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Moving day had finally arrived, and we were eager to start getting things into the new house. Our house.

“I can’t wait to get started!,” she cheerfully exclaims as we walk towards the pick-up.

“Say, this pile of boxes is slightly less intimidating than I expected.”

“-And don’t forget! Sebastian will be here with the UHaul before we know it.”

“That’s right.. Guess I spoke too soon!” 

It’s only a minute before I notice her slight struggle to lift the boxes. 

“That one heavy?,” I ask. 

“Okay, don’t laugh.. It’s just that’s I don’t want to hurt my nails before the wedding,” she admits.

“Babe you should’ve just said so! Let me take care of the heavy-lifting. That’s what I’m here for, you know?”

“Are you sure? I’ll be sure to start unpacking, I still want to help..”

“I’d do anything for you, princess.” 

I can only smile as she heads back to the house. The weight of the boxes is nothing compared to the way I feel when she’s happy.