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Lunch (Jeff Atkins)

Requested: yes (my first request yay!) 

Words: 2541

Request: nishattazz: Hey here’s an idea! Anyways, I LOVE Jeff and I hope they explore his character if they do season 2. ANYWAYS! I want an imagine where y/n is a friend of Hannah’s like how Jeff is to clay. And basically Jeff and y/n have always liked each other and they kind of know that they have feelings for each other, but y/n always put a had front up and likes to play hard to get. So an example would be that Hannah and y/n are eating lunch and they see clay and Jeff on another table. Y/n is pushing Hannah, but she won’t do it and Hannah turns it around and y/n is like meh! And then c&j come over and ask what they’re talking about. Y/n blatantly say ‘you’ to clay and starts eating normally. And then Jeff put his hand around y/n and her eyes widen at Hannah, she pulls his hand down and he does it again. This time he pulls her into her, and she’s trying to still play hard. A lot of funny and flirty moments, maybe like he intimidates her and walks her into the lockers until he gets a date, complimenting her etc. And like he snakes his hands around her waist and leans his head on her should from behind.

Hi guys! So this is my first imagine and I hope everyone will like it especially the one who requested it!


Hey, it’s Ella, Ella Montoya. Don’t worry nothing bad happened. I’m just going to tell you the story of how I fell in love. So lean back and grab a snack and let me tell you how this all began.

Liberty High, Senior Year

“Ella! Hey!” Hannah called, running after the blonde
“Hannah Baker, to what do I owe the pleasure?” Ella grinned
“Well, I need help in Spanish and Ms. Gomez suggested you for tutoring?” Hannah said nervously, eyes locked on the ground
“Yeah sure! Meet me at the library after school?” Ella said happily, but when is Ella not happy? That is one of the many reasons why people enjoyed talking to her, she has never greeted anyone without a smile.
“Okay thanks!” Hannah said
“No problem” Ella grinned

But for me, Hannah Baker helped me more than I helped her.

After School

“So, what does el pan mean?” Ella asked, tucking her hair behind her ear

“Um, A cup?” Hannah said, but more like asked
“No but it means bread” Ella giggled
“Oh my gosh. I’m sorry. This is what I meant when I said I needed help” Hannah said
“Don’t worry, It’s okay. You’re not the first person to have trouble” She assured the curly headed girl
“Thanks for doing this” Hannah said gratefully
“No problem! So I think I know why you’re having trouble” Ella smirked
“Really? Why?” Hannah asked
“Well for starters, you keep glancing at Clay Jensen. Tell me do you like him?” Ella said
“Yes. No. Wait. I think?” Hannah said, looking at Ella who just raised an eyebrow
“Ugh yes!” Hannah finally concluded
“Yay! I definitely have to get you two together!” Ella squealed
“How about you and me head down to Monet’s and get together there, bonita” A voice said, Ella turned around and there he was, Jeff Atkins, star baseball player of Liberty High and behind him was Clay Jensen, who kept glancing between the floor and Hannah, who was also glancing at Clay.
“Hi Jeff” Ella said bluntly
“C'mon I like you, you like me! Why are you making this hard?” Jeff pestered
“Not everything is supposed to be easy, Jeff. C'mon Hannah, let’s go. I’ll give you a lift home. Bye Clay” she smirked at the two oblivious lovebirds.
“Thanks. Bye Jeff, bye Helmet” Hannah said, waving to the two boys
“Bye” Clay said, waving back
“Bye Hannah. I’ll see you tomorrow, hermosa!” Jeff shouted, earning him a ‘shh’ from multiple students.

In Ella’s Car

“So?” Hannah grinned, smiling a smile that that was bigger than the Cheshire Cat’s

“What?” Ella asked

“What’s between you and Jeff?” Hannah grinned even more if that was possible

“Nothing” Ella smiled

“Oh yeah sure! That smile means nothing” Hannah scoffed

“Okay let me tell you, Jeff made it clear that he likes me and sometime between his confession and now, I also made it clear that I like him back” Ella explained, pulling out of where her car was parked

“Then why are’t you two together?” Hannah questioned

“Because! What if I’m nothing but a conquest for him? How do I know that he’s not part of some group that sleeps with girls and keeps score in some sort of secret play book?” Ella exclaimed, keeping most of her focus on the road in front of her and the other on Hannah talking

“Okay you have to stop watching Riverdale and you need to listen to me, Jeff is literally the nicest jock at Liberty High and it looked like he really likes you and I think you should give him a chance” Hannah smirked

“But what if he-” Ella got cut off by Hannah shushing her

“No buts!”

“Okay” Ella sighed

“How about this? If I get at least a B in a Spanish test then you have to give Jeff a chance” Hannah negotiated

“Okay. If you don’t then you- you have to tell Clay that you like him” Ella said

“Excuse me?”

“Oh sorry correction, you don’t like him-” Ella started

“Yes” Hannah sighed

“You looooove him!” Ella continued laughing

“What? No! I don’t- Shut up!” Hannah blushed, making her cheeks pinker than what a blush powder can do

“Awhh! Hannah Baker’s blushing, Hannah Baker’s blushing” Ella sang, laughing afterwards

The next day

“Hey Ella!” Hannah called

“Hannah Baker! What do you got for me?” Ella smiled

“Well I’m doing a test later in Spanish” Hannah revealed

“Won’t that test determine if you need a tutor or not?” She asked

“Yeah but tutor or not, I still want you to be my friend” Hannah grinned

“Awh thanks Hannah Banana! Eat with me later at lunch!” Ella squealed

“Yeah sure!” Hannah giggled and there they were chatting about things when Ella heard that voice that instantly made her day

“Hey bonita!” He called

“Ugh Jeff” Ella groaned, pretending to not be fazed by his presence

“Bye, Ella” Hannah winked, walking away to her classroom

“Let me walk you to class” Jeff offered

“Thanks but no thanks. I’m capable of walking to class on my own and don’t you have class in the other building?” Ella declined

“So you know my schedule?” Jeff grinned, outside he was happy but inside he was jumping up and down out of happiness

“Yeah” Ella said

“May I ask why?” Jeff asked curiously

“So I know what classes to steer clear of” Ella smirked

“That hurt me, hermosa. You should know that” Jeff faked groaned, his hand holding the chest part above his heart but Ella just smiled at him and walked away.

As she walked away, Jeff watched her with a smile on his face that always appeared whenever she was around before walking away.

At Lunch

Ella and Hannah walked over to a vacant table, carrying their trays and sat down.

