& he's never been vocal about his feelings


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pairing: jimin x reader

genre: smut, fluff, slight angst + expecting parents au

word count: 11,035

request: sperm donor ex-boyfriend jimin

description: Okay, maybe in hindsight asking your ex-boyfriend, who you never really got over, to be your sperm-donor wasn’t the brightest of ideas.


six years prior.

“Do you wanna have kids one day?”

Jimin tilted his head as if to ponder the idea before tugging you across the bed until you were leaning against his chest, curious eyes catching your own.  

“Sure, I mean one day. One day, far, far away,” He said, pointing his finger off into the distance jokingly.

You laughed, hand skimming along the back of his neck. “Yeah, me too.”

“Any particular reason why you’re asking?” He said as he began playing with the strands of your hair.

“I dunno,” You shrugged. “We’ve been dating for a long time, just thought that it’s something we should know about each other.”

Jimin nodded, “No, you’re right. It’s kind of something you should figure out before things get too far in the relationship… Guess we waited a bit too long, but we’re on the same page, so that’s good,” He smiled, leaning down to place a short peck against your lips.

“So that means you think that information will be put to good use one day?” You asked, quirking your brow to insinuate.

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Jonas x Noora

So I saw a post that briefly mentioned a Jonas and Noora friendship, and it kind of sparked something in me. pt. 2

•We know Jonas has a lot of strong views on capitalism and Noora is a proud feminist. I could definitely see the two of them sharing passion for a variety of topics. For example when Jonas calls Isak out for pointing out that guy at the studio is gay. And how Noora had strong views on the role of violence in society. I think they are both pretty well-rounded in their opinions and knowledgeable about a variety of topics.

• Also the both of them are so put together. Definitely a power couple in the making.

•Jonas hasn’t had any serious relationships since 1st year, and Eva and Chris have something going on so I don’t see that relationship coming back. Noora and William are just a big ???

•They probably see eachother quite a bit, with Noora being Isak’s roommate and Jonas being his best friend. I can imagine one day Jonas comes over and Noora is reading or writing something on a topic Jonas has a joint interest in. They get into a bit of a heated conversation and both of them are lowkey shook to find someone else equally passionate about said topic(which ends up short-lived with the appearance of Isak).

•Maybe one day Jonas comes over, and Isak is busy (maybe he’s on the phone or he’s out a little longer than expected with Even). He just decides to wait for Isak because they have something important to do, but then Noora arrives and her eyes are kind of puffy. Jonas being a nice guy is just like “what’s up??” and she tries to play it off but ends up unloading on him about William.

• After initial meltdown she continues to come to him for advice as he is her only guy (friend?) source. They start to purposely spend time together, and initially it’s under the guise of Noora getting advice on William but they quickly find that they get along very well.

• Eva is the first to sense something going on with them. She’s friends with the both of them and she can’t help to notice that the two of them talk about each other a lot, not excessively but it’s an awful lot for two people who didn’t interact at all before. She talks to Isak about it but unfortunately he’s reverted from his snakey ways and refuses to get involved.

• They would finally get together at one of the Kosegruppa parties. Perhaps Jonas has had a bit too much to drink. He bumps into Noora and they talk for a little and he can’t help but to lean in to kiss her.

•Noora would momentarily be s h o o k, but she got over the shock she’d kiss him right back. Cue smirking Eva, Isak shaking his head, and varying shocked faces from the rest of their friends.

• Okay but imagine how good they would be for eachother:

• Jonas would tease her for her taste in music but when she gets down he’d gladly play all of her favorite JB songs on the guitar.

• Noora weaning Jonas off the weed by helping him identify and unload some of the stress that caused him to start smoking in the first place.

• Jonas teaching Noora how to unwind. We know that she is very headstrong and prefers to handle things on her own. Jonas respects that and he never forces her to talk about things, rather he shows her his favorite places and songs and shows in an attempt to make her feel better.

• Noora would love Narcos, and she can understand what they’re saying because of her time in Spain. Jonas stops watching it with Isak (who has been much more vocal about his lack of interest since his self-discovery) and it becomes his and Noora’s thing.

• Jonas teaching Noora to skate, because Noora gets tired of watching him from the sidelines.

• They’re both pretty independent people. They can go days without texting and they don’t often spend time with each others friends (Jonas hates the gossip and Noora hates the sexist video games they play). They are both very loyal to eachother so trust comes pretty easy.

• Neither of them are big on PDA, but Jonas always has an arm around her shoulder or on her waist to show the world “This beautiful girl right here, she’s all mine.”

• The one time-that-is-not-to-be-discussed where Noora convinced Jonas to wear some of her lipstick.

• Jonas, Noora, Eva and Isak would form their own mini squad. Cue lots of embarrassing stories about Isak (and a couple about Eva).

• Noora tries to teach Jonas to cook, but gets fed up with his teasing about how healthy everything is (“it’s like I’m dating a rabbit” “you say you won’t try weed but you clearly love grass”) and kicks him out the kitchen

• Isak bitching about how Noora is stealing his best friend but then Jonas reminds him that he basically has a live-in boyfriend.

• Ignoring eachother for hours because one of them proved the other wrong or made a really good point. (Nothing that can’t be fixed with kisses and corny jokes.)

