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could you do teacher(s) Drarry please?


All Life is Yours to Miss by Sara’s Girl (114k)
Professor Malfoy’s world is contained, controlled, and as solitary as he can make it, but when an act of petty revenge goes horribly awry, he and his trusty six-legged friend are thrown into Hogwarts life at the deep end and must learn to live, love and let go.
(This fic OWNS ME. It’s so dear to me, one of the few that truly resonates with me on a personal level. I love following Draco’s journey in this.)

Professor Potter and His Magical Menagerie by dracogotgame (7.5k)
Harry Potter descends on Hogwarts with a horde of magical beasts. Professor Malfoy is not amused.
(I love the writing style in this, it is all kinds of hilarious. So much brilliance crammed into this short lil’ fic, obliviousness, awkward flirting, yesssss.)

Only For The Lucky by SunseticMonster (73k)
Things seem to be going well for Draco Malfoy after the war. He’s working as a professor at Hogwarts and makes the papers all the time for his charitable contribution to Muggle causes.But when Malfoy is rushed into St Mungos hospital for a psychotic break, Healer Harry Potter realizes that Malfoy’s success is not all what it seems and sometimes luck can have more than one meaning.
(One of my big faves, I love the characterization of Draco in it. It’s so angsty and hilarious and all around excellent. I have so many favorite scenes.)

Draco’s Delicious Dilemma by darkmagicalgirl (5k)
Draco Malfoy bravely deals with new coffee shops, Harry Potter, low-sympathy coworkers, feelings, free muffins, Looks, and some extremely rude signage.
(I am still laughing over this one, it is a real treat. Sassy shop signs, Harry is a cinnamon roll, they give each other Looks. You won’t want to miss this one.)

The Critiquer by dysonrules (24k)
When Harry submits his cock photo to a renowned Cock Critiquer and gets a terrible review, he decides to take a photography class to hopefully improve his skills.
(A classic. I love this fic so much, it is cracktastic and really well-written. Great characterizations. Teacher!fic because Draco teaches a photography class!) 

More Than That by joosetta (10k)
This is a story about two 52 year old men who refuse to age gracefully.
(Meaning they are total dorks, lmao. There’s a softness to them in this, it begins all casual but then before they know it, they’re in love. Siigh.)

Lessons in Humility by playout (86k)
After the dissolution of his marriage and a good bit of soul-searching, Harry returns to Hogwarts as the new Defense teacher. Go figure, it happens to be the same year Draco takes over the role of Potions Master. Neither man is happy about this turn of events. Will they be able to set aside their differences and learn a thing or two about trust and humility on the way? (Spoiler Alert: Yes. Very much so.)
(ALL THE SWEET AMAZING FLUFF AND DOMESTICITY. I could honestly cry with all the feels this fic gives me. So lovely, so funny, so so good.)

Newts by astolat (13k)
“I’m twenty-eight!” Harry said. “I’ve been an Auror for ten years! You want me to go back to Hogwarts now?“
(Only Drarry can go from trying to constantly one-up each other to shagging each other senseless at every opportunity like this. LOVE IT.)


Are You There, God? It’s Me, Draco by floweringjudas (20k)
Harry and Draco are straight Aurors. Then they’re gay teachers. It makes sense in context.
(I’ll admit I haven’t actually read this one yet, but a friend of mine is BEGGING me to add it to this list because it made her laugh so much. So there!)

Every time I see someone giving writing advice, I always see the same thing:


Now, this obviously works for a great many writers. It does not work for me. I know, for I have tried it. Outlining is the fastest way for me to guarantee that the story will not be written. Once I know the entire story from beginning to end, I no longer have to tell it to myself. And writing down the basic plot–well, it’s writing it down. Writing is the last part of my process, not the first. Once I get to the writing down part…this is what I have settled on. Writing out an outline of a plot before I start writing a story locks me into that plot and makes it harder for me to think spontaneously about what needs to happen, both to develop the characters and to surprise the readers.

And don’t even get me started on those 100-question interviews with your characters. 

