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4 people gave no responses so I’m choosing 4 other people to send a letter to! If you want a letter from me with some special personal things (drawings,poems, ect) just reblog this and I’ll pick out 4 new people! The letters will be sent out by end this week so I’m hoping everyone will get theirs next week! Just reblog this is you want to participate x

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(It’s $20 for each character sketched, the charge for flats and shading only applies once each for every 2 characters. [for example 2 characters colored and shaded would be $60])

Please provide reference images for characters, working from text only will be +$15

*Extremely complex designs may cost extra, this can be negotiated 

No mechs, Gore, or Extreme Fetishes (Vore, Scat, Death, ect. [Handholding is fine]) 

NSFW is fine

If you’re interested or have any questions please email me at sandcasks@gmail.com and ill get back to you as soon as I can.

8 slots are available for now


Hi!! My name is Kacie and I’m 16. I’m super into photography, supernatural, and caring for my two dogs and my bunny. I currently live in Kentucky. I’m actually really shy once you first start talking to me, but when I open up to you, you won’t get me to shut up. I’m kind of clingy as well, so if we do get close, I hope you don’t mind that. I’m currently single and looking, and I don’t mind long distance all too much. But I’m also looking for friends too! My tumblr is the-immortal-skittle-blog so feel free to message me so we can get to know each other and exchange kik, snapchat, ect.

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I love watching your videos so much... Especially when you put racist, sexist, trans/homo phobic, ect. people in their place. I don't understand why so many people hate you, when all you do is speak LITERAL science and facts. Whatever, keep doing what you're doing.. I think you're awesome :) Have a nice day!


-not anime related-

In recent events… Marina videos have been getting freaked out by fans because due to “changes” and so fans had theories that she is taking drugs or is held hostage or her boyfriend is abusive toward her and ect

She tweeted hundreds time that she is okay and safe.

But no one believes it and refuses to believe it

Today livestream … she said “It was all a publicity stunt by my viewers”

Once she said that… Hashtags been going crazy in Twitter with “#boycottmarinajoyce” and so on…

People are mad and pissed at her because what she said

Publicity stunt means “planned event designed to attract the public’s attention to the event’s organizers or their cause.”



NOT . AT . ALL !

She said hundreds times she’s okay, but people refuse to believe it

Viewers and everyone else who is concern about her ALL CAUSED THIS!




So why be mad at her ?

You were scared and couldn’t sleep last night because all this worries for Marina


Goodness… Give the poor woman a break already … she can’t take this anymore… all this hashtags and tweets she’s been receiving is such a playful thing everyone is doing

She has enough already…

Please… Please stop being at Marlina already… It’s enough …. it’s done…

All we know is that she is safe and well, which is the important thing for Miss Marina…

Please Please stop giving Marina a hard time with tweets and messages about how you’re mad at her

Because really it’s your/everyone else/whoever fault too, since this started anyways



SekaiichiHatsukoiOyVey - 500 Followers GiveAway!

Hello ladds! \ (•◡•) /

Well I’ve noticed I’m getting close to 500 (WHICH I REFUSE TO MISS THIS TIME)

Anyways, since I’m a lazy arse cunt who can’t choose stuff to save her life/loves seeing more stuff in the fandom - I came up with this solution - Let’s make this a bloody contest.


- Draw/Write/Video/ect anything you want for it! It can be funny, romantic, cute, sad… go wild, I’ll leave it to you guys!

- This blog may have Junjou Romantica stuff in it as well as sih, but it is FULLY  dedicated to Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. (With all my respect for Junjou, it’s not the blogs name), So anything drawn/written/videoed(?)/ect must be themed on it. You can add Jounjou Romantica characters to it, but it has to be SiH related.

- Just to make it perfectly clear: It doesn’t have to relate to the romantic couple, it can relate to any of them really! Couply stuff is adorable tho, just wing it \ (•◡•) /

- Have a bloody good time, this fandom is all about fun and sins

*** The prize will be a drawing to your taste that can be anything you’d like. Any theme, any style - Sih related. ***

So there you have it folks!

