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“Marry your best friend. I do not say that lightly. Really, truly find the strongest, happiest friendship in the person you fall in love with. Someone who speaks highly of you. Someone you can laugh with. The kind of laughs that make your belly ache, and your nose snort. The embarrassing, earnest, healing kind of laughs. Wit is important. Life is too short not to love someone who lets you be a fool with them. Make sure they are somebody who lets you cry, too. Despair will come. Find someone that you want to be there with you through those times. Most importantly, marry the one that makes passion, love, and madness combine and course through you. A love that will never dilute - even when the waters get deep, and dark.” - N’tima

Yoongi Scenario: I Get To Love You.

Request: Hi! can I have a fluff/romantic scenairo of yoongi in the morning after your wedding night? like it wasn’t your first time with him but just his thoughts about it, how he feels after being married and such, him spoling you, kissing down your chest and belly, soft lazy caresses,make all the romantic things you want, we need more of this side of him!

Genre: Fluff / Romance.

Yoongi stirred a little as he felt the sleepiness still heavy on him, but then when he was just a tiny bit more awake he went completely still, because by his side was the love of his life sleeping and as a couple who held sleep in a high place he didn’t want to wake you up just yet.
Yoongi turned a little so he could see you better, you were turned to him, your hair was disheveled  but still fell beautifully down your ear to your back, your lips were of a deeper color than normal, reminding him how much he had kissed them through the night, how he wanted to kiss them at the moment; one of your hands near your face, the other rested on the mattress very close to him like in your sleep you were looking for him. Yoongi frowned, you were way too far from him, he didn’t know at which point in the night you had moved to not be completely together but right now that wouldn’t do for him. He wanted to feel you close, to feel you his in his arms, as it was going to be from now onwards.

Yoongi took advantage of your sleeping state to smile giddily although he had been smiling like that throughout the whole wedding, after you said yes that is, before that he was nervous as hell, but after that he felt the luckiest man alive, he had married you, the only person he could imagine spending a lifetime with, it was incredible when he thought about it like that, out of all the people in the world he had chosen you and he truly felt like it couldn’t had been any other way.
Carefully he moved towards you, trying to wrap his arms around you smoothly to not wake you up, he enjoyed you like that as well, but then he enjoyed you in every situation, your funny spontaneous self, the moments were you were silent and immerse in a book or work, the reactions you made to the things he did, those were priceless and Yoongi knew he couldn’t live without them, when you were angry, even when it was at him for messing up, it took him over the edge sometimes but it showed the passion between you, he wouldn’t change a thing about you

He kissed the top of your head and then very softly he leaned in to peck the tip of your nose, he wanted to hug you tighter and have you entirely between his arms but you’d surely wake, so he stayed like that, closing his own eyes waiting because he couldn’t sleep anymore, the excitement of the moment had him lightheaded with happiness, and his mind could kept quiet with all the thinking. He had lost sleep a lot of times because of you, but out all those times this was his favorite one.
Your lashes started fluttering without Yoongi noticing and then you opened your eyes, when you realized the first thing you saw was him you smiled, your arms hugged him tight to your body surprising him a little. You buried your head on his neck and then propped your face up to give him a lazy smile.

-My husband- you said dreamily making Yoongi’s smile widen with his own gleeful excitement to then kiss you.

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Hi there! Can I have A, I, V (and possibly B) for Jungkook please? Thank you! :-)💕

A = Aftercare: Very soft during aftercare. Makes sure you are okay and comfortable, asking if you need anything at all. “I could give you a massage? Sing you to sleep? Cuddle you? I-I’ll do that anyways but…” He’d be so lovey afterwards.

B = Body part: He loved your thighs and stomach. His favorite thing was coming home after a long day and laying his head in your lap and nuzzling into your belly. (On a more nsfw note) He also loved when your thighs were around his face as he eat you out, the way they trembled gave him so much confidence.

