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Small preview for the Voltron Calendar! This piece was so fun to do~ And pretty different from my normal stuff I draw so it was really a good challenge for me~ ^^ I’m really excited for this project! So many cute swimsuit pics!

*college tour group walks by*

Tour guide: And here you see real, live, college students! Wow!

Me: *looks up, half dead from the test I just took. Pauses the only song that can keep me alive right now: the Phantom of the Opera Overture. Glances down at the protein bar I’m eating to make sure I get enough calories today.*

Also Me: Wait, I’m alive? Since when?


I can not begin to tell you how much I’m in love with @gur0gur0 Sally x Larry fanfic! Especially the end of chapter 2~

I really hope you like it (´。• u •。`) ♡

((You read from left to right))

Omg my blog is so old 😮my blog is now 4 years old 🙃 thank you all my loyalty followers for the amazing and great 4 years 😍 for the next 4 years 😉😄