Mind you, I do plan stories–eventually. I visualize stories like they’re movies. I have shot and re-shot scenes a thousand times in my head to see if this will dovetail neatly with the previous scene or if it will be awkward. I run through dialogue while I’m washing the dishes. But none of the scenes or settings or dialogue are things that I’m committed to…not until I start writing the story. My mental storyboarding still involves planning, but it doesn’t make me feel restricted like an outline does.

I don’t believe that “pantsers,” as writers who don’t outline are called by many in the writing community, are worse writers than those who do outline. What I do believe is that people want to know how writers write. And you see, there are a lot of books about how to become a better writer.

Here’s the problem:  My writing process is not very complicated. I start with a character or two and a) a terrible situation, b) a what if, or c) something cracktastic that doesn’t sound like it could possibly make sense and then make sense of it (like the Hamlet/Cthulhu Mythos crossover I wrote once). There is a lot of staring at a blank screen, grumbling, letting my mind drift while playing hidden object games, and thinking out stories while taking clothes out of the dryer, washing dishes or rolling up bandages. You’d be hard pressed to turn that into an essay, let alone a book.

Books by outliners generally talk about a thousand things that they do before they get started. The plot structure. The characters’ personal histories. The themes. The research (which they always do beforehand, rather than, as I do, before and during). The editing (which they all insist must be done afterwards, and not, as I do, during, because I find it less stressful to correct and rewrite as I go along, and afterward, after at least one person has had a chance to proofread it).

Outlining just sounds more serious. More organized. And because you can outline so many aspects of a story, almost all writing books are written by outliners…to the point where some writing books speak disparagingly of those who do not, treating us as lazy and inefficient. 

And honestly, I understand this. Many writers of such books seem to gravitate naturally to outlines, so of course that seems best to them. Complicating matters is the fact that, as I said, pantsers tend not to author books on how to write, so the outliners have nothing to compare their method to. Outlining is praised highly from one end of the community to the other–so, the attitude runs, why doesn’t everyone do it? it works, doesn’t it?

Yes. It works for many people. But not all. I suspect that there are as many writing processes as there are people.  And you know what? That’s fine.

So to those who hate outlining, who feel straitjacketed by it, whose minds tangle and snarl when they try to employ it…you’re not alone. And you’re not a bad writer. You’re a writer. Do what works for you.


One of the more enduring Superman-related memes comes from the cracktastic Superdictionary, wherein Lex Luthor once stole 40 cakes. And that’s terrible.

This later gained enough traction on the internet to result in the above panel from Superman 709, where Clark remembers the first time he met Lex back in high school. Turns out Lex was in detention for a baked goods-related crime caused by Smallville’s sucky education system. And that’s terrible.

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OMG YOU POOR SOUL. I feel you, we have all been there! Also that fic sounds heartbreaking I’ll need to read it. I’m going to give you a collection of feel-good fics that I love dearly and that always make me smile.

Drarry + feel-good fic recs

Crutch, by AWickedMemory (11k)
Harry has too much to do, and Draco, too little. The solution? Hire him, of course. Who knew Draco Malfoy would be such a perfect personal assistant?
(One of my precious loves in terms of fic. Assistant!Draco is brilliant, and Harry just can’t do without him. This is hilarious, in character, and so good.)

Little Red Courgette by blamebrampton (31k)
When this season’s purple courgettes are woefully thin, Draco Malfoy thinks it amounts to small beans. Next thing he knows, the Department of Standards is over-run with leeks, Brussels sprouts all sorts of legislative difficulties, and somebody appears to have put a roquette under Harry Potter. Can Draco seize a marrow victory? Or will his plans for peas be squashed?
(I’ve laughed myself to tears on more than one occasion while reading this because it’s so witty and endlessly fun. Author is a genius, truly.)

there’s a trick with a dragon I’m learning to do by curiouslyfic (20k)
Harry’s live-in’s a workaholic being courted — harassed — by an array of weeping minions and an assortment of overprivileged pricks. Harry’s bloody portraits are being harassed — courted — by, well, an assortment of things Harry doesn’t even want to think about. Harry’s had a long week already and so far, his weekend’s not looking much better. At least he can say with certainty there’s no place like home…
(I have so much love for this fic. It has established Drarry with all this domesticity, lovely detailssss, and such great writing. Can’t rec it enough!)