I = Intimacy: He loved when thing slowed down between you two and there was more romance during sex. When you two first started having sex it was mostly like that to get used to each other like that. So when you two did slow down it was always sweet. He’d worship your body and give you all the praise in the world.

V = Volume: I see him as a switch so he has two volumes. When he’s dom he’d be more quiet, letting out quiet moans and grunts, growling rarely when you’d misbehave. When he’s sub he was more whiny and moaned louder.

I see the way that you stare at the photos of piggies I follow. The men are so big and fat. Their guts hang down to their knees and even just sitting up is a workout for them. I think a man that size is the sexiest thing ever and you know it. You wish you could be as big as them. You wish that I stared at your belly the same way I stare at those photos.

You better get there, piggy. I chose you as my feedee because you had potential. You had gained so much so quick that I thought I’d have a 500 pound feedee in no time. That’s what I want. I want you so fat you can barely get out of bed. I have to bring you your food, which we both know will be lovingly cooked by me and as calorie heavy as I can make it. I want you to request me always on top when we fuck because it’s too much of a workout for you. I want you to need me for the two things we both know you love most in the world; food and sex.

You aren’t there yet though, are you? You have made pretty good progress but I need you to be bigger. I want you as big as we can get you. You better pick up your pace because I’m getting impatient. I want you bigger and I want you bigger now.

Soft, warm bellies are great, yeah. But what about cool bellies?  

They would be such a nice place to curl up after a hike or something!

Imo, being under a cool blanket in summer is the best untill your body heat ruins it :p but a cold belly would be impossible to ruin!

And imagine a little tiny prey creature climbing into a sleeping pred’s mouth to cool off??

And what about for the pred?

A reptile or other cold blooded creature swallowing warm-blooded prey to warm up in the morning from the inside!

A pred with naturally lower body temperature nomming a friend with a fever to help them cool down!

Just like snuggles with a pillow that has been laying out in the sun except in your belly!

RFA insecure of weight gain

Hope you like it! Starting an AU tomorrow!


  • You thought it was a little weird when Yoosung decided to work out with Zen.
  • You had just thought he was trying to impress you with his masculinity.
  • But one day you found Yoosung in the bathroom squeezing his belly flub.
  • Your heart broke when you saw the look of disgust in his eyes.
  • Rather than approach him about it you drop compliments here and there.
  • When you hug him you say “I love how you feel,” and “You’re even more handsome than I remember.”
  • One day when he was on the phone with Zen, he asked him, “What if MC thinks I’m not attractive anymore.”
  • You overheard this then hugged him from behind and told him, “If that ever happens then MC will just need glasses/stronger glasses.”
  • After a chat, Yoosung was less concerned but still wanted to look good for you so he still went on jogs with Zen.


  • You noticed that Zen was bragging less about himself and woking out more.
  • You didn’t mind too much until he started eating less.
  • You asked him about it but he didn’t really give an answer.
  • It wasn’t until Seven messaged you a celebrity news link that you found out.
  • “Famous actor Zen gains 15 kg!” Right underneath it was a before and after.
  • When you showed Zen the article, he confessed.
  • “It’s not the article that bothers me… Some of my fans were disappointed with me. A few even said they were disgusted. I… I didn’t want you to think that too.”
  • “Zen, love you, not your face. You face was just a nice bonus.”
  • It took some convincing but he finally felt confident again.
  • Zen still wanted to look good for you so you both worked out together.


  • Jaehee’s cakes and pastries seemed different the past couple of days. 
  • They’re less sweet. 
  • You thought she was trying new recipe.
  • If something were wrong then she tells you. So it’s okay, right?
  • One night you got her soda and fried chicken, perfect combo.
  • But, she didn’t want any and went to bed.
  • Was she mad at you? 
  • You crawled into bed after her and hugged her. She pulled away.
  • “Jaehee?”
  • “Hm?”
  • “Did I… do something wrong?” The thought of hurting an amazing girlfriend made your eyes water.
  • “No.” Jaehee turned to find you near tears.
  • She realized her actions were being taken the wrong way.
  • She explained that the other day she saw her reflection in the pastry cover and saw she had gained weight.
  • She started to watch it better the past week to make sure she didn’t gain more. After all, you did fall in love with a more “attractive” her.
  • You hugged her tight and told her that there is no one who can match her inside or out.
  • She went back to her normal habits but you two worked out afterwards to maintain your health better.

