&039;fright night&039;

  • <p> <b>Me:</b> Yeah, no! I'm fine<p/><b>Me, an intellectual:</b> Fuck, Colin Farrell. Fuck him and his luscious fucking hair and his big gorgeous brown eyes. FUCK HIS FUCKING ACCENT. Fuck him and his bad boy persona and his never ending swag even at fucking Forty!!! Fuck him cause he's a good actor and an even better dad. Fuck his humour and easy going personality. Fuck his achievements in pulling himself from a deep dark hole and being a successful actor. Fuck Colin Farrell. Fuck him!<p/></p>

in bruges colin farrell: a soft irish potato, round and smol. needs many hugs cuddling comfort love. moody, bad at maths, sad, deserved better. may or may not be dead. eyebrows. 

fright night colin farrell: what the fucking flying fuck happened here i mean jesus christ this dude t h i s  d u d e what the F U C K happened what the h e l l oh my god even ur grandma is blushing he smiles and u burst into flames the fuck is wrong with you my man why u rubbing apples on ur chest how did so much change in 3 years this is NOT OKAY im yellign the fuck ?? is happening fucking fuck time to fucking die holy hecking hell im sw e a ti n g aaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-

okay so do you know when you do something really weird and only after you’ve done it do you realise how weird it was well uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

i looked to see if there was any books at my uni about colin farrell (deep breath) and there are some but the one that sticks out is :::::

apparently this scholar taught colin farrell some latin for fright night and was so overwhelmed by the experience that they wrote a fucking journal article about it

[Fright Night AU] Gradence

-”You’re not even trying to run away, kid. Why ?”

-”Why would I ? I have nowhere else to go.”

Because it just needs to happen !