The Top Gun Naval Fighter Weapons School is where the best of the best train to refine their elite flying skills. When hotshot fighter pilot, Kara Danvers, (codename Supergirl) is sent to the school, her reckless attitude and cocky demeanor put her at odds with the other pilots, especially the cool and collected Maxwell Lord (Iceman). But Supergirl isn’t only competing to be the top fighter pilot, she’s also fighting for the attention of her beautiful flight instructor, Cat Grant.

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A small part of me thinks it would be completely hilarious if instead of writing Hotch out they pulled a Darrin and got Eric McCormack or somebody to play Hotch and just waved it off on the show by saying “Hotch looks different lately…oh yeah, he switched shampoo." 

I mean, I’m sure part of the fandom would flip out but if they did it like late-series Roseanne did with Becky and kept making slightly meta references I would be 100% on board, because nothing pleases me like indulgent meta references.

It would be important, though, that the actor come equipped with lots of meta material - so like with Eric McCormack, he was a lawyer on another 90s/early 2000s show named after the two main characters, so there’s plenty of material there. Or Rob Morrow - he was an FBI agent on Numb3rs and played a lawyer - albeit very briefly - on The Whole Truth. Or do something properly fucking weird and genderswap him so he’s Erin Hotchner and her husband Hal was murdered. And just insist that Hotch was always a woman, but make some offhanded reference to how she used to seem more masculine. I like Mary Louise Parker for the part, but that’s really just off the top of my head.

Anyway. I’m only like 27% serious about this. Probably less. Although I think (depending on the actor) I’d be more okay with them pulling a Darrin than just axing Hotch completely (also I’d like it if whoever they picked was someone I could ship with Prentiss so I wouldn’t have to go through the trouble of changing ships).

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What do you think are the most crack crackships?

Well, to be honest with you, I haven’t actually seen many crackships. I know they must exist, but I suppose I’m just not following the right sorts of people. However, this question is far too fun to pass up. So I thought, after alarming amounts of caffeine and sugar, that surely I could come up with a bunch of crack pairings. So. See beneath the cut for my top ten most crack crack pairings with unwanted facetious commentary.

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Vending Machines and Bad Ideas - smiles - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Summary: Hoseok is grateful when his blind date agrees to meet him after he accidentally stands him up. But after a cracktastic turn of events, he somehow manages to stand up the guy again. And this time, his date isn’t as forgiving.

K’s rating: G for Giggles for daysssss

K’s notes: I have never laughed so hard at a fanfic ahahahahaha PLEASE READ THIS FIC it’s my absolute most favoritest 2seok fanfic ever, and it’s HOBI-CENTRIC!!! BLESSSSSSSS

Getting to Know You Meme

I was tagged by the lovely @educatedinyellow :)

COUNTRIES I’VE LIVED IN → Two! I’m British and I spent ages living in Japan too :) It’s my home away from home. 

FAVOURITE FANDOM →  Ok, for sheer cracktastic fun, I am still very fond of Prince of Tennis fandom. The people were lovely, the wank was but little, and the wank there was, was laughable. The RP was great too. I love the productivity of Sherlock fandom, and i’ve found some fantastic friends, but it’s a meaner neighbourhood. 

LANGUAGES YOU SPEAK →  English.  そして日本語でも最近ずっと英語を話すのでだんだんに下手二なる :L 

FAVOURITE FILM OF 2015 →  Uhhhhh… good question. What did I watch in 2015? *googles* Oh right. Eh, there were some ok-while-away-some-hours films but nothing standout amazing.  I guess I’ll say Jurassic World because @codenamelazarus loves dinos and we talked about it a lot and laughed. 

LAST ARTICLE YOU READ → I skimmed through one in the supplement about the making of the new Swallows and Amazon’s movie. Could be alright?  

SHUFFLE YOUR MUSIC LIBRARY AND PUT YOUR FIRST THREE SONGS HERE → 1)  Tired of Singing Trouble by R.E.M; 2) Hanging on the Telephone by Blondie; and 3) Feeling Yourself Disintegrate by The Flaming Lips. 

LAST THING YOU BOUGHT ONLINE → 3 nights in a hotel in Vienna! :D

ANY PHOBIAS OR FEARS →  I Do Not Like Wooden Spoons. 



WHO WOULD YOU TAKE A BULLET FOR? →  Listen, I am very slow and panicky and jumping combined with quick decision making is probably my weakest skill. I know what the question means but in reality if someone was waving a gun around, I have NO IDEA what i’d do. 


RULES: TAG TEN PEOPLE YOU’D LIKE TO GET TO KNOW BETTER → @theseventeenstairs @puplockandcoke @codenamelazarus @alexxphoenix42 @besina and anyone else! (I’m terrible at remembering names)


“☺ - Something that makes your muse happy
He gets really excited over the opportunity to learn things (other languages, lost lore, new alchemy, etc). Give him a puzzle to mull over and he’s entertained for HOURS if not DAYS.” 

One Sahlin the Hedgehog engaged in a favorite activity of solving puzzles under a happy nice bit of sunshine. XDDDDD

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Ohhh! i forgot to ask but whats gonna happen to switcheroo? Is someone else gonna continue it or is it gonna be like discontinued??? ~Snail💕

Oooh thank you for asking!! I’m gonna finish Switcheroo series by Monday. Don’t worry, you guys will get a cracktastic ending!

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Has Sony Given Up on a Ghostbusters Sequel, or Has Entertainment Media?
It seems as though some people are determined to paint Ghostbusters as this huge, embarrassing failure no matter what anyone says.

Was it [mediocre], though? Ghostbusters was #2 at the box office its opening weekend,according to Box Office Mojo, which obviously isn’t #1…but is #2 “mediocre?” Is a mostly positive critical response mediocre? It seems that if Ghostbusters wasn’t perfect from the second it appeared in theaters, it would be branded a flop, talked about as if it were a flop, no matter what was actually happening.

I’d love to have a sequel, but I’d be happy with just this movie, because we all thought it was as cracktastic and fun as the ‘84 one. (Though the post-credit scene would promise an awesome sequel.)

But the way the media have been treating this film (whether you like it or not, it’s nowhere near as bad or unsuccessful as the media would like to make it sound… but, hey, bashing it seems to get you a better click-rate and on the good side of the “Ghostbros”) is subpar and biased.

At the very least, it deserves to be treated like any other Hollywood movie. And it’s not. And that pisses me off :(

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And I’m going to see it again, asap ♥

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Ouran High School Host Club wasn’t the best anime—it’s wrought with cliches and the single season is full of filler episodes but dammit if it isn’t one of my FAVORITE SHOWS of ALL-TIME!!!!

Idek why..there’s just something about it that makes me so happy. And oh my god it is absolutely cracktastic

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