Jumin (slightly nsfw)

  • Your dominate significant other was no longer well… dominating.
  • You understood he gets tired from work but it had been three weeks since the last fun session.
  • It was frustrating. He was probably frustrated.
  • So tonight you threw on Jumin’s most favorite lingerie and waited for him in bed.
  • When he got back and told you he wasn’t in the mood, your heart broke.
  • You asked him if he didn’t find you attractive anymore.
  • And with that outfit and that face of defeat, he fessed up.
  • “I… I don’t feel sexy. I gained weight and I’m trying to lose it. That’s why I’m tired. You look more beautiful each day and I just don’t want you to leave me if I-”
  • You shut him up with a kiss.
  • “I still think you’re sexy. I love you for you. You could gain 40 kgs and I’d still want to be ravished by you.”
  • Jumin wasn’t so insecure anymore.
  • And you were in for a long steamy night.


  • Saeyoung tended to have terrible eating habits and that never changed.
  • He still ate HBC and PhD Pepper for meals.
  • When you replenished his stock, he told you he didn’t want them and to give it to Yoosung.
  • You were worried he was sick. He insisted he was fine.
  • Saeyoung was in front of the mirror when you found out what was wrong.
  • He kept sucking in his tummy and frowning.
  • When you walked in, he pulled his shirt down.
  • “Saeyoung? Are you… upset?”
  • “No…”
  • “Saeyoung?” You gently grabbed his hands. “You can tell me.”
  • Apparently since you two settled down, he no longer went on field missions and has gained a few kilograms.
  • He was a little nervous when you started to laugh a little.
  • “We can be cutest and blobbiest couple, Saeyoung.”
  • He thought you would find him less cute but in fact, you didn’t care at all.
  • You hugged him just the same, kissed him just the same, and loved him just the same.
  • He did started eating better afterward and went on outdoor excursions with you. And by excursions, I mean he went outside.

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Hi!! Congrats on 1k!!!! Could I get some headcanons about bofur with his pregnant s/o? Thanks!

Originally posted by tlotrgifs

  • His eyes become watery when you tell him you’re pregnant. He can’t believe that the two of you are blessed with a dwarfling. 
  • Bofur talks to your belly daily since he found out. 
  • “Ye grow big and strong there, little one. I’ll take care of yer mama.”
  • He convinces Bombur to help with your cravings. You get the best meals and baked goods ever. 
  • He makes a crib and countless toys. You love them all. 
  • The rest of the Company joining the ‘let’s spoil Y/N’ festive. Thorin and Dwalin are so protective that you have to yell at them to leave you alone. 
  • Fili and Kili bringing you flowers to make you smile. 
  • You waiting for Bofur when he gets back from work to snuggle with him. 
  • “Your stories are the one thing that calms the babe down. I feel the kicking for the whole day.” 
  • Bofur rubbing your tummy when the babe kicks too much. He also rubs your feet and back when they hurt. 
  • Hundreds of ‘I love you’ every day. 
  • Him helping you choose materials for new dresses when you grow bigger. 
  • “I’m fat, Bofur.” 
  • “Not fat, but rounded with our child. Ye look lovely, my sweetheart.” 
  • Of course, you believe him. He makes you feel beautiful every day. And night, when you’re up for that.
  • Him going crazy and almost falling on his face when you tell him you’re going to give birth. He storms out to get Oin and a midwife and waits impatiently behind the door. 
  • First thing he does is thanking you for gifting him with a baby. Second - asking you to make another baby, or maybe ten. You tell him that he’s crazy. 
  • “I’m crazy, but only for ye, my darlin’.” 
  • Him being the best father ever. 