• Noora shaping Jonas’s brows, but he ends up looking so odd she never does it again.

❝It’s not flattery when it’s the truth. ❞

Plot: Heechul and You have a big fight which results in you leaving without your phone

Pairing: Heechul x Reader

Words count: 1,8k+

Genre: Angst

For anon, I hope you like it! 


Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner!

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‘Wanna have dinner, babe?’ Heechul asked through the phone.

‘Aish I wish I could jagi but I am really busy working.’ You confess, shuffling around the papers on your desk.

‘You are always busy, Y/N!’ He whined, ‘I miss spending time with you…’

‘I miss you too but oh….I have to go Chullie, my boss came in.’ You hung up and Heechul sighed as he looked at the phone screen.

You and Kim Heechul had been a couple for two years. You worked for the advertising agency that hired Heechul for many of their adverts and commercials. At first you found him very obnoxious, but soon found him to be very shy around people he didn’t know. After long phone calls, many texts  and a kiss under the moonlight, you became his. Heechul now sat in the studio with a sad sigh as Leeteuk walked in with a shocked look on his face.

‘Ah Heechul-ah, you still here?’ The leader asked.

‘I was about to leave,’ He stood up, ‘Why you here?’

‘I’m prepping for Produce 101 with BoA before she leaves.’ His dimple smile coming out, ‘Any plans for tonight?’

‘I was going to get dinner but Y/N is busy again.’

‘She seems to be busy quite a lot these days.’

‘More like weeks.’ His shoulders slumped, ‘I feel like her work is more important then me.’

Heechul felt a reassuring arm around his shoulders, ‘Don’t be silly, you know Y/N loves you. Go home and have a good dinner, bath and then get some rest. Okay?’

‘Thank you hyung.’ Heechul turned and hugged him

Walking towards his car he thanked Leeteuk mentally. Park Jungsu was not only his leader, but also his friend and brother. He always knew how to cheer Heechul up just like how Donghae knew how to calm him down. Driving home he arrived to an empty apartment. Shedding his clothing one by one, he entered the shower. The hot water soothed his muscles from a long day. Changing into some comfortable clothing, he poured himself some wine and went through his social networks. Scrolling through twitter, he all but spat out his wine at the picture on his screen. It was his lover with friends and out having dinner.

‘She said she working!’ He growled as he pressed dial on his phone to be taken straight to voice mail ‘What the fuck!’

Pouring another glass of wine, he began pacing up and down. Three glasses down, he started feeling dizzy as the sound of the front door opened and closed with you inside the house. You placed your keys and phone on the table before shedding your coat and hang it up behind the door.

‘So you ditch me to have dinner with your friends?’ His voice was low as you let out a little squeal.

‘Don’t do that!’ You held a hand to your chest, ‘And I didn’t ditch you Heechul.’

‘Then what is this!’ He held the phone to your face with the picture on the screen.

‘Are you stalking me?

‘You forget you are the girlfriend of an idol, people are always watching!’

‘And they are dumb,’ You rolled your eyes, ‘It was a business dinner. We closing a deal with this major Japanese advertising agency.’

‘That still doesn’t give you the right to lie to me!’ He threw his phone onto the couch.

‘BUT. I. DIDN’T!’ You spoke every word individually, ‘I said I was busy with work! What is with you, tonight!?’

‘You are always busy Y/N! Do you know I haven’t once woken up to you in bed for the past month?’ He pointed out, ‘Or even gotten a proper conversation out of you?’

‘You know this is my work, Heechul.’ You defended, ‘Advertising is a 24/7 job.’

‘And so is a relationship, to which you have forgotten about!’ His eyes narrowed.

‘How dare you say that!!’

‘Simple. You have forgotten what it’s like to have the company of another!’

‘Why are you acting like a child, Kim Heechul?’ You asked, looking at him with stern eyes that was laced with tears.

‘BECAUSE I FEEL NEGLECTED!’ He finally exploded, walking with a slight wobble to you, ‘I have been put aside and placed second to your damn job!’

‘It must hurt to feel that way, hey?’ You asked with a raised brow, ‘Must hurts to be constantly put second because of a job, to wake up to a cold bed…TO SIT WEEKS WITHOUT A PROPER CONVERSATION! Now you know how it feels, because that is what I feel when you are constantly busy with you music and entertainment work.’

‘THAT IS MY JOB!’ He hissed, standing right in front of your face.

‘Are you drunk?’ You ask, smelling the alcohol on his breath.

‘That has nothing with what we are talking about now!’ Voice firm as you sniffed.

You knew that Heechul and alcohol was never a good thing. He never became violent but more vocal. More vocal than he already was a a sober human. Many times he had broken down in tears because of emotions that had been bottled up inside of him and had been released by a couple bottles of Soju.

‘You know what Heechul, I am going out.’ You turned on your heels.

‘We are not done here!’ Heechul held onto your arm.

‘Well I am!’ Your tone matched his, tears falling ‘You finally understand how it feels to be ignored and put aside because of work. That has been my life for two years now and not once did i ever complain! Now that I just happen to be busy, you feel like a neglected puppy. Well sorry Heechul but thats LIFE!’