The deadline will be a week after I reach 500+ followers! (I’ll keep you notified!)

That’s all for now, let’s do more shit for this fandom, wooooooop! \ (•◡•) /\ (•◡•) /\ (•◡•) /\ (•◡•) /

Hey everyone! I have decided I am going to be re-drawing the entire beginning of Overtale: Surprise, Surprise and about 10 new pages for everyone to read all in one. 

If you’ve been with me from the beginning of the comic you know that I have been wishy washy about the style/lineart/ect. and if I am being honest, the perfectionist in me is screaming about the mediocrity of the comic and how much it just sucks. 

I am planning on having the 16-20 pages done by next Friday. What will also be launching soon is my new MLP comic, my weekly(ish) personal comic about my life and funny experiences, aaaaaand my Patreon.

You’ll be able to see updates on here and Patreon. If you become a patron, you’ll be able to get certain perks depending on how much you pledge. Come and see if you’re interested next week!

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Hey so... for about a year and half now I've been thinking about making a youtube channel. I made the decision to make one in 2016. When January came I got a camera, stand, video editing stuff, ect... the day I was going to film something my oldest sister died. Just dropped dead. Literally. Brain aneurysm. Had to put the project on hold. (Obviously) now it's 7 months later. I've filmed a few things. But can't bring myself to post it. I made a tumbler just to tell a total stranger this.

I’m so sorry for your loss :/ 

First and foremost, if there’s anyone in your life that you can reach out to for guidance and support, please try to talk to them ASAP. I’m honored you chose me to vent to, but if you had to create a tumblr just to find someone to open up to, that’s a little worrying. I MEAN YOU’RE MORE THAN WELCOME TO, to be clear. I’m just saying.

Secondly, you’ve gotta let yourself grieve. That was a traumatic situation and it’s completely understandable that you haven’t been able to bounce back and continue about your business as usual. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t make yourself post your videos. Maybe it’s just… not the right time to just dive back into this hobby that brings back such horrible memories. 

I mean, speaking as someone who wouldn’t want her sister to put her life on hold if anything ever happened to me, I definitely don’t think you should give up completely on the YouTube idea?? I’m just saying don’t push yourself too hard. idk maybe just start small. Make what you film personal (like a visual diary or something) and turn your hobby into a kind of therapy until you feel ready to move forward. 

a n y w a y , I’m gonna stop talking. If you ever need or want to vent again, my inbox is open [finger guns]

Personal Muse Meme

For those who have multiple Muses! Send an ask with a symbol from below to learn more about any of my muses. (Please state which one!)

✎ Do they have any hobbies?

♛ Would they make a good leader?

♫ What is their theme song?

🔥 Are they strong physically or mentally?

🎂 When is their birthday?

🎁 What is there most prized possession?

🏠 What’s their family like?

🌁 What’s their greatest fear?

💦 How are they with social interactions? Are they reclusive, energetic, ect.

💣 What will make them emotionally explode?!

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What is your opinion on people wearing the hijab as a source of fashion. With no acknowledgement of its origin, meaning, ect?

I just want to say as a blog that promotes the beauty of the hijab I emphasize the “beauty” part and what modesty is I always get hate messages saying please stop your blog or stop promoting the hijab as a fashion statement for those of you out there I’m not promoting the hijab as a symbol of fashion but as a symbol of modesty the hijab is modesty but also about the way we carry ourselves like the way we walk, talks, look and think it’s not just a scarf wrapped around our heads. Hijab is about our faith and not fashion it’s about getting closer to allah & feeling closer to him. For those who wear or see it as fashion don’t understand the concept of the meaning personally I don’t see it as a hijab if it’s only being worn as a fashion statement but just a scarf.

skittlesnthings  asked:

Okay first can I say that you're AMAZING and I admire your work so much and aspire to be as good as you! Do you have any advice for someone who is decent at art but struggles with drawing people specifically but wants to get as good as you?