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Ohhhh shit the ask box is open? Can we please, please, please get some headcanons for Dazai, Kunikida, Atsushi, Ranpo, Chuuya, and Akutagawa with a preggers s/o? <3 <3 <3


Dazai Osamu 

His eyes always soften when they see your belly getting slightly bigger each day. He is just so damn happy that there is new life getting ready to be born in your belly. 

Oh man he is going to annoy the baby in your belly with stupid jokes anytime, he might even wake up in 2am because he just remembered a good one. Before he gets slapped by you and proceeds to mumble until he falls asleep.

Kunikida Doppo

Will read all the books about pregnancy, he needs to get all the knowledge he can. 

Super overprotective. You want to get something cleaned? He is on it, or maybe he already did it! You want to get pillow? He is already asking if you you want 2 or 3. He is kind of like your second shadow, because he is scared of losing you or the baby.

Atsushi Nakajima

When he looks at your belly he gets slightly embarrased, because he does - very vividly - remember how that happened but also he feels that lingering happiness in his heart because who would’ve thought that someone this unlucky could get this happy?

Likes to hum songs to the baby and just sweeping you off your feet to get some cuddles with you and your baby, even to it can be quite difficult.

Ranpo Edogawa

He is mostly preparing himself for all the responsibilities that will come when the baby is born. He can already feel the sleep deprivation. But even though he is still very grateful for starting family with you.

Before you two go sleep he reads books to you and the baby, sometimes he tells stories that either happened that day or were entirely fake (also sometimes reads Poe’s new detective stories to you.)


Chuuya Nakahara

Once you two were going out shopping and Chuuya couldn’t help himself when he saw this small hat with pink ribbon saying ‘It will fit her’, you teased him about not knowing if it will be boy or girl and he flushed 50 shades of red before strolling away with the hat still in hand - buying it in the end.

Also one of the most overprotective soon-to-be-dads. If someone just touches you or pushes you when walking around you, he might go off and get very rude, but you try to save it with some smiles to the stranger and patting on Chuuya’s arm.

Akutagawa Ryuunosuke

Save this boy, he is pretty anxious about all this baby thing. How will he manage to change their diapers once they are born? How will he make them stop crying? What if he makes them cry? But everything suddenly calms down when he wakes up seeing you smile at him and telling him to touch the belly that you can hear the baby kick for the first time.

Helps out with everything. He is seriously such a blessing, and he can always tell when you had enough and when to take a break. Even though he always overworks himself. But you always make sure that he is well rested and got enough of his daily cuddles.

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Hi! can I have a fluff/romantic scenairo of yoongi in the morning after your wedding night? like it wasn't your first time with him but just his thoughts about it, how he feels after being married and such, him spoling you, kissing down your chest and belly, soft lazy caresses,make all the romantic things you want, we need more of this side of him!

Hi hi beautiful! This is what admin Mars needed in her life. Thank you so much for requesting, you are lovely and this request is just too much, Yoongi stand beware of your hearts with this one.

Ps. We recommend listening to Ruelle’s I Get To love You while reading.

xoxo admin Mars and admin Em.

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Half Bow Pose

Lie on your belly, with the legs together or a few inches apart. Bring the chin to the floor and slide the right arm along the floor, over your head with the palm facing down.

Bend the right knee and reach the left hand back to hold onto the right heel or ankle (opposite hand to foot).

Inhale and kick the right foot into the arm to lift the right leg, head and chest off of the floor. Keep the neck in line with the spine and look up at the forehead.

Press down into the right arm for support, or lift the right arm off of the floor, keeping it parallel to the floor.

Breathe and hold for 2-6 breaths.

Another Ramadan has come and gone! Eid Mubarak, my lovelies! I hope this year’s fast has been a peaceful, enjoyable and rewarding one. I hope Allah accepts your fasts and grants your prayers. I hope it wasn’t too tiring for you and that you got your bellies full at the end of each day. I hope eid is a joyful one. May Allah bless you all. 