“So? How did you do on the test?” Ella asked then taking a bite from her fruit salad

“I don’t know but I think I failed it” Hannah said, pushing her food around with her fork

“Be positive. You probably did good” Ella encouraged

“Thanks. And good enough to get a B, so you can finally give Jeff a chance?” Hannah said, suddenly having her big grin

“Nah you probably failed” Ella joked then taking another bite from her salad

“Okay ouch!” Hannah laughed, throwing a fry at her

“Hannah, Clay hasn’t taken his eyes off of you since we sat down. Look C or not, you have to tell the poor guy that you like him back!” Ella exclaimed

“I can’t!” Hannah said

“Why not?” Ella asked

“I don’t know why!” Hannah said

“Just tell him and- Jeff and Clay are on their way here” Ella said shocked

“Hey girls, what are you talking about?” Jeff asked, taking a seat next to Ella

“We are talking about Clay” Ella said bluntly

“Me?” Clay asked, sliding into the seat next to Hannah

“Yes Clay, you” Ella said

They continued talking, but not about Clay anymore obviously the poor boy would probably be tomato red if that conversation continued on. So as they were chatting and eating, Jeff did the oldest trick in the book,  The old yawn-then-arm-over-shoulder trick on Ella.

“Okay Jeff, we are at the cafeteria, not at a cinema in the Crestmont” Ella said pushing his arm off her shoulders

“Then let’s go to the Crestmont, after school and catch a movie?” Jeff offered

“Jeff, for the hundredth time-” Ella started

“Ella! Can I tell you something for minute?” Hannah cut in

“Sure, We’ll be right back boys” Ella said following Hannah to the side where they were out of earshot

“You have to give him a chance!” Hannah said

“Okay” Ella said

“Wow that was easy. Okay let’s go and-” Hannah said before getting cut off

“I just wanna see the B on your Spanish test paper” Ella said, tapping her foot

“Okay” Hannah shrugged, pulling out a folded paper from her pocket

“Hannah?” Ella rolled her eyes at the sight of the contents of the paper

“Yeah?” Hannah sheepishly said

“This is a B” Ella said slowly

“Yup” was all Hannah said

“From your old school!” Ella exclaimed

“Well you never said the recent test paper” Hannah shrugged

“I- ugh Hannah Baker, you are one sneaky mujer” Ella groaned

“What does that mean?” Hannah blinked

“Look it up” Ella simply said, returning to the table and taking her seat next to Jeff

“Jeff?” Ella started nervously


“Yes” Ella said quickly

“What?” Jeff said clear shock on his face

“Yes” Ella repeated

“What?” Jeff said again still shocked

“Yes! I’m saying yes to-” Ella laughed

“I know! But you finally said yes!” Jeff exclaimed happily, standing up

“Jeff, calm down!” Ella laughed

“The girl of my dreams finally said yes! Woohoo!” Jeff pumping his fist in the air

“Before Jeff starts jumping from table to table Clay, Hannah likes you” Ella revealed and both Clay and Hannah was blushing from the revelation

“Ella!” Hannah said blushing

“Bye! Love you Hannah Banana!” Ella sang, standing up and running to Jeff, who was standing next to Justin’s group’s table and pestering Zach

“Jeff! Leave poor Zach alone!” Ella scolded and he ran off happily again

“Sorry about him” Ella apologized to Zach

“Don’t worry about it. Congratulations” Zach smiled at the blonde

“Thanks” Ella said then went to Jeff to calm him down

“Jeff! Calm down!” Ella laughed, giving him a kiss on the cheek which made him stop immediately

“Okay, bonita” Jeff grinned

“Now Crestmont, after school?” Ella smiled back

“That’s the plan” Jeff said kissing her on the forehead

“ELLA MONTOYA! YOU’RE DEAD!” The couple broke apart at the sudden words of Hannah Baker

“See ya!” Ella grinned kissing Jeff on the cheek before running away from Hannah

“Bye” Jeff chuckled

He was happy that he finally got the girl of his dreams.

Now let’s go back to Ella and Hannah and see how’s their chase is going.



Or maybe we shouldn’t…

After Classes

Ella was putting some of her stuff in her locker, humming to herself when she felt arms wrapping around her waist and by the sudden warm feeling that grew in her she knew who it was.

“Hey, cariñoa” Jeff said placing his chin on her shoulder

“Hi” Ella giggled turning around to place a kiss on his cheek

“Are you ready?”

“Sure! Oh wait! Hannah!”

“She told me to tell you that she’s working today” Jeff said

“Okay then let’s go!” Ella smiled closing her locker and pulling Jeff by the hand to the school doors

At The Crestmont

The couple were walking towards the ticket booth when they heard a voice that they never expected to hear.

“Hey!” Hannah grinned from inside the ticket booth

“Oh hey, it’s Hannah!” Ella grinned

“Hey, Hannah” Jeff greeted her

“You work here?” Ella asked

“Yeah. it’s good money” Hannah chuckled

“Here you go” Hannah said giving them two tickets

“How much?” Jeff asked reaching into his pocket for his wallet

“On the house! What’s the use of having a friend that works at the movies if you can’t get in for free” Hannah whispered

“Thanks! Monet’s on Sunday?” Ella asked

“Sure! Now go! You might miss the movie!” Hannah laughed

Jeff and Ella were walking and laughing at each other’s jokes when again they were surprised at someone who they never expected to be there

“Clay!” Ella called walking over to the concession stand where Clay was the cashier

“Hey” Clay greeted the couple

“Hey, man” Jeff said doing a some sort of guy handshake with Clay

“You work here?” Jeff asked

“Yes! It’s good money here” Clay answered

“And the girl he likes works up front” Ella smirked

“Dude, she’s right. When are you going to ask her out? I mean you know she likes you.” Jeff asked, Ella nodding in agreement

“Soon? I don’t know! Now go to your movie! You might-”

“Miss our movie? Yeah we know” Ella laughed

“Good! Now here’s two complimentary drinks and jumbo popcorn” Clay said giving them the said items

“Wow, Clay and Hannah working here just saved you 20 dollars” Ella realized

“Even if they didn’t work here I’ll get anything for you"Jeff sweetly said

So the couple walked to the cinema and went to their seats

“So, tell me what is the movie about?” Ella whispered leaning close to Jeff

“I don’t know” Jeff whispered back

“Who’s the lead in the movie?” Ella whispered again

“I don’t know” Jeff whispered back

“Do you know anything about the movie?” Ella laughed

“No” Jeff laughed

After the movie

“So? How was our date? Tell me, do you want to marry me now?” Jeff asked jokingly

“The date was perfect and maybe or maybe not. Let’s see how this relationship goes” Ella chuckled

