&039;fright night&039; (2011)


I had the strangest/best dream last night and I honestly have no clue what it means. But, it was nice?????

I dreamt that I met Colin Farrell (except he was young Colin…like how he looked when he did Minority Report). It was around Christmas time and there was snow everywhere. And it looked like we were at a log cabin at a ski resort or something like that. And there were people milling about and I think my mom was there too????

We were talking and he had a little cup of tea and he must’ve forgotten that he…you know….was holding tea. And he made a gesture with his hand and accidentally splashed tea on my face. And he felt super bad about it, even though I was laughing and saying I was fine.

And he cuddled me (I realized at this point that we were sitting on a bench outside the cabin under an awning type of thing) and, like, had his head on my chest. And then he apologized profusely while repeatedly kissing my cheek.

And then when I had to go, he ran inside to get something and came back with a snow globe???? And he gave it to me and said that it was his favorite and that he wanted me to have it because I was ‘such a stunner’. And then mom and I drove off and I was just in a state of euphoria and ended up literally floating into the clouds due to pure joy.

And then I woke up.

WHAT DOES IT MEAN?????? I’m so confused. I wanna go back, though.