Ripping your arm from his touch, you grabbed your keys and walked out the door. Tears streamed down your face as you ran to the elevator and eventually got into the car. Stepping on the gas you drove, to where, you had no idea. This wasn’t the first time you fought as a couple, but it was the first time it had resulted into something like this. The evening sky weighed heavily down on you as you drove through the streets of Seoul.

Heechul sat on the couch with his head in his hands. He himself had tears in his eyes as he tapped the side of his head repeatably and cursed himself. He never looked at this from your perspective and he felt guilty for not trying harder. Lying down on the couch, his head spun around in circles from the wine that still ran rampant in his system. The tears caused him to close his eyes which had him down for a good two hours. Shooting up from the couch, he saw it close to be midnight.

‘Y/N?’ He called your name hoping you came home but received nothing back. Shuffling around he found his phone and called your number to only hear it ringing on the table, ‘How can she forget her phone!’

His head beat heavily from a headache as he started phoning every person he could think off. Call after call he was given the same answer to a point were his worrying  started to turn into a panic. Running out barefoot, he jumped into the car and started driving around. He thanked the gods that you took your car which would be easier to spot. Driving up and down his mind filled with frightening thoughts.

What is she ran out of petrol?



Not liking those possibilities, he stepped on the gas and didn’t even care if he was breaking the speed limit. Place after place he fell short as he parked the car off and rested his head against the seat and thought hard. It had been a good hour and he still fell short of finding you. He hated the idea of you two fighting, but he also hated that you ran away. Sighing, a thought popped into his head and he was back on the road. Arriving, he jumped out and ran through the local park. The night was cold as he came close to a bridge that crossed over a small pond and found you sitting on it with your legs dangling over the edge and arms resting on the banister.

‘You know better than to run out.’ His voice causing you to sigh as he took a seat next to you.

‘And you know better then to run around barefoot,’ You pointed at his feet, ‘You going to get sick.’

‘And so will you.’ He pointed out as you both sat in silence for a few minutes before he spoke again, ‘I’m sorry, I never knew you felt that away about me working so much.’

‘I knew it was your job, Heechul,’ You confessed, ‘I understood.’

‘But you should have told me,’ He looked at you, ‘You are my girlfriend, and I am not a mind reader. You know I don’t know what goes through that pretty little head of yours.’

‘Just go home Heechul, I am not in the mood for your flattery.’

‘It’s not flattery when it’s the truth,’ He turned to face you, ‘Listen to me, Y/N. I felt hurt because its weird to think that you don’t need me as much as I want you to. A man is meant to provide for his lady and make her live a comfortable life, but you live a life of instant coffee, convenience store food and long working hours and I hate seeing you strain yourself.’

‘I know you hate the idea of me working but I enjoy it.’ You confess, ‘I need you very much, but not for your money. I can earn enough of that on my own, but all I need you for is to love and hold me through the nights and reassure me that I am not loosing my mind. Advertising can make a person mad.’

‘You should try being an idol.’ A slight chuckle left his lips as he held his head, ‘I am sorry for shouting at you, I was partially drunk as well and you know that never works well with me. But please tell me if you ever feel hurt in anyway because of me. I never wanna hear you suffering in silence. Kim Heechul treats his woman with honour, love and care!’

Inching close, you rubbed your noses together before placing a sweet peck on his lips to have him pull your lips back with a firm hand. Your initiation of the kiss was to just reassure him, but he wanted to prove his apology. Slowly yours lips moulded together with your  one hand wrapped around his shoulders and the other held his cheek lightly. His hands wrapped around your waist as he pulled you closer.  Heads tilted to the side, his tongue brushed over your lower lip asking for entrance. Smiling against his perfect lips, you opened your mouth and allowed his strong muscle to slip in. Air was needed as you broke apart and pressed your foreheads together.

‘And I love Kim Heechul.’

‘I want you to never hide your true feelings, okay?’

‘Never, now lets get you out the cold before you get sick, because a grumpy Kim Heechul is a pain in the ass!’

Sign of the Times

First of all, I love SotT.   I’m going to put my music critic hat on for this post (even though, I’m not really a pompous, condescending, feckless, snobbish ass - which seems to be a requirement for the most part.)  I’m going to TRY and look at the song from outside my fandom bubble - inasmuch as that is possible.  I’ll be a critic who is familiar with 1D post Up All Night - something that seems sorely lacking. Please bear with me.

Sign of the Times is Harry Styles’ first foray into solo music.  Styles’ solo career has been greatly anticipated since One Direction began their hiatus.  With the launch of this first singe, we finally get a taste of the “direction” his solo music will take.  Styles has cited Elvis Presly, The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd among others as his greatest musical influences.  Sign of the Times undoubtedly has a David Bowie flavor, but this review will stop well short of calling the work derivative.  Styles seems to draw from a deep knowledge and appreciation of rock music roots, specifically British rock.  Styles is only 23.  Some may think he’s too young to deliver a convincing ballad about death, pain and loss.  Whatever his age, the ballad certainly doesn’t feel calculated, but rather an expression of his deepest self.  Anyone familiar with One Direction’s latest album, Made in the AM, and Styles’ contributions to it should find some familiarity in SofT.  Styles has long been fond of power ballads and putting music to pain, loss and happiness. 

There are a few problems with Sign of the Times:  I’ts much too long at just under 6 minutes.  The melody is too simplistic and repetitive.  Falsetto should be served as a sauce or seasoning, but never a main course.  It’s just plain overly dramatic.

