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AH, DEMOCRACY: “Those bloody students didn’t vote in the way I personally approve of, so I don’t think they should be allowed to vote at all.”

(with many thanks to christinamartin over on Twitter for this one!)

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jonathan and edward take a road trip to their respective home state together. edward learns what funnelcake is.

Ohh, Edward learned what Funnel Cake was at a State Fair back in 2011.

I don’t want to say Edward fell off a few wagons (metaphorically and literally), but for months afterward, The Joker referred to Ed as “The Jiggler”.

Edward also didn’t talk to Jonathan Crane for three months, after Jon accidentally wrote “Edward Bygma” on a correspondence. It was (arguably) the most peaceful time in Jon’s life.


THE GRAPES, SO SOUR: Eight more letters - yeah, count ‘em, eight - from actual adults *so* incensed at the idea of young people voting in a way they don’t personally approve of that they’re taking to newspaper letter pages to call them naive, greedy, stupid, radicalised by exposure to extreme views and whatever else occurs to them.

Church Lady Deviled Eggs from Chef Art Smith’s Homecoming located in Disney Springs.

I make this mess of shit I call tater tot nachos.

Tots, a whole mess of Mexican cheese, (vegetarian) taco meat, black beans, corn, onions, jalapeños, Cholula sauce.

At least that’s what it is this time. It’s always different depending on what’s in my fridge and cupboard, but I always have tots in my freezer. This version is pretty damn near perfect.

I’m practically a professional chef.

(I’m not a good photographer so sorry this looks so shitty)