“I’m in a relationship? I thought I was in a dream” Jeff said smoothly

“Smooth, Atkins, smooth” Ella laughs as they got into the car

Ella’s street

“Park here. my house is like three blocks away and I don’t wanna disturb my parents and brother with the headlights” Ella said, so Jeff parked at the side

“Walk me to my house?” Ella asked

Jeff nodded and turned off the engine, taking off his seat belt and Ella doing the same. They both got out of the car and started walking to Ella’s house

“Tell me, why wouldn’t you say yes to me when we both found out that we liked each other and I asked you out?” Jeff asked while they were walking and holding hands

“Honestly? I was scared that I was just something you do and dump when you’re done” Ella answered nervously

“I’ll die before that happens, cariñoa” Jeff promised

Before they knew it they were in front of Ella’s front door and Jeff’s eyes flickered to her eyes then to her lips then he started to lean in and Ella doing the same then their lips collided against each other and Jeff felt Ella smile into kiss and sparks flew but like the night, the moment had to end and so when they pulled away they both blushed and promised to call the other back. Ella took her keys out and opened the door and gave Jeff a peck on the lips before bidding him goodnight and closing the door. Behind the door Ella smiled and touched her lips still feeling the sparks from the kiss and outside the door there stood Jeff who also touched his lips an feeling the same and started walking to his car. The memory of the kiss replaying inside his head.

The Next Day

At Ella’s house

Ella laid in the living room, reading a book though she couldn’t focus on it as she remembered the events of last night when the doorbell rang. She stood up and answered it.

“Hey, hermosa ” There stood Jeff with a bouquet of pink roses and a smile

“Hey! aw thank you! What are you doing here?” Ella said pecking him on the lips when he handed her the roses

“We are going on an adventure!” Jeff announced

“Really? Where!” Ella asked excited

“Calm down hermosa, it’s a secret” Jeff laughed and Ella laughed back and just looked at Jeff mentally thanking Hannah for convincing her to say yes to Jeff.

“Well? let’s go! We have a long journey ahead of us!” Jeff said, grabbing her hand and pulling a smiling Ella to his awaiting car to start their adventure.



YAY my first imagine! I hope ya’ll liked it and if you want to see more like this just request! I’ve got 2 Jeff imagines and 1 Clay imagine coming in the days to come! Hope you guys loved it!


A/N: I’m trying to kill three birds with one stone, so to speak. Hope y’all don’t mind. Also, as always, I do my best to keep things gender neutral and open enough so that everyone can enjoy the feels, but if I’ve slipped up and included a specific pronoun, please let me know so I can change it.


Word Count: 1,218

Title: Surprise!

Long distance relationships were hard. That was something everyone had told you and Tyler when you announced that even though he was moving to L.A that you were both still committed to each other. So many people had told you that long distance put a strain on things and that things wouldn’t be the same when you saw each other again, but you both were determined to make things work.

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anonymous asked:

Seeing as he's a bit of the baby of the family, how do you think the others would react to Damian going on his first proper date? He's perfectly capable as a fighter but... Romance?

Ohhh nelly. Long post. Here we go~

Well, first of all, Damian would not tell them. He’s a very private person, especially with people that he finds important (and if Damian is taking someone on a date, he truly likes them).

This does not mean that they do not find out. 

Dick is in the kitchen, nonchalantly eating a snack. Damian is drinking juice. 

“So, date tonight?”

Damian chokes. “W-what?”

Dick polishes off his snack, throwing the wrapper into the trash. “I know you’re mature, Dames. Don’t worry.”

Damian is–surprised, suspicious but…relieved. He shrugs a little. “Thanks.”

Dick reaches over and ruffles his hair. “’Course.” A beat. “So when an individual gets a hanky for some panky–”

“Get away from me.”

Tim just stops him in the hallway.

“Drake, you’re in my way.”

“Listen to me.”

“I don’t have time for this, I have to shower.”

“Gremlin, listen. I don’t know a lot about romance–”

“Incredible, I don’t believe it, you?”

Tim ignores him. “But I know some things about people. Do not fall asleep on a roller-coaster. Do not get mixed up between alter egos and real life and crime and end up in a compromising situation and suddenly half of your friends and family are dead.”

Damian blinks. “Drake–”

“And most important of all,” Tim levels his younger brother with a look. “Do NOT eat their food. That is all.”

He leaves the teenager shifting his weight in the hallway.

Cassandra, to Damian’s horror, has the most physical advice. She hands over a package of starbursts, and then says “dancing.”


“Dancing. They’ll like it. Language of the soul.”




“Kisses. Start slow. Feather-like.”

“I don’t want to hear this.”

“Fine. But you will. I’ll be here.”


Cass smirks as she watches her baby brother scuttle away. 

Stephanie is…protective. 


“Brown, get out.”

“Why are you dating? Intellect? Loneliness? Biology?”

“Sure, now go.”

She swipes at his wallet, opening it and ripping out the photo. “Is this them? This is them? Seriously?”

“Yes, now give it back!”

“Nice legs…but legs? Seriously? What sort of biological urge rules that?”



“Shut up!”





Barbara gives him realistic advice.

“Relax. Bring mints. Use cologne, but not too much. Be sure to let them speak. Smile. And relax.”

Damian is a little surprised at her skillful work. “Uh…very well.” He steps past. Maybe this won’t be too bad–

“And get your hair cut, you look like Ringo Starr on steroids!”

Too good to last. 

Jason doesn’t say a word, just lets Damian complain.

“They’re crazy. Do you hear me, Todd? Crazy.”


Damian kicks at a couple of tools littering the garage floor. “This is none of their business. Why do they pry into my business?”

“Welcome to family life, kid. Hand me that wrench.”

Damian hands it over. “It’s not as if I’m a ruffian,” he mutters. “I know what I’m doing.”


“I mean, this is my date! I’m not incompetent!”




“Do you…” Damian sighs heavily. Humiliation, thy sting is true. “Do you have any advice?”

Jason removes the bolts from his teeth, looking up from the car hood thoughtfully. After several long moments, he replies, “Don’t tell them your secret identity, even if they have pretty eyes.” With that, he returns to his work.

“…I see. That’s…rather logical, I suppose. Thank you.”


Bruce just…looks at him across the room. Damian squirms a little. 


Bruce shakes his head.

“What? What is it?”

The father sighs deeply, rubbing his eyes.


He just reaches a broad warm hand across Damian’s neck and squeezes. Damian looks up in question. Bruce’s lips are thin, but thoughtful. He pats his youngest son’s head like he’s six and not sixteen. Damian releases the tension in his shoulders. 

And then Bruce yanks his chin up and intones. “Eleven o’clock.”

Damian tries to struggle out of his hold, but can’t. “Father, release me, this is strange, why do you always do this, I–fine. Eleven.”

