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Can I just. Imprint the picture of the peaceful and happy family on my soul and keep it there forever. 

How long before CLAMP tears it apart. 

Why am I reading this again. 

But I absolutely love that the reason that other countries want to invade this land is because of their grass.

A story about Bryan Rust

[From the Feb 19 episode of the WBS Penguins Podcast in which Mike O'Brien and Nick Hart interviewed Steve Oleksy about players joining the summer rec league Oleksy created]

Steve Oleksy: A lot of pressure on Rusty. He’s the number one draft pick this year.

Mike O'Brien: [joking] No pressure whatsoever.

Nick Hart: You gonna give him a jersey and photo op and everything?

Steve Oleksy: Well actually, he had one request for this summer, and it’s to be not just the captain of the team but the captain of the league, so…

Nick Hart: WHAT?

Mike O'Brien: Is there a captain of the league?

Steve Oleksy: He is gonna be the only guy with the C on his jersey in the entire league.