Life Is The Flower (For Which Love Is the Honey) by bafflinghaze (15k)
The Malfoy Manor lands are lush and verdant. Bees hover over carpets of flowers, and ducks paddle in the pond. It is a place far removed from bustling London and pesky reporters; it is a place where Harry finds what—and who—he didn’t know he was missing.
(A fluffy favorite of mine. It’s so goofy and full of bickering, them being adorkable, all this argumentative flirting, and Harry’s baking!)

• In the Company of a Rubber Duck by birdsofshore (34k)
War makes for strange bedfellows. However that doesn’t fully explain how Harry ended up sharing his bath with Draco Malfoy… nor why Malfoy was a rubber duck at the time.
(This sounds cracktastic, and it is. All kinds of hilarious, but also very sweet and precious. Featuring Draco at a muggle cinema and such fun things.)

Crystal Clear by ICMezzo (6.7k)
Harry customizes a snow globe. Draco listens to centaur weather reports. Ron investigates the height of Pansy’s boots. And Hermione knows even more than everything, as usual. (No one signs up for the class for lactating witches.)
(I love everything about this short lil’ beauty. It is chock full of gloriously fun details, Auror partners!Drarry, and such great characterizations I can’t.)

Endangered Familiar by ravenpan (8k)
After the war, all he wanted was some peace and quiet. What he got, was a penguin that brought the exact opposite.
(Extremely cute is what comes to mind when I think of this fic. I just love penguin!Draco so much and the way he and Harry are in it. Wonderful!)

Settle in my slow-burning heart by Teatrolley (10k)
Five years after the war Draco is working a tech developer job in the Auror Office, and it’s all great except this one thing: Harry Potter works there, too. Things only become stranger when Harry starts bringing Draco ugly souvenirs back from his work travels. When Harry then shows up injured in Draco’s flat, Draco considers the possibility that he’s going insane.
(All kinds of precious, this one! Harry is an adorkable cinnamon roll, the writing style is amazing, and Drarry are sooo passionate together and yet soft.)

Adrift by dysonrules (13k)
Auror Harry takes a vacation in the Caribbean and ends up falling from the sky, straight into the lap of Draco Malfoy, modern pirate.
(This is guilty pleasure galore, which is exactly what I need in my life sometimes. So much fun, so good and yet so simple. Love it.)


Paws of Fury by Veritas03 (92k)
“Bellow, bluster… your rage is insignificant. No more than the mewing of a kitten. Do not be afraid. He will save you. Calm you. Love you.” Harry has a furry little problem – but Draco’s scent soothes the savage beastie. Will Draco be able to save him when Harry’s world begins to crumble?
(Way longer than the others on this list, but I usually only need a few chapters to get my fix of fluffy feels. This is so cute my heart melts. Kitten!Harry is the most precious thing, and the cuddles are all you’ll need after angsty times.)

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The Top Gun Naval Fighter Weapons School is where the best of the best train to refine their elite flying skills. When hotshot fighter pilot, Kara Danvers, (codename Supergirl) is sent to the school, her reckless attitude and cocky demeanor put her at odds with the other pilots, especially the cool and collected Maxwell Lord (Iceman). But Supergirl isn’t only competing to be the top fighter pilot, she’s also fighting for the attention of her beautiful flight instructor, Cat Grant.

@abydosdork has outdone herself with my crack AUs…

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Hi hi! First, you are amazing and so is your blog! Second, could you give me a run down on the Drarry fic Turn? Is it worth the read? What's it about? Is it super angsty? Thank you!! Keep on being awesome xx

Oh gosh this is so sweet, thank you so much! ALSO YES I WOULD BE VERY HAPPY TO GIVE YOU A RUN DOWN ON MY #1 FAVORITE FIC TURN

(beware, you have now unleashed the ranty beast)

Turn by Sara’s Girl might seem daunting at its 300k+ words, but let me tell you, you won’t even notice because you’ll be too busy praying for it to never ever end. It has a plot line that will make itself visible quite early on, so you won’t feel that “how the hell is this fic going to be 300k what’s even going to happen??” feeling that at least I tend to feel when I go into the long fics. Also, the pacing is on point. So don’t let the length scare you off!

