Nicci’s Color Advice

(For the anon who asked for a tutorial - this is more of a personal guide to color choosing than that, so if you want something more step-by-step, let me know!)

[Keep in Mind]

Perception: remember that colors are influenced by their surroundings! What you may perceive as “blue” in a color scheme dominated by red may actually be closer to “purple” when isolated. There’s lots of visual tricks you can pull off with how your colors play off each other.

Balance: how much visual weight does each color hold in the piece? Whatever the ratio (20% highly saturated + 80% desaturated, or 25% pink + 25% peach + 25% yellow + 25% beige, etc.) the total visual weight of the piece should balance out. Make sure your colors don’t overwhelm or wash-out the others. 

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