& im going to be living in one in 2 weeks

Aradia Week Day 2: Post-End Theorization

“you all worked hard for your happy ending, and cross my heart, you’re going to get it!”

And thus, another day of Aradia week begins! 

For this prompt, we were to give our speculation as to what our favorite ram girl is up to after the end of Homestuck. After all, like many characters, she was given a vague and unfulfilling ending to her arc. 

So, it is to my belief that she, along with her Team Charge buddy, are leading the ghosts to their new universe on their humongous pirate ship, the S.S. Satisfying Conclusion.

Who knows what will happen once these ghosts reach the new universe. Will all Kanayas merge into one single Kanaya, whom has all the memories of all the Kanayas? Will thousands of Daves have to learn to live with each other? Will the ghosts simply remain ghosts, and spook the residents of the planet for generations to come? The answer remains unclear, but I do know this for certain: Aradia knows more than anyone else that death isn’t the final straw, and would want to help the ghosts that she’s spent years befriending after they’ve worked so hard!

Also, in case it wasn’t clear, that boat is moving thanks to the strength of all of the Aradiabots’ powers. Just as we honor Aradia, we honor you too, Aradiabots! 

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy! This theorization may be a little optimistic, but hey, that’s what Aradia stands for!


(at this point, I think I’m going to slap a rant onto every single aradia week post i make, due to the type of person that I am)

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name: percy
zodiac sign: gemini
height: 5′1 or 5′2, i forget
orientation: gay
nationality: american
favorite fruit: i love,, peaches 
favorite season: autumn!
favorite book: the raven cycle
favorite flower: white roses r really pretty tbh
favorite scent: smoke from a fiireplace
favorite color: pink probably
favorite animal: dogs!!!!!!!!
coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: hot cocoa
average sleep hours: 4-6 maybe?
favorite fictional character: oh no this is so hard either nick valentine or james flint from black sails currently? 
number of blankets you sleep with: usually only my sheets but sometimes i sleep without those if im too hot bc it gets ridiculous where i live 
dream trip: i’d love to go to iceland and stay in a cabin overlooking a mountainside for a few weeks (or maybe even months)
blog created: i created this one like half a year ago i cant remember when :/ it was remade from my old blog i know

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Pregnancy Series - Part two: Sorry doesn’t always make it right

A/N: So here’s the second part, yaye!! The next part will be the first ultrasound! Let me know what you think! xx

Part One

*10 weeks*

“Hey mopey,” Mia coos as she drops herself next to you on your bed, “It’s been like two weeks, you know, you should either get over it and move on or answer when he calls.”

“I don’t even care about that anymore,” You scoff loudly in denial before shoving a handful of popcorn in your mouth, “I don’t need him, I can do this by myself,” You say in mock confidence, obviously trying to convince yourself along with her, “Nothing he has to say to me now will make any of this better, besides he’s probably just freaking out that I’ll go to the press or something.”

“Okay, well, while you continue to live in denial,” She rolls her eyes, grabbing the bowl of popcorn from your lap before continuing, “There’s a lady at the door for you.”

“What,” You exclaim; sitting up straight in your bed in shock, “I never get visitors…”You trail off incredulously, “What does she want with me?”

“I don’t know,” She shrugs uninterested, her eyes focused on the movie you were watching, “She just asked for you. I left her in the kitchen; you should probably go see what she wants.”

“You can’t just leave a stranger alone in my kitchen,” You gasp, quickly standing up, frantically looking around for some pants, “What if she steals something?”

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guys omg im going north w friends and we’re gonna go to places that aren’t the city and holy shit i’mma see so many stars

I got an anon yesterday that I am going to post after much consideration. I am not saying that what this anon is saying is true or false. I am just leaving it here for everyone to do with it what they will. 

