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Rose & Thorn by Sarah Prineas- Rose [ESFJ]

UNOFFICIAL TYPING by Justice justiceandwriteousness.wordpress.com

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Rose comforts herself by telling her story to Griff (even before she knows him) and appreciates how well he listens. She’s quite the chatterer, and has to be warned to not say everything that comes into her head. She wonders how people can know themselves without stories.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Speaking of which, Rose loves telling stories about her life with Shoe and wants to know other people’s stories, showing the importance she puts on the past. She relies on her upbringing with Shoe, with her ability to love and be happy, to fight Story. She is usually aware of a situation in her past similar to the one she is currently experiencing…

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): …but easily sets the comparison aside if she wants to, such as when she was alone with Griff compared to being alone with Tom. Rose is quick to tease Griff, and appreciates it when Timothy teases her as a show of friendship. She makes up metaphors to explain things, like comparing storytelling to beading a necklace, but can explain herself in clearer terms if that’s not understood.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Rose judges people by how she feels about them (luckily, she’s usually right), instead of by logic. She dislikes the cold, rational order of Watchers, quickly gravitating to the Breakers’ way of fighting Story.

Signs as what every parent says
  • Aries: The hand blower doesn’t want to hurt you. It just wants to dry your hands.
  • Taurus: That’s not food!
  • Gemini: No, that was your last five minutes. It’s time to go!
  • Cancer: No, you can’t sleep on the couch.
  • Leo: You need to walk. I can’t always carry you everywhere.
  • Virgo: Where’s your other shoe?
  • Libra: That’s it! No more stories! Go to sleep!
  • Scorpio: Put your butt on the chair!
  • Sagittarius: The ice cream shop is closed today.
  • Capricorn: I just looked under your bed and in the closet. No monsters, I promise.
  • Aquarius: Why are you crying?
  • Pisces: I don’t care if Grandma let you eat ice cream five minutes before bed.