THANK YOU!!!  I suck at advice but I’m going to try, because you taking the time to ask is worth me doing my best to answer you. 

You’ve probably heard many times that to be good at something you need to practice. Well. That’s it. Compare your first drawings, and the ones you’re doing now, and you’ll have the proof. So to get better at something, you have to be doing it. A lot. Every day if you can. It’s frustrating to hear, but there’s no magic tricks. However here are 3 things, in my personal opinion and experience that can make it easier:

-Use good art supplies. Get nice paper, good pencils/pastels/pens/paint ect. (im assuming you’re using traditional media, sorry if im wrong). It’s never a luxury to work with the right tools. you’ll see a difference, the results will be better and it will motivate you to do more. It’s always worth the money. 

-try different things. stuff you’ve never done before. challenge yourself, it’ll help you know your limits and help you not being fed up with your fave thing. 

-If you like portraits, like i do, read this

The Artist’s Complete Guide to Drawing the Head by William Maughan (amazon link)

It helped me understand a lot about light, value and form, amongst other incredible things. 

Well, there  you go. I hope it helped you a bit! :-)

dorkblog  asked:

When you said mlp fans / bronies, did you mean little kids who watch the show/not fucked up fans, and 40 year olds perverted men who produce/consume mlp porn?

Alright, if you like my little pony (doesn’t matter what gen, gender, age, ect you are) there is nothing wrong with that. But if you take the show away from it’s target audience, force it to become edgy (cupcakes, rainbow factory, friendship is witchcraft, fucking Princess M*lestia), force the show to cater to you (the episode on background ponies, discord coming back, equestria girls), and make the show unsafe for children (porn in safe search, porn of fillies, gore, making this gore easy access to children (I found the pony.mov videos before I watched MLP… I started to watch MLP in 7th grade btw))

And just being horrible and annoying people (sending death, rape, and dox threats to minors for drawing a pony as a black human or for drawing a pony saying “respect women” for example)…

Yeah. I hate bronies for a reason. If you call yourself a Brony I won’t trust you. But if you say “I like mlp!” I’ll probably talk to you about it and be really friendly.

If I find litteral pony porn on deviantart and people get mad at me for calling them out for not putting it in mature content, I think there might be a problem.

I like My little pony friendship is magic. It impacted my art in a lot of ways and it’s a good show (trust me, as someone who’s special interests are story driven visual media and art, I really like this show)

Bronies are the worst and i cannot believe they got 2 fucking documentaries.

The idea of men liking something feminine and not being afraid of it isn’t bad at all, ot’s the fact that they made the fanbase not safe for children, newcomers, and women that bothers me. Oh wait. Sorry

*Women and newcomers that don’t agree with the general opinion

Also they make everything into meme. Like once Rainbow said 20% cooler and now no one drops it. Like imagine if Steven Universe fans kept on saying “well if you’re okay with it, I’m fine too!” Or putting pictures of Pearl up with “she’s fine too” below it.

The show lost its charm and even went back to transphobic jokes because of this God awful fanbase. They even made an anti SJW episode where bronies used it as “see feminists are BAD!!!” When the original meaning is “we are all individuals and we can’t change that” and not “trying to make the world equal will be our downfall”

Because of Bronies I can’t use the word Fandom or any fun name of a fanbase.

Next week on me complaining: Why superwholocks are shitty people!

Imagine Homura comes back and she and Jyushi start dating For Real and Ichi is like, so obviously super pissed that Jyushi spends way less time at home and way more time out with her, while Ichi who has No Friends™ is home, alone all the time, bitching to anyone who will listen that “Jyushimatsu has a girlfriend and now he doesn’t care, he’s moved on, and we’re still here,” and ect ect ect but like it’s SO OBVIOUS that Ichi is just as jealous if not MORE jealous of Homura for taking away his closest brother as he is of Jyushi for having a girlfriend.