I found your blog through a friend. I’m sure you get a lot of trash in your ask, so believe me or dont, its fine. I see a lot of speaking about taylor and calvin that they cant go out because of paps etc but I live in LA and I can tell you thats not really true. I saw them TOGETHER (yes, no joking) at whole foods (MY EDIT: I ASKED HER WHICH ONE AND SHE SAID THE ONE IN BEVERLY HILLS) like 2 weeks ago. Im not totally into this taylor swift fandom but I thought maybe you’d want to know. I was shocked too when I saw them standing in the vegetables area and there were a few people being so embarrassing (“Oh God Taylor Swift! Look it’s Taylor Swift and her boyfriend!! Oh how cute”) but they handled the situation very gracious and normal. She is beautiful in reality by the way! I think she was wearing no make up, casually dressed. He seemed very protective but gentle, carrying the basket, always a hand on her back. they stood on front of us in line. They are both giants in real life guys. Oh and they bought ben&jerrys chocolate fudge brownie :D they both just behaved like a normal couple. He payed. She was looking at her phone when they stood in front of us. They seemed very familiar with each other, always whispering. So, this is all I can tell. Sorry for the anon. I run a pretty popular fashion blog here and I’m not interested in the attention that’d come with me sharing my wholefood experience ;) But I sometimes see some edits coming from TS blogs and I thought you guys might want to know! have a lovely day

Blown off. (Luke Hemmings imagine)

AN: got this idea from long-live-5sos so enjoy:)

Great, that just fucking perfect I thought after reading the text my friend had sent me saying she couldn’t make it to the picnic we had arranged 2 weeks ago, now I look like an idiot sitting in the park all by myself with a lovely picnic set out, how could she do this to me? god I’m mad at her.

Luke pov

Sitting in the park of the current city we were in I saw a girl with a picnic nicely set out on the grass which was really cute but she looked really sad so I decided to go over and see if she was okay because you should never be sad when there’s picnic’s nice as this one in front of you.

Normal pov

Just as im about to give up and pack it all away I see a blonde boy coming towards me, oh fuck thats not any boy its fucking luke hemmings oh god what the heck do I do??? play it cool Y/N.
“Hey I couldn’t help but see how upset you are by yourself with this picnic, you should never be sad with a picnic its meant to be a happy thing” he says sitting on the blanket next to me “your luke hemmings” I say not believing this is happening “yes I am, now are you going to tell me what’s wrong and eat the picnic?” he says popping a grape into his mouth.

“Well me and my friend arranged to have this picnic a couple of weeks ago but she just bailed on me to go see her boyfriend” I say looking at the grass “well thats a really shit think to do, so I will share your picnic, that is if you don’t mind” “not at all” I say getting a sandwich from the cooling bag.
“so whats your name” luke asks getting one too “Y/N” I say shyly trying not to make eye contact because I’m so awkward “nice name for a very nice girl” he says making me blush.

For the rest of the picnic we talked about his tour and he told funny stories about the boys and he got to know me a lot better and we must have sat there for at least 2 hours laughing our butts off.
starting to clear up luke gets a phone call from his tour manager “hello, yeah sorry I met someone and we lost track time, okay i’ll come over the now” he says hanging up “I’m really sorry for this but i have to go get ready for soundcheck” he says getting up and helping me up “It okay I understand” I say brushing of my jeans which had grass on them “if you want you can come with me the now and you can watch us play and hang out with us for a bit?” he says hopefully “really? I would love to” I say in amazement “but can we stop of at my apartment first I need to drop this bag off and change my jeans” I ask “yeah but you’ll have to be quick because im already late”.

Now at the venue I see load of crowds outside the venue and they scream when they see luke and run over to the but before any can get to us we run over to a side door and fall in “sorry about that it happened a lot” he says getting his breath back “its okay it was fun” I say also getting my breath back.
Backstage I meet the boys and hang out with them for a couple of hours and watch there sound check, now its show time “good luck” I say hugging him.
after an awesome show everyone is backstage cooling down and Im sitting on luke’s lap, its honestly so cliche but I feel like i’ve known him for months but we haven’t its crazy.

Ater everyone is going back to the buses and done packing up me and luke go for a walk, “thank you a lot for letting me come to the show tonight it was really good and uses are all so sweet”  say walking in the moon light “hey it was my pleasure I got to meet a really cool girl and I got free lunch” he says giggling.
For 10 minutes we just walk in silence holding hands as if we were a couple “could I get your number?” he stops walking and turns to me “of course” I say smiling and getting my phone out giving him my number “thanks, I can walk you home if you’d like?” “that would be lovely luke” I say retaking his hand.
Now at my door and saying our goodbyes he kisses my cheek and I wave him off at the door, now im very happy that my friend blew me off and I cant wait to rub this in her face.