Bruce nods, then lowers his brows. “PM,” he orders, as if banishing any future loophole nonsense. 

Damian rolls his eyes, sets his jaw, and nods. 

Bruce’s face smooths and releases his grip, brushing away his son’s clothes of wrinkles.

They share a small smile of assurance.

Alfred is the last to see him go. In a rare show of affection, he rubs his thumb over the teenager’s furrowed forehead. “Have a good night, sir,” he says warmly as he ushers him out.

Damian looks into the old man’s eyes and suddenly feels at peace. “You too, Pennyworth,” he whispers. 

He walks down the steps, Alfred’s gaze taking in the lanky figure while the sun sets.

He sighs, hand twitching for the door handle.

They grow up so fast. 

Zenryoku Batankyu English Lyrics

Compared to Hanamaru Pippi’s multiple interpretations, this one’s obviously just about the show, haha. It has a few 60s references, which I’ll note in the Translation notes. 

Full Power Snooze
Zenryoku Batankyu
Artist: AOP; Lyrics: Anju Ikenami; Composition: Anju Ikenami, Tatsuro Ariki

taihen go tabou oniisan
Oh no! You busy young man

chikyuu achikochi guruguru
Spinning all around the world

ganmen se-fu ni go youshin
Remember, faces are out of bounds☆

seishun hana fubuki
Springtime of youth; falling cherry blossoms whirl

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Trained To Fight - Derek Hale Imagine

Characters: Derek Hale, Scott McCall, Kira Yukimura, Liam Dunbar, Mason Hewitt, Stiles Stilinski, Werewolf!Reader.


Originally posted by expressivedolphin

“Stop. You’re doing it wrong.” Derek told you, lifting your arm with his foot.

You groan and sit up, swiping the sweat off of your forehead. “I’ve been doing it wrong for an hour, Derek. Let me move on.”

He squats down to your height. “You’ll move on when you stop doing it wrong. Now start again.”

You sigh and lay back on your stomach, pushing yourself up on your arms.

You were a newbie to the whole supernatural world but Scott had told you that you were doing better than he did. You were bitten by Liam. It happened right after Scott had bitten him and he’s apologized profusely since. Derek has been training you and Liam at separate times. He’s especially rough on you and it gets hard to cope with sometimes.

“Y/N, if you ever want to learn to control your change you have to do this right!” He shouted and you exhaled loudly.

“If I ever want to learn to control my change I should ask Scott to teach me! All you ever do is nag and tell me I’m doing it wrong! When we aren’t training you’re rude and cocky and I’m sick of your disgusting personality!” You stand up and grab your keys. You flip him off before walking out the door. You slam the door behind you and jog out to your car. You think of the expression on his face. He looked hurt, but all the things you told him were true.

After your training session with Derek you were supposed to be at Scott’s for a pack meeting. He told you it was okay to shower there and that Kira had probably left something there you could wear.

You arrive at his house and quickly shower. You wrap yourself in a towel and pad to Scott’s room. He’d laid out one of his shirts and a pair of Kira’s shorts. You changed and went back downstairs. Everyone had arrived while you were gone so you quietly sat on the couch. You noticed Derek standing in the corner, his eyes focused on you.

You made eye contact with him and then rolled your eyes, averting your attention to Scott.

Your pack meetings were never meetings, it was more of a large hangout with everyone in the pack. “Stiles, did you bring the beer?” Scott asks and Stiles nods.

“I just don’t understand why you asked the most non-threatening person here to do it. I can’t go all wolfy on anyone. Besides isn’t Derek 21?” He looks over at Derek and Derek shrugs.

“That’s none of your business.” Derek replies and Scott laughs. You and Stiles share an annoyed look.

“Hey, Derek, how’s training going?” Scott threw a look over his shoulder at Derek.

“Liam’s doing great, he’s picking it up quickly.”

“What about Y/N?” Scott smiles at you.

“She’s..not great. In fact she’s probably one of the worst I’ve seen.” He raises an eyebrow at you and you scrunch your nose, huffing as you look away from him. You catch his smirk from the corner of your eye.

“I’m sure she’s not the worst..” Scott tries to defend you.

“You should see her. It’s pathetic really.” You flick your eyes to him and stand up. “I’d be better if you weren’t so tough on me.”

Derek starts to walk toward you. “I have to be tough on you. You’re terrible. Now I get why you’re the only one who doesn’t get invited to fight.”

You shake your head as he nears. “You’re a terrible teacher. I could get better tips on controlling my change from a sidewalk crack.” You cross your arms.

You hear Stiles spit out his beer, laughing. “God, you’re great.” He mutters and you smirk back at Derek.

At this point you and Derek were inches apart. “I wish you were more like Liam. You’re so idiotic. You can’t and you won’t learn anything. You’re better off as an omega.”

You cock your head to the side and whisper. “Then kick me out of the pack. I’d rather be alone than have to spend all of my time with you.”

“If I could kick you out I would. God, I wish I could.” He grits his teeth.

You flash your eyes at him and you feel your claws start to poke through. “Go to hell, asshole.”

Derek flashes his eyes back, trying to tell you to back down. At this point you were closer than you’d ever been to him, your chests were flush. “I knew I should’ve let Scott train you. I tried to take you under my wing, I thought you had potential. Now I know you’re just a pathetic little girl. You’re a sad excuse for a werewolf and it offends me you’d even call yourself apart of the pack.”

You scoff. “All you do is sulk around. You bitch and whine about your family all of the time. Don’t think I don’t hear you. You are the absolute worst person I’ve ever met, and that’s saying a lot considering I’ve met murderous psychopaths. I may be a sad excuse for a werewolf, but you, Derek Hale, are a sad excuse for a person. I hope you feel better now.” You push him off of you and go up to Scott’s room.

You sigh into your hands, trying to fight off the tears. You looked up to Derek, you thought of him as an older brother even. That all changed when you were bit. He seemed even more unbearable when you were in heat. It had only happened once but he wouldn’t even look at you. He was disgusted.

You knew you couldn’t cry because everyone would hear you. You sat in silence for about an hour before grabbing your keys and going downstairs.

Derek catches you at the bottom of the stairs. “Hey, I-”

You put a hand up. “Shove it, Hale.” You spit and you push past him.

“Y/N, where are you going?” Liam pokes his head up at you.

“Home.” You mumble and head for the door. You remember you’re in Scott’s shirt and you have it off and tossed at him before you can process your thoughts. You had a sports bra on, so there was nothing to see but you still smelled someone. You scanned the room and tried to pinpoint who’s arousal you caught but you didn’t care enough to stay to find out. “Bye guys. Kira I’ll get these back to you tomorrow.” She waves as you close the door.