But Homura is like, so keen and she recognizes depression when she sees it. She has so much paitence and empathy for Ichi, even when Jyushi and him get in to it over Ichi acting like a huge jerkass TO HOMURA all the damn time, she’s always coming up behind jyushi and so, so gently pulling him away. So softly talking him down when he’s angrier than he’s EVER been at one of his brothers before.

“Please, be paitent with him. Please, don’t be mad at him. I’m okay, his words don’t hurt me. He’s afraid of losing you, Jyushi. He’s in a dark and lonely place and you’re the rare sort of person who can reach that place and fill it up with light. Just like you did for me.”

Homura is so desperate to restore peace to the Matsuno household that she recruits the entire family in an effort to win Ichi over. She kills him with a kindness that is so genuine and strong, and they very VERY slowly develop an incredibly genuine friendship. And Ichi tags along on their outings more and more, and Ichi can be seen pitching for Jyushi as often as he’s seen trying to teach Homura how to bond with strays. Jyushi just beams while he bumms around town with his two best friends in the whole world, and things still aren’t perfect but the friendship between the three of them is so genuine and healing, and that becomes the norm, sleepy and peaceful.

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1. Genitorturers - “Falling Stars”

2. $uicideboy$ - “Where’s Your God?”

3. Mastamind - “I Am Pain”

4. ICP - “The Loons”

5. Krizz Kaliko - “Bipolar”

6. Wednesday 13 - “It’s a Wonderful Lie”

7. Brotha Lynch Hung - “Rest in Piss”

8. $uicideboy$ - “Tulane”

9. Misfits - “20 Eyes”

10. Natas - “Scream”

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Early Halloween notice

I know it’s still July, but I’ve already seen some Halloween related stuff, so I’ll say this now and reblog it again closer to Halloween.

•I will not be posting any jumpscares, horror, gore, tricks, ect. Everything will be cutesy or aesthetic.
•Every mention of Halloween will be under the tag “little fox’s halloween”. Block that tag to not see any of it.
•I will do my best to tag each thing as specifically as I can, but if I miss one or you have a specific tag you want me to use please let me know and I’d be happy to do so.

AUsos Network: info & application

are you a writer in the 5sos fam? have you ever wanted a squad to love and support you and your creations? do you just want some friends to talk about calum’s eyebrows with? no one to support you love of genderbent!5sos?
I’m starting this network with my gal pal, Momo, to help 5sos bloggers who love to write blurbs, fics, and AUs find a true squad to bounce ideas off of. Think of this as kind of a 5sos fic book/writers club. I’m hoping that, once we get the network started, we’ll be hosting blurb nights and do some really cool writing and AU prompt collabs.

you have to have iMessage, that’s where the gc is gonna be
blog & write (fic, blurbs, AUs, ect) about 5sos
(you don’t have to be exclusively a 5sos blog, just reblogging/posting them is enough)

How To Apply:
follow lockscr33ns (me, blair) & malumshearts (momo)
○ fill out this form
reblog this post

We will be choosing for the network around August 5th, mark ya calendars! We’re also not sure how many people we’ll pick yet! If you have any questions, shoot us some asks or DMs.
Also, it will increase your chances if you come talk to either of us or both of us before we choose because we’ll probably remember you when we read through the applications.

if this flops, it never existed

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Rules: you can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your MP3 player , iTunes , Spotify, ect. On shuffle and list the first 10 songs and then tag 10 people.
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1. Freak on a leash-Korn
2. It’s been a while- Stained
3. Afterlife -Avenged Sevenfold
4. Therapy- Alll Time Low
5. Liar (it takes one to know one) -taking back sunday
6. The city- Ed Sheeran
7. Misery business - paramore
8. Sarah smiles - panic! At the disco
9. Jamie all over- Mayday Parade
10. grand theft autumn - Fall out boy

****(not part of the tag but I’ve seen 8/10 of these bands in person can you guess which ones?)

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