What’s right with the song, first and foremost, is everything wrong with it.  Anyone who’s heard Styles interviewed will know how slowly he speaks.  He seems to have and entirely different perception of time and he pulls the listener into his perspective.  Signs of the Times just doesn’t seem nearly as long as it is - as if time itself was slowed down for six minutes.  A more complex melody  would only diminish the nuance, layers and escalation built into the ballad.  Styles is one of those rare artists who can make boring music fascinating.  With his voice, he commands every emotion.  He can illicit pain, sorrow, elation in a seemingly effortless way.  The falsetto part, in an effort to increase the ethereal effect, has a little too much reverb.  That said, Styles falsetto is delightful to the ear and somehow it just works in Sign of the Times.  As for the drama, it just feels real.  Styles has lost his grandmother; Matt Irwin a photographer and close friend;  Johannah Deakin, mother of his One Direction band-mate, Louis Tomlinson, (reportedly, Styles and Deakin were very close and her regarded her almost as a second mother.)  Sign of the Times feels like something from another time and place - hopelessly out of sync with today’s popular music and yet - comfortable, timeless beautiful.

Styles has the ability to take something minimalist, simplistic and make it great.  Any artist can create music that is original, out of the main stream, esoteric.  Styles’ genius is making this ballad, utterly foreign in today’s pop music landscape, thoroughly accessible.  Everything about Sign of the Times seems wrong from the music industry, bean counter perspective - but isn’t that always the case with the great ones?  This ballad was surely a huge risk for Styles.  He should have taken a safer route - shooting for a niche somewhere between Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran - thank God he didn’t.

The vocals in Sign of the Times are nothing short of breathtaking.  Styles had ample opportunity to shine in One Direction and he certainly delivered some fantastic vocals there.  As a solo artist, however,  his entire vocal toolbox is on display and it’s quite impressive.  He’s not the first pop/rock singer to have a raspy voice, but he honestly doesn’t sound like anyone on the scene now, or from the last 50 years.  His voice is raw, sensitive, evocative, gritty, expressive and soothing.  The unique thing about Styles’ rasp is that it never sounds harsh - something poor Rod Stewart could only dream of.  Styles can easily pierce the hearts of his listeners and his delivery always feels honest and genuine.

Sign of the Times has been a phenomenal success so far.  He dispatched Adele’s “unbreakable” 50 minute rocket to the top of iTunes in only 19 minutes.  The One Direction fans certainly gave him a boost, but those kind of numbers are simply impossible with mediocre music.  No signer can prove their worth with one song, but with  Sign of the Times, Styles is well on the way.

preview | doctor dreamy (pt.2)

part one | part two (expected by april 22nd)

warnings: mentions of sexual content below

“I’m so fucked,” Jimin groaned, burying his face into the palms of his hands. Thoughts of you, the agreement, and his confused feelings, simultaneously unraveling in the pit of his stomach.

“I still don’t get why you’re so stressed about it,” Jin said as he pushed a coffee across the table towards his friend, who at that very moment seemed to be having a complete breakdown. “It’s just sex. You’re having sex with someone that you’ve had sex with many times before. What’s the issue?”

“The issue is,” Jimin paused, taking a sip of the coffee, hoping that by some miracle it would help him singe the worries plaguing his mind, “That, first of all, it’s been four years since we’ve had said sex, and second of all it’s not sex sex. It’s going to be this weird agreement, deal, manufactured, whatever sex.”

Jin chuckled in amusement. “Do tell, what exactly qualifies as sex sex? I guess I should find out if I’ve been doing it right, according to Dr. Park standards,” He joked.

Jimin sighed, ignoring his friend’s banter. “It’s like, you know… Regular sex. Where it can be intense and emotional… This feels just so detached and distant.”

“As if you’ve never had a one night stand where there were no emotions involved beyond sex. What’s the difference here?” Jin replied simply with a shrug, however Jimin already had his reasons resting on the tip of his tongue.

“It’s completely different. With something like a hook-up you can still be raw and vocal about how it’s making you feel, even if it’s just shallow stuff like how good it’s making you feel. Because even though there’s no emotions, you’re both still doing it for the pleasure of sex at least. Wouldn’t it be… I don’t know, inappropriate to say things like how good she’s making me feel in the moment, or touching her in a romantic way, when we’re supposed to be having sex for the sole purpose of getting her pregnant, and not even for pleasure? Hell, can I even kiss her without it crossing the line for what we’re supposed to be doing?” Jimin breathed out heavily, running his fingers wildly through his hair as the situation at hand continued to torture his mind. 

It was a real concern, how exactly was he supposed to act? Could he kiss you? Could he say certain things? Could he do anything besides, to put it very bluntly, come inside of you? He knew that these things would be talked about once the time came, but honestly that made Jimin feel something strange buried deep within his chest. This girl, who he’d loved for so long now, who he’d experienced so many things with, was now a complete mystery to him. Not because you’d changed specifically, but because the context of what the two of you were to each other had changed, and honestly… He hated that. He despised the idea of not knowing how to act towards you, when it used to feel as natural as breathing to be with you, so yeah, he just really, really hated that.