The next day everyone was schedule to meet at Deaton’s to talk. Deaton wasn’t even in town but you guys needed a safe place. You’d had a Tinder date planned for a couple weeks so you were obviously over dressed. You’d felt online dating was a bit of a leap at your age but you still tried it. You walked in, sporting a pair of red stilettos. You had a black dress on that gathered at the waist. You’d curled your hair and done a full face of makeup. You felt way better than you had the previous night.

You heard Mason whistle and you laughed. “Shut up. I just wanted to make an appearance.”

He laughs. “Well you did. Quite a great one too.”

You head to the back room and everyone’s head peeked up at your entrance.

“Hey I can’t stay long, I have a date but I was hoping you guys could fill me in.” You smile. “Sure, come over here.” Scott waves you over. Derek’s eyes follow you as you walk.

You whip your head around to look at him. “Take a picture. It’ll last longer.”

“Who’s your date?” Derek blurts out.

“Why do you care?” You cross your arms.

“Here we go again.” Scott says under his breath.

“I’m just wondering. I uh..I just wanted to make sure you were being safe.” You see everyone exchange glances.

“Since when do you care about my safety?” You roll your eyes and listen to Scott as he tells you what plan they’ve come up with.

Your date was a bust. You’d worn your good thong for nothing and all you could think about was a bowl of macaroni and cheese and a glass of wine.

You walk in the door and you’re greeted by Scott. “What the hell? How’d you-”

“Not important.” Scott interrupts.“You’re into Derek aren’t you?”

You’re caught off guard. “What? I-uh..no? No.” You try to say casually and Scott smirks.

“That’s all I need. Bye!” He walks out and your left in your empty apartment mildly confused. You spend most of your time wondering how, as a twenty-two year old woman, you spent all of your time with high school kids. They were all pretty mature, but sometimes they were a handful.

You didn’t want to go to training but you knew you had to. Derek never told you how bad you really were and now you feel like you need to prove yourself. You decide to dress up for the occasion. You wear a blue sports bra with matching athletic pants. You tie your shoes before leaving for Derek’s.

You weren’t sure he even knew you were coming. You were shocked to see everyone there when you walked in.

“Who’re you so dressed up for, Y/N?” Stiles wiggles his eyebrows at you.

“I’m not dressed up. Shut up.” You roll your eyes.

“Ready?” You ask Derek and he nods.

“I’m sure he is.” Scott looked at you two playfully.

You caught a whiff of someone and you sighed. You smelled arousal again. If you’d known everyone would be here with their hormones you would’ve worn a shirt.

“I’ll take you out back.” Derek mutters.

“As a matter of fact, he’ll take you anywhere.” Stiles smirks.

“Shut up, Stiles.” You and Derek said in unison.

“In my defense I was just enhancing the vibe.” Stiles throws his hands up.

“What vibe?” You cross your arms.

“Oh, you know..the overwhelming sexual tension.” Kira says casually.

You roll your eyes. You had feelings for Derek, yeah..but he didn’t reciprocate so why should you dwell on it?

“Oh, can it. All of you.” You shake your head. Derek leads you to the backyard and you start stretching. As you bent forward to touch your toes the scent of arousal grew stronger.

The scent was masked by cologne as a pair of strong hands gripped your waist.

“Relax. I’m just spotting you.”

“I don’t need spotted for stretches.” You stand up and grab a blanket, spreading it out before lying on your back. You pull a knee to your chest and Derek kneels in front of you, putting weight on it.

“You know what my mom used to tell me to make training easier?” Derek says, making small talk.

“What?” You switched knees.

“She told me to tell her a story. Usually I just told her about my day, but it made it more bearable.”

You move to your hands and knees, reaching back to grab your ankle. “It probably helps to have someone who loves you training you. Someone who cares about you.” You look over your shoulder at him as he pulls back on your ankle.

“You have that. You have that probably more than I did.” Derek replies. You drop your ankle and look at him. Did he just say he loves you?

“What did you just say?” You ask slowly.

“I think I just confessed my love for you.” Derek rubs his eyes.

“You…love..me?” You point at yourself as the two of you stand.

“It’s too late to change what I said now..but yes. I love you like crazy actually.”

You were going to milk this. “What do you love?” You smirk.

“God, what isn’t there to love? I love your smart mouth, the way you scrunch your face up when I annoy you, I love how you smell after you’ve been outside, I…honestly? I just love you.”

At this point you probably look like a cartoon character, when their hearts are pounding out of their chest. “I love you too.” You say quickly. You didn’t mean to say it, it just slipped out.

The both of you immediately are attached, your lips fitting perfectly together. You smell the arousal again, just now linking that it was Derek. You didn’t want to know before, because of how turned on you got when you caught the scent. You were afraid you’d be attracted to a high schooler.

Derek picks you up, somehow managing to stay in sync with your lips. You both pull away and lay your foreheads on each other.

“Why were you such an asshole to me?” You say quietly.

“I didn’t want you to feel obligated to date me if you knew I was in love with you.” He shrugs.

“Do you really think I’m as pathetic as you said?” You ask.

“Not at all, I just love when you’re mad.” He chuckled.

“I’m sorry for comparing you to a murderer.” You laugh.

“It’s okay. It’s kind of fitting.” Derek laughs with you.

The two of you are torn from each other by the sound of cheers and applause. You see everyone on the porch clapping and you roll your eyes.

“For God’s sake, go back inside!” You yell and they laugh.

“We should probably go back to my place.” You whisper in his ear and he smirks.

“Fine by me.”

Little Acts of Resistance

*In the hours before the Battle of Hogwarts, two alumni of the school, a Hufflepuff and Gryffindor, living in Hogsmeade plan a little act of resistance of their own*

*A group of Death Eaters spot the Gryffindor sneaking away from a house*

Death Eater 1: “What are you doing out after curfew?”

Hufflepuff: *emerging from the doorway*  “Forgive the violation of curfew, please. We heard the rumors that Potter was here in Hogsmeade and that there many of the Dark Lords forces would be traveling to the castle tonight to attack.”

Death Eater 2: “You two seem to know more than is good for you…”

Hufflepuff: “Oh but sir, we only wanted to give you supplies for the coming battle, as a show of good faith.”

Death Eater 3: “As a show of cowardice and bribery more like.”

Gryffindor: “We have families to protect. Do you blame us?”

Hufflepuff: *rummages in the doorway and empties a box’s contents into a small bag* “Here. This food will give you strength for the coming battle and will ensure you are victorious, but you must only eat it right before the battle or its effects will wear off.”

Death Eater 2: *swiping the bag with a smirk* “Your contribution is most appreciated.”

