Touka and Yomo now have the utterly perplexing task of trying to figure out if it’s more suspicious to leave Takatsuki Sen’s works amongst their book collection at :Re now that it’s public knowledge that she’s a ghoul, or to remove them. 

What would two totally human cafe owners do who totally didn’t build their cafe as a tribute to a) an amnesiac Takatsuki fan who also happens to be the investigator who brought her in and b) Takatsuki Sen’s father who she is currently using as a lab rat. Because that’s them. Normal human cafe owners with no complicated relationships with people closely tied to Takatsuki Sen.

Utterly. and. totally. normal.

fuck their lives

some scattered thoughts on sindar

  • tall as trees
  • fancy clothes and attitude
  • will fight you on who has better hair and style
  • have actual better hair and style
  • will fight noldor
  • will fight dwarves
  • fight a lot
  • melian buffs them up
  • hair is good and sometimes magical
  • damn thingol that was a shit move
  • oh you did kinda well this time, good boy elu
  • yeah will fight dwarves and stuff /sigh
  • pretty and good friends