Jimin was absent-mindedly tapping at the sides of his coffee cup when Jin finally decided to give a response – albeit a completely unhelpful response. “Yeah… You’re kinda fucked, man,” He ended up saying, bringing his hand up in an attempt to hide his shameless amusement. 

Jimin scoffed, “Thanks, real  fuckin’ helpful.”

“Okay, in all seriousness I think you just need to talk to her. Ask her what the limits are for this little arrangement the two of you have going on, and then work from there.”

“Yeah I know,” Jimin whispered somberly, “I just hate not knowing how I’m allowed to be with her anymore, when…”

“When you still love her,” Jin finished, and Jimin simply nodded in return. It was quiet for a minute or so after that, allowing Jimin’s thoughts to run haywire again, but luckily Jin spoke before it could get too far. “You’ll figure it out. She picked you for a reason, you know?”

“Yeah… Guess you’re right,” Jimin said hesitantly.

After that they continued to talk for a while, but removing themselves from the conversation of Jimin’s strange love life. It helped for him to have something to do besides wallow in what was going to happen in the coming days with you. Jimin could only hope that, with whatever transpired between the two of you, that you would be comfortable and happy with how everything turned out in the end, because really that was the most important part of all of this.

Jimin was still thinking heavy thoughts when Jin stood up from the chair across from him. “C’mon, we got lives to save,” He said, motioning for Jimin to follow.

“Yeah, yeah,” Jimin mumbled.

“You wanna spend the day in the maternity ward?” Jin asked, a smug grin playing on his lips.

Jimin punched his friend’s arm playfully. “Jerk,” He muttered before the two doctors headed down the hall, leaving their mildly heavy conversation behind – well, for now at least.

It Just Felt Right

Originally posted by newtpotters

Requested: By a wonderful anonymous person

Pairings: Ezra Miller x Reader

Summary: Y/N has never appreciated her pushy mom, but this Christmas, she may have indirectly paid off.

Warnings: Pushy mom

Word Count: 1,201

A/N: I hope that you guys like the last post of 12 Days of Christmas! I will resume my usualy Monday Wednesday Friday schedule next week!

Leave it to you to fall in love with your best friend. Better yet, your gay best friend.

It had been that way for so long that you couldn’t remember a time that you weren’t in love with him. You had met him in elementary school, and there was just something about him that drew you in, and kept you there. Even though you had met at such a young age, the two of you had stuck together through it all. Even when you were still in college and he was off acting in movies, the two of you talked every night without fail. After you graduated, he insisted that you move near to him and you had never been happier. He was the kindest soul that you had ever met, unless you had managed to cross someone that he cared about.

You had caught him in the middle of a particularly rude response. “Ez,” you said, leaning your chin on his shoulder to read the computer screen. “You know that I don’t care what they say.”

“Well I do.” He huffed, turning around to face you. “I hate it when people are rude.”

“You don’t get bothered when they talk about you.” you pointed out.

He chose not to respond, simply turning around and erasing the comment. “We’re going to be late,” you pointed out, throwing your coat on and grabbing the bag that you had packed that morning. Ezra was constantly running late and you hated being late to anything.

“Do we have to go?” He whined, spinning around in the chair. You were supposed to be heading to your parent’s house for a Christmas party. Even though you loved them, your parents had a tendency to be overbearing, and they were constantly asking you about things that you didn’t want to think about. Like why you didn’t have a boyfriend. And even though you knew the answer, it wasn’t one that you were going to say out loud.

“I don’t want to go either, but we both have to.”
“Theoretically, we don’t have to go.” He said slowly, contemplating the ways that he could get out of going.

You handed him his coat and ushered him out of the door before he could convince you that you should just stay home and watch It’s a Wonderful Life for the sixtieth time. The car ride there was wonderfully calm. You knew that a storm was coming once you got to the party, with your family.

His hand was on your leg, but that wasn’t something new. Ezra had always been touchy around you, and you couldn’t say that you were upset about it.

Unfortunately, the ride was over too quickly and you were quickly swept up in the craziness of your family. Before you knew it, both of you were sat on the couch, a glass of wine in your hand. Everyone had opened presents, and nothing had gone wrong, yet. It was going surprisingly well, as your mother had yet to ask about your love life and you were only about five minutes away from being able to leave.

“So, Y/N,” your mother said, her voice slightly slurred from all of the eggnog. “Have you met anyone new lately?”
And there it was. She couldn’t let you visit without bringing up your obvious lack of a love life. Sometimes you would try and avoid the question. Sometimes you would lie. But today, you were over it. You were going to tell the truth. “No mom, and I’m not trying to either.”

Her eyebrows rose over the rim of her cup, but apparently she got the hint that you weren’t going to be talking about it.

You stared her down, a newfound confidence coming over you. “I think that we should head home.” Ezra said quietly into your ear. You offered him only a small nod before standing up from the couch and making your way to the door.

“I don’t know why you let her get to you.” he said softly beside you. you knew that he was trying to make you feel better, but you couldn’t help but remember how you had said the same thing earlier. Maybe you should just tell him.

“Because it’s none of her business,” you said, hoping that he would leave it at that. But that wasn’t how Ezra was. He raised his eyebrows at you, knowing that there was more to what you were saying. “And maybe I already found somebody else.”

You may have been imagining it, but it looked like Ezra’s shoulders slumped. “Really?”