What is it about then? The fic summary “One good turn always deserves another. Apparently”, while fitting, is woefully vague. So, a longer one:

The story starts a few months after the epilogue (yes, Turn is epilogue-compliant, but again, trust me on this one) with Harry having hit a bit of a rut in his life; he’s going through the motions, doesn’t like his job, his marriage isn’t what it should be, and he’s wondering “what if?”. What if he had done things differently in the past? What if he had gone back for Draco Malfoy after the Sectumsempra incident and apologized? Offered to help him out of his impossible situation? What would life have been like then?

And then, of course, Harry wakes up the next day in a parallel universe in which he did save Draco. It also turns out that they’ve been together for the past 18 or so years. Cue the shock. And confusion. And… excitement…

Angsty? I wouldn’t pin it down as an angsty fic, but sure, there are definitely moments that will make you cry. A lot, if you’re like me. In fact, it broke my heart and stomped on it. But the overall feeling is hope, warmth, humor, and lots of love. You’ll be laughing through your tears half the time!

Turn also has:

• the most wonderfully written Blaise in existence
• (side-pairing Blaise/Ginny is amaze you will ship this one so harddd)
• Harry’s snake Frank who is more narcissistic & melodramatic than Draco
• amazinggg original characters (Maura!)
• a LOVELY Romione they are both so well-written in this and their relationship is loving and beautiful. their friendship with Harry is A++
• no Ginny bashing whatsoever in fact she’s all kinds of great in this
• rlly good next gen
• excellent character development & personal growth
• cracktastic humor
• my favorite Draco ever
• my favorite Harry ever
• all the feels
• such good writing I can’t

More than anything, it’s just such an inspirational story, you know? If you’ve ever been in that stage in your life when you don’t know what the hell you’re doing with yourself, this fic will speak to you. It does to me. Harry goes on an amazing journey in it and we’re so lucky to be allowed to join him. It’s like, if Harry can do it, if he can fight for his happiness like this, we all can

TL;DR: Turn is 1100% worth the read! GO READ IT NOWWW

Its atomwave week, and today’s theme is music, so I thought I’d share a very silly headcanon with you all. Ray Palmer has a totally embarrassing taste in music (you know its true!). Mick is less than impressed but totally gets his own back by playing uptown girl loudly outside Ray’s door 

Heres the song in case you heathens dont recognize it [link]

There’s something definitely… ironic… when a bunch of fanfic authors sit around and laugh about how “trashy” and “shitty” historical romance novels are.

Like honestly, this is part of why I haven’t written more of any of my historical AUs: if you’re gonna laugh about it and talk about how ridiculous and lulzy the genre is, I do nooot want to crank out more for you to be snidely ironic about.

If I’m writing something, it’s because I believe in it. Even if I know it’s cracktastic and not up to high artistic standards–I’m doing it because I believe that spontaneity and play are important in creative communities.  But it knocks me down every time someone acts like the stuff I make is worthy of contempt or mockery.


Look, y’all know what we’re like by now, so @thefairfleming​ and I present:

The Stallion Who Mounts The West*, aka the Jon x Dany Crack Western AU: an OTP: Here’s A Thing Joint

Fandom: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones
Pairing: Jon Snow/Daenerys Targaryen
Rating: Gen now, but will probably get filthy because that’s how we roll
Summary: Jon is a lonely rancher, isolated, tormented by past love. Dany is a dispossessed drifter, looking to reclaim what’s hers. Sexy hijinks ensue.

* - sorry**
** - not sorry


It’s like something out of a movie. The sort of movies Jon’s always scoffed at, with their romanticized versions of a West that never existed, one with noble cowboys whose guns only ever shot a villain’s hand no matter where they were aimed, winsome ranch wives and attractive drifters, no racial strife and none of the tedium that comes with setting fence posts or battling an endless variation of pests. All dream and no reality. All hat and no cattle. A drifter is as unlikely to be attractive as he’s likely to be an escapee from the prison down the interstate.

But as the woman riding at a slow clip down his isolated drive comes into focus, Jon realizes he may have to reevaluate his ideas on the relative appeal of drifters.

Keep reading

Great tension in the Miss Fisher fanfic – for the 11th PFF

What do you say, Jack, shall we go for URST or RST this time?