The Baudelaire’s refusal to be grateful for their unfortunate events seemed like such a good message for kids - so I made a thing.


His shirt is an actual shirt I own and got cuz it was something he’d wear! XD My husband and I started working out seriously, so I’m going to be drawing a lot more of Rhos and Trin doing work-outs together… :3 GIT READY! Don’t worry though, I ain’t gettin’ rid of that ‘lil belly pudge - no matter how hard he works out! I googled something like “workout outfits” and most of the photos were of girls doing this selfie pose so I just had to do this.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, stay healthy and happy! <3

Small Bump | 01

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader.

Words: 1,897.

Genre: Angst, fluff(?).

Summary: “Things you said when you were scared.”

A/N: I’ve decided to jump on the train and write these small drabbles based on various prompts as a way to take a break from my super long fics and have a different creative outlet. ALSO, highkey based on the song Small Bump by Ed Sheeran.

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For My Eyes Only

Note: thanks for the request, darlin! I hope it’s not too short! feedback is welcome! .c

Request:  Can you do one where reader shows up to a ball very very beautiful in a high-fashion gown which attracts so much unwanted attention making fiance!Bucky irritated af?

Originally posted by lancefuckrr

Your hands flattened, running down your hips in your red ball gown. Tony had been planning a ball for the team, something he set his sight on after months of non-stop missions. You’d rather get cozy and watch movies with the team, but Tony likes to go above and beyond. You grew to accept his need for parties when he was feeling too anxious. It was his way of winding down and feeling like he was on solid ground again.

A soft sigh fell from your lips as you finished styling your hair and you took a look in the mirror once again. You were nervous to wear such a bold dress. The sleeves and chest area was a floral lace material, with a puffed out waist, cascading down to the floor.

Red was definitely your color, you never failed to look good in it. It also helped that it was one of Bucky’s favorite colors on you. It took you ages to find the perfect dress, and when your eyes landed on this, you knew it was the one you’d be wearing.

Your eyes fell to the shiny diamond ring on your left finger and your stomach fluttered happily. You’ve been engaged to Bucky for a year, having dated for three years prior to his amazing and beautiful proposal. You didn’t think Bucky could be anymore romantic-he was a sucker for sweet stuff-but a proposal at the first place you met was heartwarming.

A knock sounding at your door made you nearly jump out of your heels. “Coming!” You called out as you walked towards your bedroom door, careful not to trip over yourself. You opened it and smiled as you saw Nat and Wanda dressed to the nines with their hair perfectly styled and lips painted.

Nat was wearing a tight black dress and black heels, her hair loosely curled, framing her face in a flattering way. You knew she wasn’t one for going to the extremes with her dresses, and you couldn’t believe how subtle it was, all the while making her look like a queen at the same time.

Wanda wore a red dress that was similar to yours, rhinestones littering the chest area and it was sleeveless, and her hair was neatly straightened. Her heels were black, as well. You had to take it all in for a moment, appreciating the fine detail and of course, how beautiful she looked in it. Your friends were definitely heart breakers.

“Earth to Y/N?” Nat said, waving her hand in front of your face. You giggled and shook your head, coming or of your daze. “Sorry! You guys just look smoking hot!” You blushed and ushered them out into the hallway, shutting the door behind you.

Us? Look at you! You look gorgeous!” Wanda said with a wide smile, her teeth shining. You rolled your eyes playfully and walked down to the elevator.

“Thanks! I just can’t believe Tony would throw a ball.” You shook your head lightly as Nat pressed the up button on the elevator. “The man is rich, he would throw parties like this every night if he could.” Wanda muttered, making you and Nat laugh as you all entered the elevator.

The ride was short and you hooked arms with Nat and Wanda, walking down the hallway until you turned into the doors of Tony’s large dance room. He did not disappoint. Everything was decorated intricately and the music was actually good this time.

