managed to get him so worked up over something dumb like that. Stupid s/o. Of course, the second they hug him he cools off a bit - even if he does get all stiff. He doesn’t reciprocate (he’s got an Image™) but he does enjoy it. “Tch, whatever. Just follow me, idiot.” Everyone who doesn’t really know him, or doesn’t realize how he feels about s/o is super shocked that he’s willing to take time to bring them wherever they need to go. He walks ahead of them to start and doesn’t wait for them to catch up (unless they fall too far behind in which case he’ll wait but still tell them to hurry up) but he still makes sure they get to their destination safely. If anyone else makes fun of s/o’s lack of direction they’re dead too.

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what would your nora be like.. if she survived instead of Guy? like who would she travel w/, who would she align herself with; ect. (im playing a build of your nora. I remade her!!)

shes 100% minutemen. shes always willing to help out anyone she comes across. noras always been well held togther but she does have her moments of weakness. shell pretend things are okay even when things are falling apart around her and shes a bit of a hopeless romantic and optimist. she would travel with and eventually romance preston too, altho itd take her time to get over the death of her husband.

Live in the moment, not in your head.

I’ve found one thing I’ve consistently done over the course of my life and that is: daydreaming. I come up with all kinds of fantasies, build worlds within my mind, fantasize about the person I want to be instead of actively trying to become that person. I could be writing down the worlds I build within my head instead of just dreaming about them. Who knows maybe someone would like to read about them. 

Each day is full of new opportunities to live, love, and learn. For years, I’ve taken that for granted and not made the most of the time I was given, but I’ve started to become that person I often thought about becoming. Someone more loving, kinder, more patient, forgiving, humble, ect. I’ve noticed I’ve started talking to people more irl. I’ve had plenty of practice on the listening side of the conversation, but I’m getting more practice on the talking side now. 

Basically I’m learning to appreciate what I have before life makes me appreciate what I had. 

Anyway that’s what I’m learning. I know it’s all over the place, but I thought I’d give you guys an update and pop in to say hello! I hope all is well with you guys! You’re in my thoughts and prayers. Much love <333

re: 3 posts down the screenshot of my discord rant that vlog is just crammed with Keith speech I mean yes obviously it’s speech heavy bc it’s a log lmao but hear me out you know I mean. Anyway, the way he speaks is very fluid imperatives are seldom there at all he almost even rambles at times as he gets swept up into it….. the sentence structures too are notably different some of these sentences are really really long.

makes me believe even more in this thing re the “I’m sorry I’m sorry” + self repression or conditioning ect bc it’s definitely the most he’s spoken in succession like /this/ there’s an awful lot of himself he is holding back in terms of interacting with other people and the team

why im inactive

sorry im being so inactive guys its that im getting a puppy tmr! And ive spent all day shopping for food, a collar, bowls, beds, brush, nail trimmers ect!

I’ll post a lookbook asap i promise!

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when it comes to more complicated narratives, how do you keep track of outlines, characters, development, timeline, ect.?

*waves* thank you for your question lovely anon.

I keep track of everything in google docs, its the easiest way for me as I pick up my work from a number of different computers. As soon as I have a new idea I open a new doc and insert the ‘template’ I now have for a new fic. This covers off any plans I might have for pairing or structure and then I jot down ideas. 

In the first ‘planning session’ I tend to write the overview of the whole fic and once I begin drafting I break that all up into chapters. 

With fics where I need to follow a strict timeline, I create another doc and use canon as a starting point before shaping the extra bits I need to include to keep track of everything. 

For each character in a fic I have a separate page with fancast and key stats at the top, underneath I keep jotting down any thought I have about them and I refer and add to that during the writing process to try and keep myself on track. 

> I really am as OCD as this makes me sound! 


People who have canon Pokemon urls who’d you sold…

Can you explain a bit?

Like, people with blog urls of any canon Pokemon. Quilava, Eevee, Jumpluff, ect

Some people hoard the urls so nobody else can use them (Like the Jumpluff and Skiploom. They are under password protections most likely so people aren’t able to beg for said url). Usually nothing is being used for these urls besides hoarding.

People who actually have a url of a canon Pokemon and are using them are so lucky tbh. I think they all sold their souls for one >:0

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I think the anon who mentioned budgeting was only trying to help and offer a little advice. Sometimes when you look back through all of your purchases you see something you didn't need like if you've bought candy that month, dvds, Netflix subscriptions ect. I'm chronically ill and have been since birth. I know the struggles of trying to make ends meet. I literally work out exactly what I need, pay all bills as soon as I get payed and then divide the left over money by 4 and ration it each week🌹

I budget with my calendar. But I still don’t have enough money and some
months I run out quicker then others

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Hey first off I love the blog keep it up and second I used to not like wrestling I didn't hate it and I had no of the problems people usually have with it (it being scripted, gimmicks ect) but I just didn't like it. But then Lucha Underground came along and blew my damn mind especially late season one It made me go from not liking wrestling to training to become a Lucha Libre. So I gotta ask what's your opinions on it and how do you feel about there possibly not being a season 4.

I checked out on LU a long time ago. It lost the beat after the first season. The writers, IMO, fell in love with themselves. I also had an increasingly hard time getting past the aggressive shittiness of the Striker/Vampiro commentary team. But for something to bring lapsed or new people into wrestling, I think LU as a concept can be very effective, because it’s different and weird and tremendous fun at its best.