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{Reaction} BlackPink as the mafia

okay sooo i need to say that i love Mafia! EXO very much and i was thinking how cool would be if you made a blackpink mafia concept, like badass girls you know would be amazing

Note: Well shit, now I live for BlackPink mafia AU. If anyone writes this kind of thing please link me to it~ I’d love to read! This was very fun to do, and I am definitely on board of this AU. I hope you also like references used ;) Enjoy~!

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Kim Jennie

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Jennie is very skillful in the mafia and certainly should not be underestimated. If you think she’s dangerous with a gun, then you’re hardly to ready to see her short range combat. She’s smart, witty and feared by a lot of big names in the mafia. She notorious for killing, assassinations and some of the most cleverly worked out murder’s in the world. It isn’t just other gangs that are scared of this incredible woman, but also the government and the police. But in spite all of that, she still somehow manages to keep herself hidden away and only seen by those she wants to see her.

The first time she met you was in a casino, her lips blood red with lipstick that curled into a beautifully cruel smirk as she pinned her eyes on you. It was that moment that she decided that it was you that she wanted. She strolled over, heels clicking against the floor importantly as though she was on a mission. She stole your attention away from Monsta X’s gang member Yoo Kihyun swiftly, placing a hand on your cheek, raising her chin to give her an appearance of authority as she calmly told you what she wanted.

Jennie: “How beautiful, you look like my next significant other.”

Park Chae- Young/ Rose

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Rose is the master of the sweetheart scam in the mafia. She appears to be a ditzy, sweet little girl. Hell to the no, this woman could kill you with a mere look, or so that’s what said. She can captivate any heart in the palm of her hand and crush it as quickly as she wants. It’s incredible how amazing she is when it comes to her work, how skillful she really is. She can get money, or secrets, her talents meet no end when it comes to manipulation, and she too is feared by many people in the mafia. A lot of people have tried to escape her enchanting eyes and have failed miserably.

The first time you crossed paths with Rose was when you’d been brought into her gang by Jennie. Rose had grown an attachment to you very quickly, and it was hard not to fall for her too. Even though she was such a crucial part of the mafia, she jumped at the chance to fall in love with you when you not so subtly hinted that you may like her. That day forward, she found it harder to sweet talk other people because the guilt rode inside of her knowing it should be only you she should be like this with - but with reassurance, she became stronger and stronger by your side.

Rose: “I love you Jagiya.”

Lalisa Manoban/ Lisa

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Lisa is the glue of the gang, and sets the mood the majority of the time. BlackPink don’t have a leader, and that’s what sets them apart from any other group. But with no official leader, of course there are going to be clashes of opinion, and Lisa is the best for solving them. But it isn’t just her mood making skills that make her a skillful mafia worker, she is also very strong, and very talented in the field. it’s surprising at how such a young girl can be so precise with long range shooting. She never misses, not with the bullet of a gun or the sharp point of a knife.

The first time Lisa met you she happened to be passing by when she heard your calls for help. She had considered leaving you, but when she heard the lethal voice of BTS’ Jungkook antagonising you she had to take action, she couldn’t leave you at the hand of such a cruel man from such a cruel gang. She of course, sprung to your rescue and that was the start of a very beautiful relationship. When you joined BlackPink’s gang, you came to realise that Lisa wasn’t everything that she bigged herself up to be. They say that happiest people are often the saddest inside, and Lisa felt just that way. Her lone work became tiresome and it was straining what little she had inside. But that all got better when you confessed to her. When the two of you started your relationship she told you on how much more stronger she felt with you at her side, she didn’t have to cry alone anymore.

Lisa: “Now I have you, I don’t need to suffer anymore.”

Kim Ji- soo

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Ji-soo is amazing at making deals, this can be with weapons, drugs etc. her talents in this area never fail. But don’t be fooled by this woman, this isn’t where her skills only lie. She is also incredibly skilled at combat fighting, and with the simple flick of the wrist, she can have the strongest man writhing on the floor before her. She’s been known to take on many dangerous men that have ran away terrified of her devilish wrath, even the likes of BTS’ leader, Namjoon have been known to show fear towards this woman. It’s fair to say that no one is going to be messing with her any time soon.

Jisoo met you for the first time while she was running from Monsta X’s members Shownu and Wonho. You had been sitting on your motorbike, innocently leaving after leaving a long day at work. Your life was changed forever from the moment that Jisoo leaped on the back of your bike and screamed for you to kickstart the engine. From that moment, a lot has happened and now, you are the escape for BlackPink’s gang. Romance blossomed between you and Jisoo, and you’re known as the power couple, together you’re like the dream team - unbeatable.

Jisoo: “What did I do to deserve you, Jagi?”

mingyu as your boyfriend

req by: drproffessormeme 

- okay so u get gifts everyday so he spoils you sOOOO much

- chocolates and bears or wHAT U LIKE BC HES BF MATERIAL

-cuddles on the couch


- you’d watch The Little Prince with him and you’d sob so much that he’ll just comfort you and say “sh, dont cry, my rose.”

