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Naruto Manga Chapter 698

Okay, first of all, what the hell man! I had to find out in the middle of my CHEMISTRY LECTURE that the newest chapter was released earlier than it has been! WHAT??

Screw chemistry, I practically GTA’d my way home just to read it.

Anyways, this is by far the most awesome and satisfying chapter I have ever read! When Naruto shoots up and wails Sasuke across the valley, that was badass. And the little yaoi fairy on my shoulder made me grin at Sasuke’s comment:

I don’t know about the rest of you, maybe it’s just me, but I look at that statement “be a good boy” and all I thought were NC-17, maybe slight BDSM, type of SasuNaru fanfiction, if you catch my drift.

Kurama ships them so hard. Maybe that’s why I see so many Kyuubi x Itachi pairings all over the place. They make NaruSasu happen. They are gods among men. Hail.

This is currently the background for my phone, just throwing it out there.

ALSO, AFTER THIS HAPPENED THEY BLEW THEIR ARMS OFF! LIKE. LITERALLY. BLEW. THEIR. ARMS. OFF. And Naruto is just laying their next to Sasuke all chill and shit, 

Then Sasuke wakes up, next to him, finds out they can’t move, so then they start to talk. Again. Like they haven’t done that before. Sasuke asks why he’s important to Naruto and Naruto says:

See that face right there? Nuh-uh, Sasuke ain’t takin’ that shit no more. He wants a real f*ckin’ answer dammit. 

Wait for it…


Naruto you really know how to get Sasuke to make those adorable faces. I mean look at him! That hormonal bastard is the damn most cutest thing I have ever seen.

Now here is my favorite part:

FLASHBACK TIME. I mean we had seen flashbacks with Naruto in almost EVERY chapter, now it’s Sasuke’s turn. Now we get to see what Sasuke really thinks of Naruto and it is completely, if not sort of, identical to Naruto’s own thoughts and feelings towards Sasuke. BASICALLY, they feel the same way about each other.

That got me right in the feels. 

Also after Sasuke’s little trip down memory lane we get this:

Hey, y'know, they TECHNICALLY slept together, right? Don’t care, I’m counting it as such.

Then they wake up and Naruto wants to go another round and Sasuke’s over here like f*uck it…


I just want to grab him, coddle him, and hug him like nothing else in the world can hurt him. Damn you Sasuke and your pretty face, and your nice skin, and your beautiful eyes, and the rarity that is your facial expressions.

Then Naruto’s all like dude WTF there ain’t no losers in my book and Sasuke just sits there and takes the scolding with a grain of salt and goes on to tell Naruto about how to save everyone when he finally dies and Naruto’s all like “friends don’t let friends die from an arm amputation.” Then Sasuke says:

It’s exactly what it sounds like.

Sasuke coming for Naruto’s ass like:

Then here Naruto makes Sasuke cry, because he’s the only one who understands Sasuke and will fight with everything he has and everyone he knows, just to prove it.


And finally the grand finale!

With the angle of their arms and the blood pouring out looks like a misshapen heart! That’s so…! um, soooo… … uh…

Hey, y'know at least we got to hear Sasuke call Naruto stupid or idiot; maybe the characters read usuratonkachi, baka, or dobe. Who knows, but it’s something! :D

anonymous asked:

tell us the story of the first time you world qualified?

so as 99% of tumblr knows I danced for a non competitive school for about 8 years and spent four of them convincing my mom to transfer dance schools.. fast forward to the end of 2009 where I recalled at the oireachtas for the first time since I started attending in 2004 and placed like 35th or something along those lines. I transferred to my school now at the very end of 2009 and had to re learn everything since I basically taught myself at my old school from YouTube. I was extremely frustrated and cried at dance very often (*cough* every class) and was having a really hard time adjusting. it was hard to be in a class of oireachtas, national and world recallers when I had the dancing ability of a slug. I had one feis after my ban and then nationals was a couple weeks after. I ended up winning the feis against an oireachtas champion and no one expected it. we all laughed it off for days about how I got lucky and blah blah blah then nationals was here. I recalled at nationals for the first time in 2009 as well and placed 51st, so my goal was just to recall again and place higher than that with my new school. I ended up recalling and was over the moon and danced pretty well that day. I had no bad rounds and everything was going along nicely. results happen and they pass 51st and I’m smiling ear to ear out of excitement. then they reach the top 20 and I’m like hyperventilating in the corner… they announce world qualifiers and I literally fall to the floor face down sobbing delusional like wtf just happened.. top 15 rolls around and I’m still standing and end up 11th. I was a mess at awards, everyone was judging me hardcore. haha shamrock took over 50 pictures of just me at awards because I put on such a scene. my mom was crying, my teachers and even people in the audience who I didn’t know we’re crying, it was crazy. I called people to tell them I qualified and no one believed me HAHA
I never had the goal to world qualify ever in my life so it was a huge shock.. yet here I am heading off to my 6th world championship next year with a recall medal, two medal holding positions and 6 top 50 placings. it’s all still so surreal to me and I’m still living the dream on cloud 9.. I can’t believe that this is still all happening to me ! (sorry for going off I get emotional when i really sit down and think about it all haha im lame :p) but I now know and want everyone to realize that ANYTHING is possible with a little sweat and determination ! :) thanks for asking !!!!