Nat scoffed and leaned into your side. “All eyes are on you, of course.” She mumbled with a smirk. Your eyebrows raised slightly and you turned to look at the crowd, seeing the eyes of men looking at you. 

Wanda giggled softly on your other side. “Don’t let Bucky know. That’s a disaster waiting to happen.” She said, laughing a little harder at your mortified expression. You groaned in annoyance and discomfort. 

Nat and Wanda separated from you after seeing their dates-Vision and Bruce- leaving you by the door. You didn’t mind, it gave you time to search for Bucky.

You scanned the dance floor, spotting Sam dancing with two women, twirling them both. His eyes lifted in your direction and you nearly doubled over in laughter as you watched him trip over his feet. 

You could see him faintly word ‘holy shit’ under his breath as he took in your appearance. The two women noticed his eyes on you and they stormed off, leaving Sam to follow after them like a lost puppy.

Your eyes left Sam and you spotted Tony at the bar with Steve and Bucky by his side. A smile formed on your lips as you made your way over there, your heart beating wildly in your chest. Though, as you were walking, you noticed the faint turn of heads, the sense that everyone was watching you creeping up your spine.

Swallowing the nervousness that bubbled in your lower belly, hoping you weren’t actually gaining the attention of every male in the room, you made it to the bar and leaned into Bucky’s arm. “Hey, stranger.” You murmured in his ear. He turned to you and instantly his mouth fell open.

“Doll, you look…” He was rendered speechless, his cheeks burning with blush as he looked at you. He swore you were straight from a fairy tale. The ring on your finger confirming his thoughts that you were really his. You giggled and stood away from him, spinning around so he could look at your dress.

Steve stood to his feet as you turned to face them again. He looked down at you, keeping you at arms length before hugging you. “Y/N, you look gorgeous!” Steve breathed, his blue eyes just as wide as Bucky’s. Tony turned to see what caught their attention after his sentence died down and he gasped upon seeing you.

Tony crossed over to you and grabbed your hand, bringing it up to his lips. “You look stunning.” He said with a smile, kissing the back of your hand. You couldn’t help but blush, easily flustered at any compliment. Bucky scoffed and shoved Tony out of the way. His arm wrapped around your waist and he kissed your head.

“Watch yourself, Tony.” Bucky warned, pulling you closer. You giggled and leaned up to kiss his cheek. He smiled down at you and trailed his finger down your jawline. “She’s beautiful and for my eyes only.” He murmured to you, loud enough for the other two to hear. You hummed in response, smiling as Bucky kissed your nose.

“Sorry, but every man in here has his eyes on her.” Tony stated with a shrug. He always enjoyed getting a rise out of the super soldier. Bucky immediately stood up straighter, his head whipping around to look at the crowd. Tony was right. Nearly every man was looking your way. “Are you serious?” Bucky growled, his jaw clenching.

Bucky instantly wanted to get you out of there. His hold on you had gotten tighter and you couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. Tony snickered at Bucky’s reaction. “You better keep her close, old man. One of these men won’t hesitate to take her away.” With a pat on Bucky’s shoulder, Tony left with a smug grin, leaving him a fuming mess.

“No man is going to steal you away from me.” Bucky said more so to himself than you. You gave him a reassuring smile. “I promise that won’t happen, Bucky.” He sighed heavily, his fingers digging into your side.

You looked out into the crowd and felt rather small after meeting eyes with a man, a slight smirk forming on his lips as he held onto another woman, completely oblivious to his wandering eyes. Steve scoffed and shook his head, having witnessed the action. “I can’t believe men act like this now.” He said, crossing his arms.

Before you knew it, a different man was walking over to the bar, his hand running through his slicked-back hair. You absentmindedly shrunk into Bucky’s side as he walked by you and he smirked down at you.

“Evening, beautiful.” He said with a deep voice, sending a knowing glance to Bucky, nearly challenging him. Your expression matched Steve’s: wide mouth, wide eyes, full of shock. Was he serious?