“I said maybe…” you weren’t so sure about your decision now.

“Who is it?” When you didn’t say anything, and after a few moments of silence, he pushed further. “Do I know him?” You could only bring yourself to nod. Where was all of that courage that you felt a few minutes ago?

You were shocked when Ezra didn’t immediately try to guess who it was. Usually he thought that it was funny to try and embarrass you by guessing who you had a crush on. Thankfully though, he had never actually guessed himself.

“Is it-”

“Ezra, it’s you.”
“I’m sorry, what?” you had spoken so quietly that he wasn’t sure if he had heard you correctly. You were only staring down at your feet, wishing that he would let the matter drop. “It’s me?”

You nodded, only looking up when you felt the car stop. There was no way that you were home already. Ezra had pulled over into an old gas station, but you had plenty of gas to make it home.

“I know that you are saying you found someone, but I have to tell you this, or I will never forgive myself.” You nodded. You had no idea what he was on about, but the sooner it was over, the sooner you could go home. “I love you.” he paused, but when you did say anything in return, he rambled on further. “I think that it started when we went to the beach that day, remember? When I convinced you to skip classes?” you nodded before he continued. “And you just looked so happy and… pure. And I think that I just fell. Hard. And I didn’t want to tell you, because you had never expressed interest, in me. Or anybody really, since I’ve known you.”

“I- you like me?” He nodded, hoping that you would elaborate. “I thought that you were gay.”

You hadn’t planned on blurting out your assumptions about your best friend’s sexuality, especially since he had never vocalized them. You had always thought that it was just understood. Something that had always been.

“I’m not gay.” He laughed. “And if that was the only objection that you had about, this” he said, gesturing between the two of you. “I don’t think that it would be too presumptuous for me to do this.” And then he was kissing you. And it felt right. You had imagined this moment, late at night when your inhibitions melted away, you pictured the fireworks, the feel of his warm lips on yours. But you had never imagined how you would feel so completely whole.

as a thank you to @whatyourefightingfor for donating to me, as a thank you here is a one shot about your fave boys daryl and paul


“I want to kiss you.”

The words hung in the air, they were simple, and they were easy to anyone else that was not Daryl. To Daryl it was the equivalent to a bomb going off, or a walker herd in the distance. Actually, this was probably worse. Daryl Dixon could fight anyone, get out of any situation alive even though sometimes it seemed like he would not. This though, this was something much scarier to him. This was something that Daryl Dixon looked at with wide eyes and a shocked expression, as though everything he knew was falling apart. In a simpler world, hearing those words would not send Daryl running to the hills, in a simple world, a kiss would just be a kiss, and not something that would drive him insane with thoughts of self-deprecation and flashbacks to a darker day of his life.

Paul wished that he could climb inside Daryl’s mind, and understand him. That was not an easy thing to do.

“You don’t know me.”  Daryl said.

Paul shrugged, not altogether sure that that had to do with him wanting to kiss Daryl, but he didn’t say that out loud. He was learning what to say, what not to say, or how to choose his words carefully around Daryl.

“I know enough.” Paul murmured. “I’ll learn more.” He added, smiling leisurely. He took a step forward, but Daryl looked at him as though he was an enemy, and that broke Paul’s heart a little, so he stayed put. “What are you thinking?” Paul asked.

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SasuSaku and japanese culture

 I don’t think people give enough credit to the Japanese culture, and how different it is to the west, when it comes to justifying SasuSaku. 

Japanese men are known to be married to their work. They are extremely hard working, and sincere in what they do. This is the reason why Sasuke is not around for Sarada’s childhood. What people in the west fail to understand is that, for Sasuke, protecting his family and his village is his duty, his job, and he’ll do anything to carry that out, even if it means staying away from them.

One anti argument is that Sakura and Naruto are loud, and very un-japanese, but Kishi has said multiple times that Naruto was created partly keeping in mind that it must appeal to Americans and american culture. Naruto and Sakura are very much “commoners” in Konoha. Naruto, not knowing his heritage, was like any other average citizen, so was Sakura. Even their colour scheme was very loud and bright, unlike an average japanese, who prefers subtlety.

Conversely, we have people like Sasuke and Hinata, who come from noble clans and are “konoha royalty”. Their colour schemes are far more dark and subtle, and even their mannerisms are very quiet and serious. Thus, they emulate an average japanese more than characters like Naruto and Sakura, due to their noble blood. And this circles back to the first point made, Sasuke is modelled after a general japanese man.

The japanese are not known for their grand gestures. They will not announce their love to the rest of their world, and kiss their love under a thousand stars. But, it doesn’t mean they care any less. It’s the same for Sasuke. His way of showing his love is by scouring any threats which may harm his family, or keeping information which would put Sarada in danger. He cares about his wife’s well being, as shown in the gaiden.

You must understand that Kishimoto himself is a japanese man. He was not brought up in Tokyo or Kyoto, he grew up in rural Japan. Thus comes his conservative nature, and his ideal of a japanese couple who love each other. 

If people think NaruHina is a more ideal couple then let me ask you this: What would the relationship have been like if Hinata was the man of the family? Hinata, other than the time she stepped in to protect Naruto during the pain invasion (as Sasuke had done for Sakura when orochimaru had sent them into shock, or when he offered to be the sacrifice, so that Naruto could save Sakura and run), has never been very vocal about her feelings for Naruto. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t love him every bit as much.