Gryffindor: “Bye Bye, boys!”

Hufflepuff: “Have fun storming the castle!” *slowly moving the box behind the door and out of site. It’s label: Weasley Skiving Snackbox: Resistance Edition: 2X the strength No cures included.*

Gone Pt. 5

Part One  Part Two  Part Three  Part Four

A/N:  This has been on hold for such a long time, and I’ve just been so busy with life, it’s been hard to keep up, but hey i’m back bitches and I’m finally writing again, go me.  So please enjoy the long awaited Part Five of Gone.  P.S. sorry if I stress you out at all with this one, shit gets real intense oops.  P.P.S. my requests are still open right now, but I will close them soon, so any more requests you have, send them in while you can!!  Side note: this is my 100th post, how serendipitous.

Word Count: 2,009

Warnings: smutty morning oral sex my bad.

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anonymous asked:

If you're still taking requests, can I ask for a protective Jughead when someone tries to hit on Betty?? And honestly I can't get enough of your blog. It's my newest addiction, along with Riverdale.

Thank you so much! This ones a cute one! I didn’t know if you wanted them to be dating or not, so I just kind of went with it!

Okay, this was fine. This was totalllyyy fine, it didn’t bother him at all.

It’s not like he was standing right here,

Out side the blue and gold office, watching the tall, muscled jock lean over Betty’s desk and invade her personal space.

Also what kind of cheesy pick up line was that?

And what made this jerk think Betty was interested in being picked up?

“So tall, blonde and beautiful, what do you say? You, me? Saturday at pops?”

What an idiot , he didn’t know much about flirting but he knew stating the obvious wasn’t the most original choice.

Wait a minute, was Betty… blushing?

Was she really falling for this tool and his lame attempts?

He watched as she opened her mouth to answer

“Oh I don’t know Adam, I’m kind of busy lately.”

Adam looked like he was getting aggravated when he asked

“Doing what Betty? Come on, you can’t spare a night for a date? What are your other plans?”

Before Betty had a chance to answer jughead decided he had, had enough.

“She’ll be with me on Saturday, right bets? ”

Her head snapped up as he entered, smiling at the beanie wearing boy.

“That’s right! jughead and I are heading to an old library outside riverdale, we’re going to check if they have original capote pieces!”

She was practically bouncing with excitement.

He couldn’t help the smug smile that graced his face as he dropped an arm to hang over her shoulder, fixing this Adam character with a satisfied smirk and stating

“So yeah as you can see, we’re kind of busy here, newspaper and all that, thanks for stopping by.”

Neither of the boys made any indication they would be moving any time soon.

Adam cleared his throat finally breaking eye contact with jughead

“Come on bets, jughead jones? You know you and I will have a much better time.” He tried to smile charmingly, but to jughead it just looked creepy.

“Oh I’m sure you would, but like the lady said she has plans. With me. So back off.”

Jughead had moved his arm off of Betty at this point standing tall to the jock.

Betty had never noticed how tall he was, and were those back muscles? To be honest it was a little intimidating.

She had to stop this before it got worse.

“Okay boys, that’s enough. Adam thankyou for the offer, but unfortunately I’m gonna have to pass.” She said stepping in between then.

Adam looked pissed off but backed away none the less.

“Whatever, when you want an actual man, I’ll be around.”

He backed away as jughead waved

“Bye Adam.” He was smirking.

Finally jughead turned to walk over to his desk

“Anyway, I was working on the missing test papers article I wanted you to revise it.”

Betty was standing there with her hands on her hips, eyebrow raised.

Looking up at her jughead shrugged his shoulders


Betty just rolled her eyes, moving to take the article from his hands.

“What!” He asked again.

Betty just laughed taking her pen to the paper.

“Whatever.. ” he grumbled.

One Kiss

Imagine~ You and Kai are stuck in the prison world and he has a huge crush on you and is very upfront about his feelings.

Word Count: 458

“Wake up baby girl.” Kai whispered in your ear. Kai had a massive crush on you, he made sure he was always around you and often made dirty and flirty jokes along side the many other things he did to get your attention. One of them being that he would sneak into your house to wake you up every morning.

“Kai, get out of my house.” you said as you rolled over to be met face to face with the sociopath, who just so happened to be the only person on earth you could speak to.

“Make me.” he whispered and you could feel his breath hit your face.

“If you don’t leave right now you’ll regret it.” you said through gritted teeth even though you knew what you were saying had no effect on Kai. “But you look so cute when your angry at me.” he smirked. “What do you mean I look cute? I am cute. Bye.” you sassed as you rolled back over on your bed hoping he would finally leave you alone. But all he did was laugh and lie down next to you.

“What do I have to do to make you leave me alone Kai?!” you said frustrated.

“Kiss me” he whispered into the crook of your neck.

“I’ll pass” you say as you roll over to face towards Kai. “I guess your stuck with me then.” he said as he looked into your eyes.

“One kiss and you’ll leave me alone?” you questioned as you looked into his deep blue and grey eyes.

“One kiss.” he replied smirking. You pulled him in and gave him a peck on the lips before pulling away and looking at him, hoping that’s all he wanted. All of a sudden you felt his hand snaking around the back of your neck and he crashed his lips against yours. All of your emotions were conflicted. His lips were so soft and it felt like fireworks were being set off. But at the same time he was a psycho who killed his whole family.

Before you could even decide on your feelings you were kissing him back, and somewhat enjoying it. After a few moments he pulled away, a smirk playing on his lips.

“I knew you wanted me.” he smirked.

“Are you going to leave me alone now?” you replied, not acknowledging what had just happened.

“Sure Princess, but remember if you want me, you know where to find me.” he winked as he walked out of your bedroom, leaving you to try and figure what on earth just happened.

{ date night }

promptif it’s okay with you,how bout a hamilsquad prompt that’s like At Ease?(it could be when the reader went somewhere with John at night but then they meet a couple of thugs so they end up not coming back and the remaining boys decide to look for them)

pairing: hamilsquad x reader but there’s a little more john x reader

a/n: this took way too long,,, i apologize. 

t/w: fighting mostly, some cursing

“Baby girl!” John yelled loudly throughout your place. 

“Yeah, John?” You called back from where you were upstairs. You were sorting through your laundry, picking out your clothes from the huge pile on your bed. 

He followed your voice and quickly popped into the room. He hugged you from behind and kissed your cheek. “It’s our turn to go out tonight.” He said with a big smile. “All you have to do is go get dressed and our night will begin.” 

“Do I get any hints as to where we’re going?” You smiled at him coyly, raising your eyebrow slightly. 

“Figured we could check out that new club that just opened.” He kissed your neck, rubbing your side. “Maybe get a drink or two. Dance a little. Grab a bite to eat afterwards.” 

