A comic for the Star Wars Valentine’s Day trade, my person wanted a Darkside Rey.

Also, due to the harrasment/hacked accounts/people stealing my art I’m going to have to seriously consider whether I want to do anymore Star Wars fanart. I love the new movie, and I love doing art for it, but I’ve never had any problems online until I started drawing Star Wars fanart. I know a lot of other artists have had problems as well. So I would like to remind people that even though you feel anonymous, there’s a person on the other end of that screen, and your actions have consequences.This is also how you stop getting content/fanart/ect. I’m not sure yet what I’m going to decide, I might just delete this whole caption later.

(ʘuʘ) - S&P -Thanks for all the support  !


8A8 From all the team, i would like to thanks everybirdie for sharing and supporting the game !

Also a big thanks to @therealjacksepticeye​ and @cinnamontoastken​ for have shared many times concept art of the game. This is thanks to you if people discovered the project. So from the bottom of my  brokokoro , thank you 8A8


Also some news/FAQ about the game. I have trouble to reply to everybirdie in mah askbox. i was not prepared to this so I’m kind of slow and exhausted //but still full of improbable gifs //

Keep reading if you want more informations about additional fighters, how many times you will have to wait for the game ect…  :

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This New YANA Charity.

I logged on today to seven new messages asking me what I think about this new Misha/Jensen rip off Campaign. Instead of answering them individually, I’m going to make a post about it.

I know that both the J’s have said that Jared has been involved since the beginning.

To me, in my opinion. They’re lying and doing damage control. I have never seen this fandom more upset, than over the past few day’s of Misha’s rip off Campaign.

The backlash to this campaign was in incredible amounts… Every fan was against one another.

There is no doubt in my mind that EVERYONE (the J’s, Misha, their team ect…) Saw the outrage from the fandom. It’s very clear to me that they added Jared in last minute to help cool everything down.

If Jared was involved since the beginning why wasn’t he credited? Why didn’t Misha or Jensen mention AKF? Why isn’t Jared’s face on those hoodies/shirts?

In this picture below, I believe the title read’s: “Jensen & Misha “You Are Not Alone” Campaign. I don’t see Jared’s name anywhere? I don’t see his face on any of the Merch? 

I’ve always said that the J’s are two separate people and they are. Jensen is aloud to have a life outside of Jared, and vice versa. Just because I’m a TinHat doesn’t mean I think they only live for each other. That’s 10x ridiculous, and close minded.

I have also said that Jensen and Misha are friends.

Do I think they are besties? No. Because you can’t be best friends (or be in a ‘secret’ relationship like you Cock(less) fans think) with someone you never see outside of work.

The meaning behind this new Charity is amazing. Anything that helps the people is a good cause. I just don’t understand why they partnered with Creation when they keep a shit load of the profits for themselves, that’s kind of sad.

The reason there was so much outrage was because people could see that this rip off campaign was exactly that.. A rip off…. The fact that Jared actually had to say that this wasn’t a competition, just let’s me know that he saw the hate that he and everyone else was getting… That’s also sad.

Jared originally had his own campaign that was supposed to happen on Valentines day, now however, the Represent site is no where to be found. Isn’t that just suspicious? I just saw/was on the represent website yesterday. 

As I said before, there is no doubt in my mind. That the reason why Jared is now included in this ‘Charity’ if you want to call it that, is because of the backlash that Misha and Jensen received for doing this.

It’s interesting that they say this was a part of Jared’s AKF chairty. But yet, no one mentioned that this new charity was apart of it, until the backlash happened.

I’m not trying to pit fan’s against each other, or start a war here on Tumblr. You guys asked for my opinion and I’m going to give it to you. I’ve never been afraid to say how I really feel, and I’m not going stop because of the repercussions from random people I don’t know online who have nothing whatsoever to do with my life.

Side Note: (To all you pathetic Anon’s out there who are upset by this post. I hope you don’t feel the need to message me, because you will just get blocked, I never read your messages all the way through anyway. A lot of you are cowards that hide behind your computer and remain anonymous. I don’t and will never take what you say seriously. You’re a joke.)

New Meetings

Request: Hi, so this is my first request like ever soooo, here goes… Ok so can you pleaaaase do a deanxreader where the reader is Claire Novac’s friend and Dean falls in love… Ect. please smut if possible thank you 😊😊😊😇 –  @faith-winchester0822

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Warnings: swearing, age gap, smut

Word Count: 1753

I just want to put it out there that a a big age gap is totally fine for me. 

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

Dean’s POV

It’s been a few weeks since we were in South Dakota and have seen Jody, Claire, and Alex. Since Sam and I decided to relax for a few, we headed towards South Dakota and be like normal people for a few days with them. Jody was glad we were there and we found out Alex decided to leave for some time. She had promised she’ll be back and of course, Jody understood her.

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Who’s gonna love you/care for you if you don’t love yourself?

Your friends, your parents, people who take care of you, people who care about your wellbeing, your pets, your students and teachers, your family, your niece, your brother or sister, your stepfamily, your neighbour, people at your church/synagogue or mosque or temple, people who admire you from afar, collegues, ect…

I swear Taylor better get the recognition she deserves at the Grammys. I don’t want it to be about a song lyric from a certain person or anything dramatic. I want Taylor to get recognized for all the hard work she put into making 1989, the music videos, the tour, making people’s lives, ect…. The Grammys are about recognizing music and the revolution of music; it shouldn’t be about drama.