- loves you so much 

- hates it when other members are with you

- ignores you after 

- you whine ‘oppaaaaa’ until he answers 

- takes gr8 candid pics of you like 15/10 

- and posts them on instagram 


- has like 1526 followers on instagram 

- loves pinching your cheeks 

- cooks for you 

- damn u spoiled bitch 

- he loves //hates//  it when you hook your thigh in his 

- especially when ur in shorts 

- bc he gets an extreme boner damn 

- pulls you on his lap and frickle frackle :^))

- daddy kink 

- ‘always wear protection’ and he does bc he dont wanna let his spermcell travel to yo fallopian tubes and to yo ovaries :^/

- cuddles to the max 

- always calls you ‘princess’ ‘baby’ and ‘jagi’ 

- always tells you he loves you and leaves letters by your table 💞 

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{Reaction} Meeting BLACKPINK for the first time

Note: Not technically requested but I am loving this group right now and I couldn’t resist. I hope you guys enjoy, and if you haven’t already, go and listen to their two singles! my favorite is Whistle~ Fighting! 

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used. 

Kim Jennie 

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Jennie smiled at you sweetly as you introduced yourself to her. She listened to every word you spoke before replying herself, already feeling her heart pounding in her chest as she thought about how beautiful you really were.

Jennie: “It’s a pleasure to meet you, I hope we can become close.” 

Park Chae- Young/ Rose

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Rose giggled as you introduced yourself to her, she found her cheeks flushing red as you told her that you had wanted to meet her for a long time as you loved her music.

Rose: “Ah thank you~” *Shy and blushing sweetly* 

Lalisa Manoban/ Lisa

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Lisa, being one of the more bolder members of the group, was a lot more forward when she met you for the first time. She approached you before you could approach her, and she introduced herself sweetly to you, showing her interest. 

Lisa: “Hi, nice to meet you. I’m Lisa, let’s be friends!”

Kim Ji- soo

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Ji-soo ginned as you met for the first time on an interview. She thought you were pretty, and didn’t want to miss the opportunity to become close with you. She kept blushing and giggling at your jokes, hoping you’d feel the same way about her. 

Ji-soo: “{y/n}, you’re so cute and funny~”

exams; hybrid!jun smut

[y’all so shy ;-; pls request ;-;]

You dragged your feet to your room, ignoring Junhui’s presence. Junhui was a dog hybrid, so he has a monthly urge of mating. Poor you, today was his first day. You sat down on your study table as you placed your head down; almost drifting off to sleep, but someone disturbs you. “Yah!” He exclaims, pouting. “You’re ignoring meee!” said in a whiny voice, his tail wagging from side to side. “I’m sorry, baby. You know im on exam period and i need to study hard. Later, okay?” You said, stroking his arm. “Noooo~ i need you now~” he says, stomping his feet childishly. It was hard taking care of a hybrid, i mean; imagine almost every month hes like trying to break you down. Junhui was an aggressive one when hes on his monthly urge, meaning for 3 days you cant walk properly.

you took your books out and set them on the table, junhui sitting on your bed; pouting. “Jagiyaaaaa~” he calls out, you shrug in reply. “What?” Annoyed, you slam your text book onto the table, playfully glaring at him. “I cant take it anymoreeee~” it was true, you can see his member fully erected; you blush, walking to the bed as you sat infront of him.“You can enter inside me, but only one round. Okay?” you say in a reasuring tone, making him bright up like a new light bulb.

You start taking off his pants and boxers, his member springing out with confidence; you look at the tip oozing with pre cum, it was like it had its own life, it was begging for attention. You licked your thumb and played with the slit, causing Junhui to moan. “M-mh..” he grips the sheets, bracing himself for whats next. You started licking and sucking on the tip, Junhui trying to hold back his moans. “I didnt say you couldn’t moan.” You giggle seductively, making him moan happily. You sucked on his member for a few more times as his climax started to approach, “i-im close…” He moans out, you stop. “Im gonna finish studiying, biology is my weakest subject.” You say, walking over to your study table. Before you sit down, Junhui quickly sits down before you without you noticing. When you sat down, you felt his erect member against your back, “Jun!” You whine, stomping your feet childishly. “i won’t do a single thing.” He promises, smirking behind you.

You started listing down the important things down on a piece of paper, mumbling words that were connected to what you were studying, Junhui slowly ran his hand against your thigh; your hand quickly slapping his hand aways as he whimpers. “Jun…” You say in a warning tone, he whimpers like a dog in reply. “Im sowwy..” He replies, looking down as he pouts. “Pwease, (Y/N)?” He begs cutely, sending you to your limits. “Fine!” You reply annoyingly, continuing to study. His hand starts traveling to your inner thigh, slowly going to your core. He presses his middle finger against your core, feeling your wetness; you whimper softly as you grip the pen you were holding tightly. He slips his hand inside your underwear, starting to tease your wet core. You whimper and moan as he pumps his finger in and out your core, “j-jun~” you moan out as your climax started to approach, “i-im close~” he pulls out, carrying you over his shoulder as he spanks your ass.

“I’ll make you feel how you teased me.”