I asked for help from this lovely fandom to spread some fanfic love – asking for fics with great tension, either with Unresolved or Resolved Sexual Tension, or both.

I have gotten wonderful answers, and I will give them to you here as a contribution to PFF (Phrack Fucking Fridays) – the 11th since it was started by @firesign23 in August!

I didn’t get as many answers as last time – whether it was because the timing was bad, or the theme too difficult to choose fics for, I don’t know. But I hope to receive more during the coming week, when you see this and think “These are super wonderful fics, but where is X, Y and Z?” Just keep sending me ficrecs, and I will do a second post. And do not fear if you cannot fill both URST and RST – I didn’t mean that you should, one or both or just tension is equally fine! (check here for details and how you can contact me)

Here are nine recommendations that makes me immediately want to go and reread the fics. 

“Wake Me Up” by @edeainfj/deedeeinfj. Recommended by @omgimsarahtoo.

The whole thing, but especially this:

“Early shift tomorrow… today, that is?” she asked, smoothing back his hair. He nodded. “I didn’t mean to wake you.”
He exhaled a laugh. “Wake me whenever you like. It’s surreal, still.”
“What is?”
“Being wanted. Like that.” He traced his fingers down her spine. “Especially by you.”
“I wanted you long before you let me have you, cruel man,” she grinned.

I love the established Phrack-ness of this fic, and yet you can tell it’s still new because he’s not certain that her fantasy involves him. The sex is hot, but the feelings that are around it are what makes it memorable for me.

Here be Dragons?” by @anne-louise-fortune. Recommended by @olderbynow.

aljohnson’s yaci is wonderful, and i adore it, but there are two scenes from the sequel that just always makes me all chinhands and hearteyes. first, the scene when phryne comes over after her burlesque performance, and jack is very focused on the practical side of things:

“And your thoughts on the remainder?” Phryne looked at him as if there had been nothing at all unusual about her ‘outfit’.

“My thoughts are mostly around the logistics of how the, erm….” Jack indicated towards Phryne’s breasts.

“Nipple tassels, Jack?”

“Indeed. How do they stay on?” Jack was genuinely intrigued as to how the small objects had remained perched on her breasts, covering her nipples. He had not actually been able to see anything that a gentleman should not have been able to see. He was coming to the realisation of exactly how unlike a gentleman he would like to be with her.

and then, you know what’s super high on my list of favourite things? jack losing control and being run away with by his passions. (and by ‘passions’ i mean 'wanting to bang phryne fisher’, obviously.) there’s just something completely fascinating and wonderful about this man, who is always so buttoned up and completely in control of himself - except for once in a while when he’s forced to look at a painting of a naked phryne very shortly after having stuck his tongue down her throat in the name of policework, or when he’s been imagining saving her from poisonous spiders only to have her clothes spontaneously fall off and then she perches herself a little too cleverly on his desk - just fucking LOSE it. which, yeah…

Phryne was trying to find her front door key in her handbag as Jack slid his hand across her waist, his lips pressing butterfly kisses to her neck. “Jack!” She implored, softly. His response was a low growl. Phryne could feel arousal spiking within her. As she finally got the door open she turned to Jack, “Would you like to… oh” she failed to complete the question as Jack swiftly moved over the threshold, closed the door behind them and spun Phryne so she was pushed back against the inside of the door. He was kissing her neck, nibbling on her earlobe and caressing her hips and waist with a keenness that Phryne found intriguing. What had come over him?

She tried to speak again, “Would you like to come upstairs?”

“No time” responded Jack, pulling her hips to his, allowing her to feel his very obvious erection.

and you should probably go read the rest for yourself if you haven’t already… and if you have, maybe read it again, idk?

Is this my last chance, Miss Fisher?

Alleviate” (part of 500 words) by @firesign23. Recommended by @longlineoftvdetectives.

“You seem certain there will be another time.”

It was, perhaps, the first time she had given voice to her doubts about this endeavour. If she’d had time to plan it properly it would be another matter, but she had not; there was a fine line between adventurous and reckless, and she wasn’t entirely certain whether she had fallen on the right side. He just smiled and took another biscuit.

“There’s always another time, if you’re willing to take it.”

