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me 1-2 months ago: oh my god i can’t even look at a pancake without crying i cant eat pancakes i cant stomach theM THEY REMIND ME OF MY SON AND HE’S NOT OKAY I CANT EAT HIS FAV IF HE IS NOT OKAY

me now: yeah i could so go for some ihop pancakes rn fam ngl

“Maybe if you stopped looking up stuff online you wouldn’t be like this?”

Or maybe looking up stuff online was the only way I could find out what the hell was wrong with me and how to get help for that because nobody here wanted to address that I was struggling and therefore I thought I was a failed human who should just die because I couldn’t cope, rather than a person with an illness that needed support? Maybe looking online was what led me to understand how to cope with my symptoms and find a community who actually wanted to support me instead of make me ‘normal’ aka brushing it all under the carpet and pretend like the mental breakdown wasn’t happening? Maybe looking stuff up online isn’t young people trying to be ‘quirky’ but young people actually taking the initiative in figuring out how to help themselves because nobody else around them is giving them the time of day? Maybe?

In today’s round of Boring News that Nobody Cares About, I bought this soft crate for only $39 on eBay so hopefully it’s not terrible and I can do the crate training thing you Americans are so into.

Could any tech-savvy followers lend a hand? I’m in need of help…

A few days ago there were repeated power cuts that caused my desktop computer to keep turning itself on and off again. Now, I’m stuck on the Windows 10′s blue screen of death, with an error code of 0xc00021a, unable to get into my computer. 

I’ve tried all of the options, from system restore, to system repair, even trying to get in via the bios. None of them are working. I also can’t start up safe mode, because as soon as it reaches the screen for it, my keyboard and mouse become unresponsive.

There’s so much I was supposed to working on today that I can’t do… So any help would be really appreciated!

I’m going to be closed for prompts for the next couple of weeks. 

I know a few people get worried, so I just want to clarify: nobody’s prompt was too much or anything, and none of you annoy me or anything like that. This isn’t a reaction to any person or action in particular.

I just need a little bit of time to whittle down the prompts already in my inbox and work on a few professional projects that are demanding my attention.

To those people who’ve already sent me prompts, no worries– I’ve still got them, and I’ll work on them when I’m feeling up to it. 

When I’m ready to take prompts again, I’ll make an official post (or you can check here to see what my status is). Until then, I invite you to reread some of the past fills here or on AO3

Come sit with me,
Even if it’s just for a while.
Nobody wants to be alone on their birthday,
Even if it’s just a lie.
Being alone doesn’t scare me,
There’s nothing I fear.
I am not alone now,
Now that you’re here.

Come sit with me and listen,
I have a story to tell.
It’s not to entertain you,
It’s not for you to get to know me well.
I don’t owe you an answer,
You don’t owe me your time.
Aber an seinem Geburtstag ist niemand gern allein.

You might have heard of me,
Or maybe not at all.
But I’m sure you have heard of my siblings,
The puppeteer, the reaper and the binge eater.
All 4 of us are nothing more than toys,
To the family that gave us life,
Only to slaughter the girls and militarise the boys.

There there no need to be sorry,
We are not even real.
My mother won’t light the candles on my cake,
My father forgot my name long ago.
Which is not even tragic,
There is nothing about me that’s real, it’s all a fake.

I am my beloved sister’s hated brother,
My second brother’s shadow,
And my oldest brother’s travesty.
I am a curse to my mother
And meant the end to my father.

Now, that’s why you’re the only person who’s here today,
And even if we are together we can’t celebrate.
There is nothing to be happy about.
The life that was given to me,
Comes with a fee and in end,
Which is nothing but death by my own hand.

So let’s not celebrate my birth today,
Let’s only look forward to the end that
Inevitably lies ahead.

—  Non Birthday poem for Washuu Furuta Souta, 28.02.2017

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You will never lose me to the wind
You are the lightning that made me fill my chest with candles
You are the thunder clapping for the poem that nobody else wants to hear
You are an icicle’s tear watering a tulip on the first day of spring
You melt me alive
You kiss me as deep as my roots will reach
And I want nothing more than to be an eyelash fallen on your cheek
Then being collected by your fingers
And held like a wish
I promise
That whatever I do
I will always try my best
To come true
—  Andrea Gibson, How It Ends

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NTAMW is into kink culture or makes armature porn. Stay away from perverts and all their friends. Seriously, they will ignore your boundaries, feel you up , talk you into crap you don't want to do, and nobody will speak up for you. Oh ,then you wise up and leave, but oh oh oh they hate that, they won't let you go. They'll do anything to ruin you emotionally, and socially to make sure you suffer and want to die. I try to give all people a chance but I've given too many chances to kinksters.

despite nobody wanting 2 admit it its nice to be the kool kid who likes mostly obscure things Like we make fun of them yet also wanna be that mysterious cool person who has the cool taste in art+music. maybe im just speaking 4myself 

My language is so weird at times smh. I just typed saavuttamattomammasta and it looks like such a fake word that I had to stop for a moment to make sure that I didn’t mess something up. I didn’t. It’s an actual proper word that in the context of my sentence means “something that is more unreachable". But for some reason we just have to take all those elements and smash them into one word. Because Finnish.