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home; daddy!chanyeol smut

“I’m home…” you said, eyes half lidded. You came home late from a party, and boy, you knew you were gonna get in trouble. You took off your heels, and placed them on the ground, making your way to the living room. You let out a long sigh and took out your phone, not bothering to change out of the skimpy dress. “Where have you been?” you heard a voice ask behind you. You flinched, dropping the phone. “Ch-chanyeol-” “Where have you been?” he repeated, his deep voice sending shivers up your spine. “I went out…with my friends…” you mumbled.

You gasped when you felt hands on your inner thighs, how the hell did he get beside you so fast? You mewled when his hands palmed on your inner thighs. “What time is it?” he questioned with anger in his tone. “uhm…o-one am..” you winced when he held on to your thigh tightly, “such a bad girl…you don’t even feel sorry,” he murmured, sliding his long and slender fingers up your core. “Do you even know what you’re wearing?” he barked. You closed your eyes and shook your head, “do little girls dress like this?” he questioned. You gulped, “no…daddy…” you replied, clutching on one of the pillows.

“If you know that, then why would you wear this?!” he growled, slapping and groping your ass. You whimpered, biting your lip. “Baby girl, you’re starting to disobey my rules. Hm? How ‘bout i repeat them to you?” he said, “hands and knees, now.” He strictly orders you, quickly getting on your hands and knees; he slaps your ass harshly, a whimper was making its was out of your mouth and you accidentaly let it out.

“Rule number one, no moaning.” he slaps your ass again, you flinch. “Rule number two, dont make any unnecessary movements.” he slaps it again, biting your lip harshly. He starts removing your underwear as he teases it with his slender fingers, running it along your folds. You tried your hardest not to moan.

A smirk made its way on his lips, “do you know what happens to bad girls?” He asked with a deep chuckle. You bit your lip at his chuckle, “no daddy…” You whimpered. He sneered at you, slamming three of his fingers inside of you, “would my baby want to know?”

You gasped, accidentally letting out a moan. He glared at you, groping your ass tightly before slapping it roughly. “…what was my rule, baby girl? Would you like a ten today?” He asked, proceeding to slap your ass again. You whimpered, “…no…”

He lets out a laugh, “let’s do fifteen.” He said, slapping on your ass harshly. When it came down to the last one, you were a moaning mess. His hand was on your ass, groping it; his other hand using its fingers to slide in and out of you, while his thumb massaged your clit. “..da-daddy!” You moaned out accidentally.

“I told you not to moan, right?” He growls, pinching your folds harshly, you squirm in pain. “M-mm–!” you held back, “since you’ve been a bad girl, no fucking for today.” he chuckles darkly, “n-no, daddy please fuck me..” you beg, “only one condition.” He says, making you lower down your body, ass raised up onto the air. He lowers down his body to yours, his hard member pressing against your butt. He tucks a piece of your hair, smirking as he whispers. “pleasure me.” He licks your earlobe and sucks on it, sending chills down your spine.

you got on your knees and unzipped his zipper with you teeth, you pull his jeans down together with his boxers, his member springing out. you lick the tip softly, repeating it multiple times. “Fuck yeah, baby.” He groans as you suck him further, making him throw his head back. You swirl your tongue against his members, kissing the tip everytime you pull away. His climax was approaching when you felt his member twitch inside your mouth, you pull away; pumping his member. “Fuck. Yes baby, just like that. Make me cum on your pretty hands.” He moans, pulling your hair. He cums on your hands, licking them clean.

Chanyeol, still holding onto your hair, pulled you up. A lazy smirk played on his lips, “good baby girl,”. Before you knew it, your dress was on the floor. His hands were all over your body, his lips attacking yours. He bit on the bottom of your lip roughly, and being the girl you were, you kept them shut. A low groan emitted from his throat and he used his hand to slip in a finger inside you. You moaned, opening your mouth while he slipped in his tongue effortlessly.

He slapped on your ass, reminding you not to moan anymore. His left hand went up to cup your breast, and he continued to massage and grope them. He pulled away from the kiss, his lips finding its way to your neck. His teeth sank into the soft flesh of your neck, creating a small bruise. You gasped when you felt him biting and licking on your sweet spot. “D-daddy…” you moan, your hand on his back as you dug your nails onto the milky white flesh. “Please… Fuck me…” he smirks, “should i?” You nodded your head rapidly, “hands, knees.” he ordered.

you went on your hands and knees, starting to get wet again. He positions his member on your entrance, pushing slowly. You bit your lip and clutched the sheets, he starts thrusting in and out of you slowly, teasing you. “F-faster..” you whine, he follows. Your grip the sheets as he thrusts faster, the bed starting to squeak. You squealed as your climax approached, “i-im cumming–! d-daddy!!” He groans, “me too, baby. Hang on.” He cums inside you, you come as well.

you lay on the bed, exhausted. Panting heavily, you try to catch your breath. Chanyeol looks at your body, all sweaty and sticky; he hovers over you, smirking.

“baby, who said i was done with you?”

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Why do you think that you lack things? You don’t, at all. Your personality is great, and you’re kind. You’re fun and pretty. You’re an okay girl. You have more than enough right to be loved. That’s what I think.
—  Goo Daeyoung, Let’s Eat 2 (Episode 13)