“Sounds fun.” You decided, turning a little so you could kiss him on the lips. The kiss was greedy, with him pulling you closer. You smirked against his lips and pushed him down against the bed slightly. You straddled him and finished the kiss with a big smile. “I’ll go get ready.” You were both breathless as you sat up a little straighter.

“I’ll be here.” He kissed you once more before you got up to find something to wear.

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How You Gonna? pt 1- Justin Foley x Reader

Summary: you and Justin started dating before Hannah’s death, you heard about things with them, but didn’t care because you always liked him. One day, in school, you seen him and Jessica being a little friendly. (Based off of Sydney Renae’s remake of Tyrese’s -How you Gonna)

I was walking to lunch while on my phone trying to get a hold of my boyfriend, Justin. I know what you’re thinking, ‘wasn’t he the one who took that picture of Hannah, and then showed everyone?’ Yes, he did. Justin is a really sweet guy. I know he’s a great guy, and all guys are pressured into that kind of stuff when they’re around the kind of guys at our school. Anyways, he hasn’t texted me after I asked where he was, so I just assumed he already went to lunch. I walked in the lunchroom and I seen him at a lunch table with Jessica. Weird, they always talk but not around me.

I sat next to him and whispered in his ear, 

“Hey baby,” then kissed him. 

I looked at Jessica and smiled, she just looked at me. 

“When did you get here?” Justin asked. 

I replied, “Just now, you weren’t answering my texts”

“Oh, sorry. I wasn’t paying attention” he confessed.

I hummed in response. As I was listening to Justin and Jessica talk about some boring project, I heard my name being called from across the lunch room. I looked in the direction I heard it, and it was Clay and my best friend, (b/f/n). I then looked back at Justin and gave him puppy dog eyes to let me go. He hesitated because of whatever him and Clay have against each other, but then let me go. I kissed him and walked over to where Clay and b/f/n were.  

“Hey guys,” I said sitting down.

Clay responded, “Took you long enough.”

“I didn’t want him to think I was just ditching him to come with you. You know how he is with you, what’s the problem with you guys anyways?” I asked.

“Nothing important. How come he can flirt with Jessica but you can’t come say hi to your best friends?” Clay responded.

I then shot back, “Hey, knock it off. They’re not flirting, he cares about me and he wouldn’t hurt me.”

(B/f/n) then chuckled, “Just as much as he cared about Hannah, right?”

 I felt offended. That’s different. Me and Justin have been dating for 6 months. Him and Hannah only had one date, and kissed. He cares about me. That’s my baby, I love him. I love the shit out of him. I know he loves me. I give him all I have. I then turned around to look at him and Jessica. His back is turned from me, but Jessica is laughing. She grabs his hand from across the table and holds it. I then look at the way she’s looking at him. That’s how I look when I look at him. I then think about what it would be like if we broke up. It would be no staying at my house, no kisses, no hugs, no movies on my couch, no late night calls. He said he would always be my baby. 

“Cut it out!” I yelled, “He loves me. I know he does, I love him more than I love myself. That’s mine. We love each other, don’t you see? You guys are shitty friends for even trying to tell me that my fucking boyfriend doesn’t love me.” 

Clay whispered, “Okay, y/n, you’re making a scene and people are looking, I’m sorry that we upset you, we care about you. Sit down, we can talk about this.” 

“No, I’m going home.” I said

 b/f/n then added, “It’s only lunch time? How will you go home?”

 “I’m walking out, and going home.” I muttered picking up my stuff, and walking away from that table to go say bye to Justin. When I got there, Jessica smirked at me. I was confused then Justin looked at me with am expression I’ve never seen before. It was a dark expression.

 I stammered, “You okay, baby?”

 “I’m not your baby.” he snapped at me.

 “What?” I whispered 

He chuckled, “Listen, I’m sorry that this has gone of for so long, but I never loved you. I was just trying to make sure Jensen kept his mouth shut and since you were best friends with him, I thought you would be perfect. I’m with Jessica, if it wasn’t obvious. It was fun while it lasted with you.”

 I didn’t know what to say. What do I even do? I gave him everything. I told him everything, he is my everything. This is my longest relationship and I have never understood what it felt like to be used. I needed him. I don’t know how to deal with this. I never thought I would go through pain loving him. I will never put a guy before myself again. If I could go back to the day we met, I would probably do it all over again. I would choose not to be his friend and when he’d ask me, I’d just say I have a boyfriend. I started crying my eyes out in front of both him and Jessica.

 I mustered out, “How you gonna up and leave like that? When I gave you all I had. I gave you the real me, told you all my feelings, and you gonna turn around and front like you don’t feel me? I put that on my life that I ain’t see this coming, opened up my heart. I should’ve never let you come in, but I wish you well though. That’s all I could tell you, maybe in your next life you’ll find everything you wanted.” 

“I’m sorry? Like I said, you were fun. I love Jessica. That’s the only person that I’ll ever love. You aren’t exactly my type either. Hey, shit happens. I’ll see you around, y/n.” He said like it was all cool.

 He got up and grabbed Jessica’s hand. Smiled at me then walked away with her, leaving me crying my eyes out. I then just left the whole school and got in my car and drove home. I got to my house and cried into my pillow and deleted everything I had of him. I am so stupid. Shit is crazy. How could he just turn around and play me. I loved the shit out of him. I don’t know what to do now. I need him. I want him. He’s not mine though, he’s Jessica’s.

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Catching Peter’s attention… part 2 

You can read part 1 here

You were wandering through a bookstore. Trying to find something to read. You eyes searched a bookshelf and you picked a book up.

“That one is not good.” A voice next to you says. You look towards and saw Derek’s uncle next to you. He is looking towards you straight at you, his eyes watching every movement you make.

“I think I will take him anyway.” You said to him. You walked away to another bookshelf. You looked threw the bookshelf. You looked next to you and you saw Peter looking threw the same bookshelf. Watching you with the corner of his eyes. You don’t say anything to him. Trying to not acknowledge his presents.

“Why is my nephew so protective over you?” He says to you.

“What do you mean?” You asked him. He shakes his head and smiles.

“Well I think he will kill me if he saw me talking to you like this.”

“Well thank god he’s not here then.” You said with a smile on your face.

“Trust me on the book. It’s not good.” He smiles, gives you a wink and walks away.

You watched him walk away from you.  He looked back towards you and gave you a smile at that moment you heart beat raised. You hopped he didn’t hear it. Peter had this attraction that you couldn’t explain but you knew he was off limits. One he was a werewolf and two he was Derek’s uncle. You pick a few other books and went to the register to checked them out.