You felt Bucky start to move towards him, hearing a low growl rumble in his chest. “You fucking-” You gasped and pulled him away quickly, “No, Bucky, don’t.” You pleaded. Steve quickly helped you move Bucky away and left the man at the bar, keeping your eyes on Bucky’s shaking figure. 

“I’ve got him, Steve.” You said softly, watching Steve debate whether staying beside you two or enjoying his evening. He nodded gently and looked at Bucky before walking off, disappearing in the crowd.

“Let’s just dance. Don’t worry about it.” You said softly, caressing Bucky’s hand with your thumb. You pulled Bucky towards you and your ears perked as you heard “Burning Love” come on.

“Lord almighty, I feel my temperature risin’!”

A gasp fell from your lips and Bucky couldn’t help but chuckle softly at your reaction. The look on your face instantly calmed him. You were bubbling with laughter and your cheeks nearly split from how wide your smile was as the both of you fell in sync during the song. You had to admit, he hasn’t lost his rhythm.

As the song played through, you and Bucky never missed a beat. It felt perfect and you both had forgotten the unwanted attention from the men in the crowd. You were twirling and dancing around with Bucky, a smile permanently etched on your faces.

Just as the song was about to end, Bucky pulled you to his body, your hands resting on his chest as he dipped you.

You gasped and looked up into his eyes, slithering your arms around his neck. “What are you doing?” You asked, nearly breathless. Bucky leaned in to press a kiss to your lips, making your heart jump in your chest. It was full of passion and need, love and adoration.

Pulling away, Bucky stood you both upright again and you felt lightheaded from the kiss. “That.” He said with a bright smile. You shook your head as you giggled and rested your forehead on his chest, the next song slipping into a soft, slow melody.

Bucky kissed your head as you swayed back and forth. “I love you. You’re mine.” He whispered, his hand resting on the small of your back. You nodded and lifted your head up to look at him. “I’m yours. I love you too, fiance.” You said sweetly. Bucky blushed and lifted your hand to kiss the ring on your finger.

“I love the sound of that.”

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Kiwi, Though.

A/N: this is a bit of an extension of the birthday bows/valentine woes world, but certainly functions as a stand alone piece.  thank you for the request*, nonny 😘

this is a very, very smutty, dirty piece about anal so if that’s not your thing, turn back now. there’s a lot of movement in this, so please offer me a bit of suspension of disbelief and just know that harry and his missus did everything they needed to in order to be clean and safe in this encounter.

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He didn’t mean it. Really, he didn’t. Well, he did, but he didn’t. And he certainly didn’t mean it anymore. Not now. Not now that you were hanging it over his head and torturing him with it.

It had been just another nightly FaceTime before bed from miles and miles apart; well bedtime for you, the night had only just started in Jamaica. And it was just typical banter to hide the sour feeling due to return once you hung up. And it was just a sly comment to rile you up, get you excited to join him in Jamaica in a few days.

“Yeh not gonna be able to keep yeh hands off me, love.” And that would have been enough, but Harry often struggled when it came to shutting his big, stupid mouth. “Not even if yeh wanted.”

Your eyes went wide in surprise, mouth ajar with incredulity. “Excuse me?” you scoffed. “I can keep my hands to myself much better than you can, H.”

“Right.” A cocky smirk crossed his lips. “Always got yeh hands all over me, kitten, ’specially when we’re reunited. S’never enough with you. Keep me up all night–satisfy your every need–but then yeh right back on me in the mornin’. Insatiable, you are.”

“If I’m insatiable, what’s that make you?!” Sure, he was right; you liked a few sleepless nights upon reunion, enjoyed testing the limits of your bodies, but it’s not like he protested. It’s not like he didn’t want to explore your body, relearn your inner workings mind, body and soul and try a few new things, too.

“Sex slave. At your every beck and call, kitten.” He was pleased with himself, grinning ear-to-ear as he teased you.

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