& i dont give a hoot

heyyo, we’re trying to get a very scientific count on whom is in the rami fandom, lurker or active or whatever

so like, reblog this post i dont give a hoot, if u consider yourself in the fandom

  • me: hey u going to sarah's graduation party?
  • my friend hoo is an owl: no i dont not give a hoot!
  • me: ahahhahaha
  • my friend hoo is an owl: ahhahahaha
  • * at the party*
  • sarah: hey where is ur friend hoo is an owl at?
  • me: oh he made that joke about not giving a hoot and felt to awkward to change his answer again.

anonymous asked:

As a clexa shipper are is worried about BC? I mean its pretty clear they will have an emotional intense scene after the leaked after sex scene with lexa. Both crying hugging each other.

lexa’s gonna go down on clarke i dont give a hoot who she hugs later in the season

anonymous asked:

Why don't you rp Ziggs like the maniacal character he is? You're kinda butchering him.

First of all

Second of all

Ziggs is maniacal in his work which means: energetic, overzealous and keen to prove himself one of the best.

What i guess you mean as maniac is violent and insane. I hate to burst your bubble but Ziggs is neither of those. He is a highly intelligent yordle ( ya ain’t dean by being a jinx ) that loves his work just a bit too much. In normal interaction I believe i rp him just fine

And thirdly