This is why, in Japan, SasuSaku was well received and did not face as much criticism.

To anyone who still thinks Sasuke is a horrible husband and father, let me draw a parallel to Masashi Kishimoto’s own life: Masashi never went on his honeymoon, for the 12 years he’d been married, because he was that dedicated to his readers and his manga, WHICH WAS HIS JOB (again, back to square one). Does that not remind you of a certain raven-haired shinobi? Tell me, does that mean he doesn’t love his wife? Grow up, love does not mean honeymoons, chocolates and kisses. It’s so much more than that, and the moment you realise that, you’ll realise that the subtle gestures Sasuke does for Sakura, are much more than any big white wedding/kiss under the stars/proclaiming to the world.

anonymous asked:

would you mind doing a baekhyun character analysis?

hell no! I love the boy he’s one of my first biases from exo so i just kept this one for later so i could gather my thoughts for a good and accurate enough analysis.

  • baekhyun is definitely and most definitely the beagle charcacter. he loves to engage people and use his energy to help them gain some energy of their own.
  • considering he’s a taurus it really fits because one of the things that taureans love, is being the centre of attention. but this is different from the way aries like to be the centre of attention. while baekhyun loves it when people look at him and are happy because of him, it comes from a place of momentary need for attention. as long as you acknowledge him once, he’s good. then he’ll be off on his way. but aries, take their things very seriously. they put a lot more thought into what theyre doing and why they’re doing it so if you ignore an aries when they’re trying their best wow, god be with you.
  • i feel like baekhyun has always been the sort of talented vocal but not always the talented vocal in exo. in exo k he got overshadowed by kyungsoo and when exo k and m began to promote together, he definitely was overshadowed by chen. he always seems to be 2nd best and you can tell that really bothered him before
  • but now even he knows he has a good steady fanbase that he never has to worry about losing out his popularity.
  • baek doesn’t feel like the hyung material to me. as the mood maker, he’s glad to just be responsible for bringing a smile to the member’s faces and stay far away from leading them. even chanyeol could take up leading them, but baekhyun would never volunteer. if he did, i think it would lowkey be just to prove to himself that he could do it, not because he wanted to.
  • baekhyun is most definitely not ugly or anything i mean look at his face. but i think EVERYONE in exo, with the exception of kai and kris, were a bit unsure about their standing regarding to them being pretty (which is utter nonsense because SM continuously releases pretty boygroups what the hell). But I can see that his confidence has increased.
  • the decrease however, is in his silly mood-maker image. ofcourse he’s at his excited best at concerts but thats his job. in reality tv and just through his interviews, you can see that he is reevaluating himself a lot and seeks more of a mature and adult image of a reserved but loving man. i think one of his best expressions of such thought was his recent MV for Take You Home. (yes i know it could very well be the stylist but look at his acting too. he looked too comfy)
  • after jongdae, baekhyun is a selfless person when it comes to giving happiness. he literally could carve a smile on his face, when he’s hurting, if it means that his fans could be happy. he’s just that much of an idiot that he thinks other people deserve happiness despite his sadness.
  • i just wish we saw more of baek because i know there is so much more to his personality but WE DONT HAVE ENOUGH REALITY TV OF EXO OK.
  • also, prettiest hands in the existence of humanity.

Originally posted by baehkkyun

yoongi did not go through depression over his appearance. he went through depression and suicidal thoughts because he felt detached from the world and his family, because he hated himself, because his dream was something that seemed to be unattainable, because of his compulsions, because of his crushed shoulder that forced him to go through so many struggles both emotionally and physically (which he details in first love and the last- and its not because of his appearance), because of literally so many things that I actually feel uncomfortable to have to talk about it in a text post like this because I don’t even know him personally. so who are you to demean his struggles to JUST his appearance? who do you think you are to compress his battle with mental health to the one thing he has never even talked about? not once has he ever talked about having body image issues, I’m so angry and disgusted- yoongi has been so vocal about his identity and difficulties in his lyrics and music, he willingly put himself into this vulnerable state because he wanted us to know who he really is and what he went through but y'all didn’t even take the time to really listen and understand his music huh? and now you’re making people actually believe this bs even though it’s nowhere close to the truth I’m sick to my stomach


-Autistic Papyrus who can’t read social cues and is a little too trusting

-Autistic Papyrus who speaks in all caps because he can’t quite control his volume

-Autistic Papyrus who works hard on his special interests (puzzles and spaghetti)

-Autistic Papyrus who fell in love with his party costume and wears it everywhere

-Autistic Papyrus who wears gloves because the soft texture inside is lovely for stimming

-Autistic Papyrus who sticks to a routine with training at Undyne’s and his bedtime stories, preferring the same book every time

-Autistic Sans who wears his big hoody regardless of the temperature, because the weight of it is great for pressure stimming, plus the fluffy hood is lovely

-Autistic Sans who wears slippers everywhere because he can’t stand the feeling of socks and shoes

-Autistic Sans who’s okay at reading social situations, but uses jokes as a script when he’s not sure what to say

-Autistic Sans whose special interest is jokes, he loves finding connections between words