A few days passed by and between college projects and lectures. You didn’t saw Stilles of Scoot for a while. The person who you most talked to was actually Derek. Today was a full moon and you knew Scott was getting help from Stilles for the full moon. Even if he didn’t want to. So maybe you could stop by and help Derek out with his new pack instead.

I can help you with the full moon tonight. If you want to? - Y/N

You sended him a text. After a few seconds you got a answer right away.

Not a good idea you could get hurt - Derek

I can borrow some stuff from Allison plus I did this before you know with Scott and I can protect myself.  So do you need help? - Y/N

I will pick you up over a hour. Okay? - Derek

I see you then - Y/N

After that you called Allison. Explain the situation and ask if you could borrow one of her father guns without him knowing. She was going to look if she could arrange something and would call you to pick it up. You took a quick shower and before you knew it. Derek was knocking on your front door.

“Are you ready?” He says with a smile on his face.

“Yes. We only have to stop by Allison for a moment.” He looks at you worried. “You just have to stop at the begin of the street and I will walk to her house alone. Don’t worry.”

He nods his head and doesn’t say anything. You got in the car with him and he rode you to Allison. Except he did stop at the begin of the street.

“What are you doing?” You ask him “They are going to see you.”

“Just tell them we’re dating or something. They don’t know you know about this stuff.” He says “And I can keep an eye on you from here.”

“Derek I think that’s a stupid plan.”

“Too late. Were already here.”

You looked to the side and saw that he already parked in front of the house. Both of you got out of the car.

You turned towards him. “What are you doing?”

“I will  stay here waiting for you.” He says.

You shook your head and walked towards the house door. Before you could knock on the door. Allison opened the door.

“What is he doing?” She asks.

“No idea.”

“Allison who’s that?” A male voice says from another room.

Alison handles you the gun quickly and you put it behind you.

“Hi Y/N” Chris says “I didn’t know you were going to come?”

“Yeah last minute thing.” You said towards him. His eyes are concentrated one Derek.

“who’s that?” Chris says Like you didn’t know he already knows him.

“My… My boyfriend.” You said. Allison looks at you, with an eyebrow raised. Like she didn’t fully understand what you say.

“Well be careful. Boy this age can’t be trusted.”

“Yes I will sir. Allison I see you later.” You said to them. “Bye.”

You walked towards Derek. He had a smirk on his face. He walks towards the side of the car and opens the door from you.

“Boyfriend he?”  He asks.

“I didn’t know anything else to say.”

He grabs your arm and pulls you towards him. He gives you a kiss.

You pulled out of his touch.

“What are you doing?”

“Making it a little more believable.”

You entered the car and he closed the door for you.

On the way to his place  both of you didn’t say anything to each other.

“Derek?” he looks towards you. “Don’t you have any problem’s with the full moon?”

“Not much. I know how to handle the impulse. Sometimes better than other times.”

“Was it an impulse back there?” You look towards him. He doesn’t say anything.

A few minutes later you arrived at the house. You walked behind Derek into the house.

“There you are?” Peter rounded the corner. “Derek you need..” He stopped with his fraze at the moment his eyes fall on you.  “You didn’t tell me you we’re bringing company.” He says with a smile on his face.

Derek looked towards you. “Isaac and Erica are in the back room.” His gaze quickly turns to his uncle.

“I will go then.” You said awkwardly.

“Derek that’s no way to treat a lady.” Peter says. “Do you want something to drink?” Before you could answer he puts his hands on your back and walks you to the kitchen.

You entered the kitchen with Peter a step behind you.

“I’m going to drink some coffee.Do you want one?” Peter says looking towards you.

“Sure.” You said. You walked to one of the chairs around a table and sat down.

“Do you already read the book you bought?” He asks.

“Yeah…” He looks towards you. “And you were right not a good book.” He gives you a smile and walks towards you with two cups of coffee in his hand. He gives you one of the cups and sits on a chair close to you.

“Told you.” He says looking towards.

“Yes you did.”

He gets closer to you. Your heart beat raising a little bit. His face getting a little smile. He puts a strand of hairs behind you ear. You could feel your cheeks getting read and you heart raising. He knew exactly what he was doing. He got closer to you.

“Y/N is it true what Allison just told me?” Scott walked in. He stops in his tracks when he sees Peter so close to you. Peter smiles towards him.

“What did Allison tell you about Y/N?” Peter asks him.

“Uhm…” Scott looks at you. “That Derek kissed her in front of her and her dad.”

You could feel Peter’s eyes on you.

“He did? I didn’t know you two were dating?” Peter says.

“We’re not.” You said to him. “He just took me off guard and he was just trying to cover up for a lie.” You looked to both of the men. Both of them studying you face. “I’m going to check on Isaac and Erica.” You said and stood up and walked out of the kitchen.

Derek was on his knees going through a box with chains in it. Erica and Isaac around him. Both watching him search threw the box. You walked towards them.

Erica being the first to notice you. “What are you doing here?”

“I came to help Derek.” You put a hand on his shoulder. He looks towards you and smiles.

“And how are you going to help?” Erica said.

“With this..” You said to her taking the gun you got from Allison from behind your back. Erica and Isaac look at it like they didn’t saw a gun before.

“Can you shoot it?” Isaac asks.

“Of Course otherwise I wouldn’t have anything of use.” You said to him. You pulled the gun on your back again.

“I didn’t know you were a badass.” He says joking.

Before you could react. Derek answers for you. “You don’t know anything about her.” He looks at you, with an irritated expression on his face. “Come on help me out.” He says giving you a chain.

He stands up and walks towards the other side of the room.You walk behind him.

“Why are you irritated?” You ask him. He doesn’t answer or looks towards you. “I can leave if you want to.”

He looks towards you. “I.. I don’t like that Peter is showing this interest in you.”

You start laughing. “Are you like jealous.” You look towards him. “We were just talking, like normal people talk and he’s not really my type.” You said to him with a smile.

The night was falling and Derek’s pack was chained up.

“I will grab something to drink.” You said to Derek and Scott who were watching the pack.”Do you guys want something?”

“No I’m good.” Both said at the same time.

You chuckled and you start walking towards the kitchen. The rest of the house was dark. No light was lighting the hall ways. You walked straight to the kitchen and you clicked the light on. You walked to the fridge and you took a bottle of water from it.

You looked towards the door when your gaze met Peter’s. He was just inches from your face. Your heart beat started to raise up.

“So I’m not your type.” Peter says. “You know he can hear when you lie and so do I” He says with a smile on his face. You took a step back pinning yourself between the fridge and him. He takes a step closer to you. His body now touching yours. You feel his lips on yours and his hands behind your back, pulling you closer towards him.