And if people don’t recognize Taylor properly, then I’m going combust on people because I’ll be at the Grammys

abrightthingcannurseadarkheart asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you or anybody else had any suggestions on some safe ways to stim while driving? I'm in the process of learning how to drive but it's driving me crazy because I can't do any of my normal stims (bouncing my leg, playing with my hair or necklace, ect.) or even listen to music because of my instructor. Any suggestions would be helpful! Thanks!

Hi there, Miriam here.

I don’t stim while driving, for I need to concentrate all my attention of the road ahead as driving takes all my energy. Does anyone have any suggestions or idea on how to do this safely?

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Every day I tire more of introvert vs extrovert posts…why is this a thing people care about so much. It’s just another weird thing where ppl on Tumblr feel this need to label every part of themselves.

But moreover it’s so unnecessary, like seeing lengthy comics or posts about introverts and ~what it means~ to be an introvert. “I don’t like going out for long periods of time, I need to recharge, be alone, lay in bed. Sometimes I just get tired of being around people…” Like…fam, most people are like that. I don’t get it or why it’s such a prevalent thing.

I never see “extroverts” post about this kinda thing or what it “really” means to be extrovert ect ect. idk man it just seems so unncessary to label yourself like that or even care THAT much about it. I feel like it’s pretty normal to not want to be around people 24/7 or needing to “recharge” after being outside.

anonymous asked:

in response to the anon asking about cost, i wok as a cashier at a mainstream grocery store in australia, and people who buy dairy and meat always end up with a much higher expense than those who buy a large amount of fresh produce, grains and bread, ect. meat especially brings the price up massively, and dairy is generally quite pricey, if you were buying enough to maintain for your family or to last you a week.

YES exactly! it’s the same here in north america 

anonymous asked:

Hello :) I was just wondering if that Lovebug comic will be continued, and will I be able to read it on this tumblr?


Yes, the Love Bug comic will be continued in intervals. The next part should be coming out in an hour and a half from now, and this project with consist of 5 parts, so look forward to each of them!

Like the first chapter, it will be available on multiple domains (tumblr, ao3, ff.net, wattpad, google +, DA, ect).

I hope you enjoy the future chapters!

160213 Yamashita Emiri G+ & Kurihara Sae mail: Duo-gravure wish coming true

If you read the write-up of Emiri’s seitansai, you might remember the throw-in comment from her and Sae at the end, that they wanted to do a gravure shoot together:

Emiri: “17-year old goal huh, I guess getting more gravure-”
Meru: “I saw it! In ExTaishu, ect right.”
Wakachan: “The butt? The butt?”
Emiri: “No no no no, my butt didn’t get photographed, was it well received?”
Meru: “It was well received, very much so.”
Emiri: “Thank you very much. So I think I want to do my best to get more gravure jobs, and to get into senbatsu again.”

Saechan: “Well~ Let’s do a gravure shoot together then.”
Emiri: “Ah! Sure! Please help us out, if someone’s watching. Thank you.”
*Sae and Emiri look around into the air waving*

Now, 53 days and some more mentions of it later, it actually happened.

Emiri G+:


Thank you for today’s 2-shot event! ☺
I was wearing a pyjama one piece! ✨
But I forgot to take a photo…💦
I’ll put one up if I can!

And then, after today’s 2-shot event ended,
there was a shoot for Entame!

The duo-gravure we talked about so much,
it actually happened!! ✨

Our wish came true a lot faster than I thought,
we didn’t think it would actually happen, so when we got the news we burst out in cheers!

The release date is 29th of February!!
Please by all means check it out! ☺

Tomorrow I’ll be in seifuku!
Valentine’s day!!

And after tomorrow’s 2-shot event,
I have another job again.
Looking forward to it.♪ (^^)!!

Sae mail:

I had a shoot~~♪

And what kind of shoot…

A gravure shoot,
with Emiri and I!

I really wanted to let everyone know at once,
I was itching to tell it lol.

It will be released in the 29th of February’s Entame.
Please check it out!


Hello, I’m Jordan!
I have submitted a few times on here and made some really freaking cool people! I love meeting new people so I’ll be you a little bit about me.
I just turned 16. Im a female. I’m very very very sarcastic. I talk a lot about social injustices and inequality. Politics is very important. I love reading books and I am in a few fandoms like The Hunger Games. I love art, I try to draw, but.. Yeah.. It’s not that good. I like photography and would love to get a camera. I sing and act and I hope to become famous doing these things. I love poetry. Dance Moms is cool. I love music more than people. I love Halsey, 21 Pilots, Melanie Martinez, Billie Eilish, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, ect. My main hobbie is dragging people on twitter.
My dream penpal would be someone who is open minded, anywhere from 15-17 years old, any gender, any sexuality, anything goes lmao.
I’m an Aquarius
You can contact me through my Tumblr : grandspianos
I also have email and kik if you are interested! Have a wonderful day!

A little PSA regarding requests:

So lately I’ve been receiving requests like “He finds out you’ve been abused, He cheats on you, You die, ect…” And I really appreciate receiving requests from you guys but I don’t really enjoy writing these sad types of preferences or imagines.
I read and write in order to escape to a world that’s better, without the sadness and fear and constant anxiety that the real world has. And writing things like that would be the exact opposite reason of why I write.
So, all in all, I’d like to apologize for not being able to fulfill you’re requests but I don’t want to write something that I’m uncomfortable with doing.