She moved closer, intending to make a quip about his sudden optimism, but caught his eyes, smouldering with all the things left unsaid, and exhaled loudly. She hadn’t thought it possible to want him more, but she’d been wrong.  

“Are you willing to take it?” she sighed.

I love the movement in this piece, from the long history of unresolved tension to the inevitable resolution, at what may be the last possible moment, the night before Phryne leaves to fly back to England. The passage is weighty and true but ultimately hopeful, and they decide together to take the risk of being together, despite all the uncertainties of the future. It’s hard even to pick one favorite @firesign23 fic, but this one had a huge impact on me creatively.

“Hope Springs Eternal” by LemmingDancer. Recommended by @lillbilly.

“Then you’ll look for him?” Hugh begged, meeting her eyes for the first time. The guilt in his guileless expression penetrated Phryne’s fog. He still blamed himself for the waiting so long to look for Jack, when he’d been abducted.

“Of course,” Phryne reassured him, even as a smile spread across her face. She began to sort through the pillows around her carefully, lifting the corners of each and peaking underneath. Hugh shot a mystified look at Dot, who was watching her mistress with an increasingly worried expression.

“Ah ha!” Phryne said, tossing aside a turquoise pillow.

“Uhngh,” Jack protested incoherently, scrunching up his face against the sudden light. Draping one long arm over his eyes, he snaked the other around Phryne’s waist. Hugh and Dot’s faces were mirror images of shock and mortification.

“Delight out of loosened soil” by @ladyroxie. Recommended by @ollyjayonline for the URST.

We see them working so well together as they chase a suspect, then the banter we all love but the mood changes quickly when Jack has to remove the protection of his clothing to locate the jewels in the mud pool.

First we see Phryne being affected by handling things that are so representative of him.

She hung his hat and coats on a couple of nails protruding from the post beside her, trying not to notice they were warm from his body and smelled like spice and leather and books.

The scene below is reminiscent of the ‘tie’ scene in the last episode S2, starting as just a practical action soon surprising them with the intimacy it evokes.

Pushing up her own sleeves, she stepped forward, balancing carefully so didn’t tip into the mud, and began uncoupling Jack’s cufflinks. Her elegant fingers nimbly slipped a post through the slot, and she withdrew first one and then the other from his cuffs. She tucked the studs into her coat pocket, and returned to Jack’s left wrist. As she leaned down again, she caught his eyes flicker from her lips to the shadow between her breasts and linger there. Her coat was open, the silk blouse she wore underneath gaping as she leaned forward.

Then Jack, already aroused, tries to calm himself: “Jack cleared his throat. Breathe, man. This is just a practicality. Nothing more. Completely chaste.”

And then his understanding of the power she has/he has given her over him: “But her skin, her hands, her fingers against his flesh… It was undoing him in a way that made him understand drowning men.”

And then his decision:

He could, he knew suddenly and with surprising clarity, stop this. He could stand, mud everywhere, words rough and wrong, and pull away. He saw that scene unfold in an instant in his mind and knew that she would play her part, if that’s what he wrote.

But the bigger surprise was that he saw another scene, even more sharp, in even more depth, and all he saw in it was her. Her body, her lips, her hair spread across his naked chest. He didn’t know precisely what happened in between this moment and that one, but all at once he believed it existed. And that fact made him realize he was not going to say no.

And her understanding that he is making a decision, about them.

Phryne stilled her fingers when they reached as far up Jack’s sleeve as they would reach. She swallowed, and brought her eyes up to meet his, an uncharacteristic uncertainty shaking her.

As her hand drew slowly down to rest once again on his wrist, their eyes met, and Phryne lost her breath. In the many worlds she saw in Jack’s blue-grey eyes, one word rose above everything else.


I just adore this.  

The palpable tension of Angry Jack.

“Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun” by @phrynesboudoir/Sassasam. Recommended by @omgimsarahtoo.

In Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun two fictional characters played by Nathan Page meet, Jack from Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and Henry Stokes from Underbelly: Squizzy. Jack and Phryne are together, but Jack is still angry (maybe not realizing how angry) because Phryne had slept with Henry Stokes in the previous fic. Jack’s impulse to make this menage happen – or rather, to watch Phryne with Stokes – comes from that anger, and the fic treads a very fine line when it comes to consent. it is cracktastically amazing smut, and a lot of it packed into a relatively short fic. The URST is very high before Jack joins in, and then the resolution is explosive.

