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PENTAGON Members Confirmed To Join HyunA For Cube Entertainment's New Unit Project

PENTAGON Members Confirmed To Join HyunA For Cube Entertainment’s New Unit Project

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Cube Entertainment has finally confirmed that their new mysterious project is actually their newest unit involving HyunA!

On March 4, a source from the agency stated, “HyunA and PENTAGON’s Hui, and E’Dawn will be promoting as a three-membered unit. They are planning to ‘comeback’ in May.”

The company previously revealed a mysterious countdown that ended up unveiling an even more curiosity-inducin…

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One Scene

@askbangtansound, as promised your scene of Jin’s first night at the club! Hopefully you like it ^^

I stepped into the underground speakeasy, bowing my head as I passed under the low door-frame, pushing past the velvet curtain. Almost at once my senses were assaulted by a myriad of jazz music and the noxious smell of cigarettes and perfume that hung in a haze over the mass of sparkling moving bodies. I edged my way through the crowd trying to get to the  back. I reached the curtain for the back stage, pausing to watch the person on stage. A person in a long black dress with a silt past their mid thigh, the long pearl necklace was wrapped around one white gloved finger. Their silver hair caught the light, eyes hooded as the other hand gripped the mic letting their voice meld with the sweet jazz music.

“Excuse me, you can’t go back there,” a burly man in suit said, placing a hand on my chest and stopping from going any further.

“RM is expecting me,” I said giving him a smile.

“Sure,” the man scoffed.

“Let him through,” a silky voice said, the man stepped aside revealing a man in a dark suit with blond hair and a two dimpled smile. The man in the dark suit ushered me backstage.

The backstage was less luxurious than the main space, a table with a mirror perched haphazardly on it was shoved in a corner, cluttered with make-up, jewels, feathers, and beads. A light blub hung from the ceiling giving a grim illumination of the place, making the stacked boxes and piles of clothes seem more monstrous then they really were.

“RM, I presume?” I said gently, the blond man smiled, nodding.



“Here, try this on for size,” RM said handing me a dress. I took it, wandering behind the collapsing divider. I changed quickly into the dress all the while cursing Jungkook and Taehyung for making me do this. Those kids would get when I got back from doing this.

“It suits you,” RM said with a charming smile, leading me to the mirror. The dress he had given me had the same silt a the one I had seen the person on stage wearing, RM draped a white boa around my shoulders, his hands stopping to rest on my arms.

“One last thing, doll,” he said going to the cluttered table for something, I hide my grimace from him when he called me that silly pet name.

“Here we go,” RM said presenting me with a blue pendant and a pair of long earnings. “These will go well don’t you think?”

I didn’t answer as he fastened the pendent to the collar of the dress. RM leaned in to put in the earnings, his breath tickling my face. I took a step back, feeling suddenly flustered, I held out my hand for the earnings. With a smirk he placed them into my open palm, I put them hastily.

“You go on after Jimin,” RM said starting to leave. “Show ‘em stuff, sweet heart.”

“I will.”

He left me alone in the room, the music from outside creeping its way in. I took a seat on a nearby chair with a sigh. This was my job now, and I was going to do it.

On the front lines of Syria with the young American radicals fighting ISIS



On the morning of his first battle, Brace Belden was underdressed for the cold and shaky from a bout of traveler’s diarrhea. His Kurdish militia unit was camped out on the front line with ISIS, 30 miles from Raqqa, in Syria. Fighters stood around campfires of gas-soaked trash, boiling water for tea, their only comfort besides tobacco. “I’ve never been so dirty in my life,” Belden recalls. When the time came to roll out, he loaded a clip into his Kalashnikov and climbed into a makeshift battlewagon, a patchwork of tank and truck parts armored with scrap metal and poured concrete. Belden took a selfie inside its rusty cabin and posted it online with the caption “Wow this freakin taxi stinks.”

The rest of the militia piled into an assortment of minivans, garbage trucks and bulldozers, and rode south into territory ISIS had held for more than three years. Belden was manning a swivel-mounted machine gun, the parched landscape barely visible through the rising dust, when he spotted a car packed with explosives revving across the desert toward the Kurdish column. Before he could shoot, an American fighter jet lacerated the sky and an explosion erupted where the car had been, shaking the earth for miles around.

It was November 6th, 2016. The Kurdish militia known as the YPG – a Kurmanji acronym for People’s Protection Units – had commenced a major offensive to liberate the city that serves as the global headquarters for ISIS. The YPG was backed by U.S. air power and fighting alongside a coalition of Arab and Assyrian militias. Also within their ranks, though scantly reported, was a group of about 75 hardcore leftists, anarchists and communists from Europe and America, Belden among them, fighting to defend a socialist enclave roughly the size of Massachusetts.

Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/features/american-anarchists-ypg-kurdish-militia-syria-isis-islamic-state-w466069

"Reply 1988" Cast Show Lasting Friendship In Reunion Photo

“Reply 1988” Cast Show Lasting Friendship In Reunion Photo

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The Ssangmun-dong squad is back!

On April 8, Girl’s Day’s Hyeri revealed a photo with her former co-stars and the caption “Reply 1988!” The group shot showcases the close friendship of cast members Hyeri, Ryu Jun Yeol, Ahn Jae Hong, Lee Dong Hwi, Go Kyung Pyo, and Park Bo Gum, as well as the drama’s producer Shin Won Ho.


A post shared by 혜리 (@hyeri_0609) on Apr 8, 2017 at 7:33am…

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"The Handmaiden" And "Goblin" Take Home Grand Prizes At The 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards + Full List Of Winners

“The Handmaiden” And “Goblin” Take Home Grand Prizes At The 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards + Full List Of Winners

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The 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards were held on May 3 to celebrate the best and brightest of Korean films and dramas. Actors, entertainers, directors, and screenwriters arrived to a dazzling red carpet event before participating in the prestigious awards ceremony. Suzy returned to MC the event and was joined by actor Park Joong Hoon.

The grand award in film was awarded to Park Chan Wook for his movie,…

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