Let us begin. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit…

2048 - Part 1

The flash of light was blinding and hot, appearing and disappearing in an instant. It made the occupants of the lab shriek in alarm and duck behind their desks for safety, and in its wake was a cloud of steam and two figures. A young man and woman, both coughing a little and waving their hands in front of their faces, who gawped at their surroundings.

“Are we there yet?” the young man said with a laugh. He looked around, becoming slightly puzzled, having expected to see something entirely different, “this isn’t the right lab, is it? Where are we?”

“I think it’s one of the old research levels,” the woman answered, who sounded a lot more worried and suspicious than her companion.

“Well, the calibration obviously needs tweaking but we didn’t get vaporised so… it sort of worked,” the man said, poking at a gold bracelet on his wrist.

The steam cleared and the pair came into view; both stood tall and slim. The man had blonde hair and highly familiar chiseled features, the woman had deep-brown, wavy hair that rested on her shoulders. And she was dressed more strangely of the two, with a navy catsuit and what looked like a kevlar vest. He just looked like a particularly avant-garde SHIELD agent.

“I didn’t know we kept the old levels so clean,” she observed, frowning hard and finally turning to see the tall, imposing figure guarding the desks behind them. She quickly elbowed the young man in the side to look.

“Ah! Uncle Thor!” he exclaimed, “How’d we do? How long did we take? I know this isn’t quite where you said to go but… is everything alright?”

Thor was standing, glowering somewhat nervously at the two. He had never seen either of them before, even if there was something recognisable in their faces. ‘Uncle Thor’ the young man called him, but Loki had no children and they bore no resemblance to him anyway.

“Who are you?” he growled.

“Uh… I’m me?” the man said, haltingly, “what’s going on?”

“Tell me your names and your purpose here!” Thor ordered, holding up Mjolnir. Whoever they were, they could not be of Midgard. Earth did not yet have the technology to teleport into one place from another, as they seemed to have done. The young woman swiftly adopted a side-on stance and reached back into her belt to grasp a strange oval piece of metal.

“Everybody calm down, there doesn’t need to be trouble,” someone said, firmly, from behind Thor. He stepped to the side for Steve to join him, holding the shield in front of him. The blonde man relaxed but the woman did not, in fact she tensed even more as her eyes darted down to the shield.

“Dad, if this is some kind of prank, it’s not really that funny,” the man complained, peering closer, “did you shave just for this?”

“Dad?” Steve repeated, mildly horrified.

The young man finally seemed to realise all was not as he thought it was and he looked over at the woman with concern. Only now did she straighten up and let go of what must be a weapon. She too stared closely at Steve, evidently noticing little differences than what she had been expecting.

“Steve?” came a hissed whisper from under the desk, “is there something you’re not telling me?”

Steve couldn’t answer. Up over the top of the desk, came Darcy’s panicked face. Both the man and the woman gaped at her, coming to their final realisation.

“I don’t think we came down thirty floors,” the woman said.

“We… just… time travelled!! Oh, my god!” the man gasped, looking at his bracelet excitedly. He started whirling around, unable to decide what to look at first, “We didn’t come down thirty floors, we came back thirty years. Wait until Aunt Jane gets a load of this!!”

“Who are you?” Steve asked, this time softly.

“My name is James Joseph Rogers, you call me Jay,” the man answered, then gestured to the woman.

“Would you stop talking,” the woman snapped at him, nodding towards Steve and Thor, and Darcy and Jane huddled behind the desk. Jay quickly shut his mouth, letting silence hang tensely over the lab. He and woman looked at each other for a moment, weighing their options. Jay shrugged, and the woman rolled her eyes.

“And this is my sister, Margaret.”

“Maggie,” she clarified.

“We’re your kids… from the future?” Jay said.

[Part II]

To Breathe Again

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by andquitefrankly

Loki had met and fallen in love with Tony Stark nigh on 10 years ago. They’re forbidden romance discovered and destroyed, Loki has grown past it, citing it as a folly of youth. But when Stark returns, Loki realizes that he never truly stopped loving him. If only the same could be said of Tony.

Words: 13941, Chapters: 5/5, Language: English

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