“What exactly did you plan to do with my - with Miss Fisher,” Jack asked calmly.

Henry Stokes stared Jack down, “I planned on stripping her bare and fucking her senseless on her bear skin rug,” he answered unblinkingly.

Jack cocked the pistol. And Phryne looked between the two men in fear. Long moments passed.

“Go on then,” Jack said.

“Lost Together” by @gaslightgallows. Recommended by @adverbally.

“I want you, Phryne Fisher,” he said, forcing his voice into steadiness, even as her eyes made it plain that she was thinking about all the indecent things she wanted to do to him. “I want… to put you on that bed and strip you down to your skin, and know every part of you. I want to touch you, kiss you, devour you, be devoured by you—“

Her fingers on his lips stopped his litany. “Careful, Jack,” she murmured, dragging her forefinger down his bottom lip. “We’ve a long night ahead of us. You don’t want to spoil every surprise.”

As Jack and Phryne move to consummate their relationship, the nerves the two feel about the change in their relationship are expressed perfectly in character– Jack, of course, channels these feelings into a gallant declaration of his intentions, while Phryne tries to defuse the tension with her usual charm. It’s a lovely light-hearted moment in a sweet and poignant fic.

“Saudadee” by @kidnthehall​. Recommended by @ollyjayonline​ for the RST.

With this piece there is the inevitability: the knowing this is going to happen, we’ve been apart and we didn’t want to be and now we’re going to be together and this is happening. No talking, no thinking, just doing:

From the moment he opened his door everything was a blur of lust and months apart, love that none dared to address lingered like smoke. Lips were seized, limbs entangled. Clothes were tugged at, ripped off, discarded. Eyes locked on eyes, hands rushing to feel every expanse of skin at once. Intense kisses. Impossible to resist to kiss a neck, impatient to return to a longing mouth. Rewarded by thrilled moans.

And this I think is a wonderful contrast to Queenscliff where she thought ‘he was a policeman in her room’ and didn’t immediately pick up that Hilly was talking about him when she referred to ‘your handsome friend’: “The sight of him above her, letting go, looking so little like the Inspector and so much like her Jack, made her laugh from sheer joy.”

“A Modern Woman” by @omgimsarahtoo. Recommended by @olderbynow.

This whole fic is so wonderful, but there are a couple of paragraphs that stand out for their sexual tension-ness. like this one:

Jack blinked, his own thoughts shocking him a little. He’d known that he was horny—six months of divorce proceedings and a reluctance to start anything new was wearing on him—but he didn’t usually look at women as if they were meat. He was certain this woman had a personality and intellect that were just as stunning as the points of her nipples against the silk of her blouse and the crimson slash of her lips. He’d really love to find out for sure—though he’d also love to have just one night with that body of hers, much as it shamed him to admit it. Sipping at his whiskey, he shook his head at himself. He didn’t do one-night stands, as a general rule—he found them unsatisfying—but as he was not ready to jump into a new relationship at this point, he wondered whether he should reconsider.

obviously i’m a HUGE fan of the slow burn (the slower the better, tbh) but variety is the spice of life or whatever, and sometimes a bit of “let’s just jump right in there and have jack want to fuck her before he knows her name” is just what the fic stew needs. or it’s the chocolate with salt caramel filling after you’ve had six coconut ones. i don’t know.

oh, but also this:

Jack fought the urge to swallow, knowing that she’d intended him to feel this arousal. Absurdly, he wanted to hide his reaction from her as much as he could. This woman knew her own appeal, but he thought perhaps she would prefer someone who didn’t just lie down and let her walk on him. Oh god, would I love to lie down for her, though. For her. Under her. On top of her. He wrenched his thoughts back to the question she’d asked, letting his lips curve in a small smile.

and in between, there’s mac catching him ogling phryne… i’m not going to quote that, because it seems like an appropriate teaser for the two people in this fandom who haven’t already read this fic. which they should do. because it’s AWESOME. and funny. and hot. and awesome.

That was all for today. Thank you to all contributing, you are the best! ❤︎