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Quiet time. An anonymous fear submitted to Deep Dark Fears - thanks!

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How long the signs can go without talking to someone
  • Aries: about a day because they're reasonable and will want to resolve whatever happened, will probably be angry but thats fine
  • Taurus: 3 minutes before they start yelling at you again
  • Gemini: a good 2 days if you made them rather mad but won't wanna stay in that weird awkward no talking phase
  • Cancer: a peacemaker so probably like a minute
  • Leo: a couple months, maybe even years if they can't be bothered anymore
  • Virgo: 7 hours, they don't wanna seem desperate but still wanna be social and have friends
  • Libra: 12 minutes because their life is their friends
  • Scorpio: either an hour or a year there is no inbetween
  • Sagittarius: will be passive aggressive, probably gives like 8 weeks of toleration before they initiate sussing it out properly
  • Capricorn: eternity.
  • Aquarius: hates hates being in the no talking zone and having 'beef' with people, so abouts half an hour
  • Pisces: 2 SECONDS FLAT
The four stages of silence and

How introverts can use it to identify if the person sitting next to them is an introvert or an extrovert

1. No silence because they’re holding a (one-sided) conversation with you _ extrovert

2. Awkward silence interjected with their attempts at making small talk but you just can’t be bothered today _ extrovert

3. Blissful silence two people each in their own world who recognize/acknowledge the presence of a fellow traveler in this strange journey called life _ introvert

4. Oblivious silence are they still there beside you are they breathing are they even real or are you hallucinating is this some advanced holographic image are you dreaming who knows _ introvert