-Autistic Sans with executive dysfunction, driving Papyrus crazy because just picking a sock up off the floor means he should do his laundry and that means he has to sort out his other dirty clothes and that means he has to tidy his room and he should get groceries too and FORGET IT, he’s just gonna leave another note

-Autistic Sans who worked around the executive dysfunction by picking jobs that had very few steps involved, so he could handle them

-Autistic Sans who likes hanging out at Grillby’s, but gets overloaded pretty quickly, so all his sentry posts/hotdog stands etc are in isolated spots so he can decompress or sleep it off

-Autistic Sans who loves to stim but is embarrassed to do it in front of people, so he spends time alone for that as well

-Autistic Sans whose favourite vocal stim is the word “knock”, and one time he was stimming away near that weird locked door in the woods, when a voice from behind the door said “who’s there?” so he panicked and had to pretend he’d been telling a joke. At least he made a friend out of that, and he doesn’t even have to make eye contact with her!

-Autistic Sans who’s never heard the word autistic, but he’s always known that Paps was different to other people, and he works really hard to make sure his bro never feels bad about being himself

-Autistic Sans who never realised that the same thing applied to himself, and thinks he’s just a lazy good-for-nothing


The Way It Was

Originally posted by ikonis

Genre: angst/fluff

Featuring: Bobby x Reader

Request: Bobby scenario where he just gets jealous of you dancing with Hanbin and such at a party and when you go back home he just starts yelling at you, that you’re a liar and stuff like that and the boys need to like pull him back so he calms down… Fluffy ending please?

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job au prompt:  ‘I work as a florist and every day you walk in, buy one flower and give it to me’ AU

The first time you had met Min Yoongi he had entered the shop appearing to be lost. He had wandered around the store intrigued by the vast array of colorful flowers lining the shelves and walls. He would later come to confess to you that he had only entered the shop in an attempt to escape the downpour outside and that although the beauty of the flowers had captured him, you were much more appealing.

That day he had chosen a bouquet of lily’s and blooming roses. You had wrapped it carefully for him and cheekily commented that his girlfriend would love them. He had laughed nervously before plucking one of the flowers from the bunch and holding it out to you, informing you that he indeed did not have a girlfriend.

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How Would BTS React to You Being Flexible in Bed....










anonymous asked:

Do you have any head canon about the reader losing her virginity to Sam ?? I love all your stuff so much!!

Oh, do I ever!   fyi I have a one shot coming up that might interest you. 

@cyrilconnelly, @impalaimagining, @spontaneousam, @barbedwireandbubblegum, @teamfreewill-imagine, @abbirae99 @bohowitch, @winchesterprincessbride, @justcallmelosechester


When Sam pops your cherry, he’s a virgin too.

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Second Chances

Heyyyy I absolutely love your writing! Can you write a one shot about Reid x Reader where they dated a while then had a really bad breakup, then eventually they realized they couldn’t live without each other and got back together?? Thank you!!

Yes, I most certainly can!  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

Ring riiiiing.  Ring riiiiiiing.

The loneliness was too much to bear.  After three years, multiple one-night stands, dozens of turned down second dates, and many drunken sob sessions, you found yourself dialing the number you knew by heart.  The number you recited in your sleep.  The number you dialed on so many occasions.

You didn’t even know if it was still his number.

And yet, as the phone rang at 3 in the morning, you found your heart whirring in you ears as the ringing stops, only for the voice mail to pick up.

“This is Dr. Spencer Reid.  Leave a message, and I’ll get back with you.”


And then?  Silence.

“Uh…S-…Spencer?  Hey there.  It’s um…it’s me.  Y/N, that is.  I was just…calling to see if this number was still yours.  Guess it is.”

Awkwardly chuckling, you take in a deep breath, trying to steady your shaking voice.

“I don’t even know if you’ll remember me…”

Slapping your forehead, you squeeze your eyes shut.

“Stupid me…eidetic memory…”

Flinging your eyes open, you pull the phone away from your ear and look at it, the screen still ticking away the second.

“I mean!  Shit.”

Hanging up the phone before you make even more of an ass out of yourself, you set your phone down onto its receiver by your bed, curling up into the comforter on your bed as you stare at the wall.

He was probably asleep with his new girlfriend.

And the thought made you cry yourself back to sleep.


You found yourself dreaming about that night…that last night together.

You had never been much of a vocal person in bed, a few groans here and a grunt or two there.  You were a gasper, your voice always getting hitched in your throat.

Spencer, on the other hand, surprised you with some of the things he would say.

“Oh, fuck me, Y/N….oooooooooh, god…”

Feeling him thrust into you as you wrap your legs around his waist, you toss him over, your bodies never parting as you straddle his hips, your pelvis grinding into him as his hands fly up to your breasts, cupping them in his large, strong hands as you roll your hips into his.

“Ooooooh…” you moan, bracing your body against the headboard as your jaw begins to swing open.

And then…you heard it.

“Oooooooh, fuck!  Mara!”

Your eyes flying open as you stop mid-rock, looking down upon your boyfriend of 15 months, your eyes searching his wildly growing stare as you slip off to the side.

Staring at him as you slowly stand at the side of the bed, your sweating body panting as tears crest your eyes, you find yourself arms wrapping around your chest as Spencer kneels on his bed.

“Y/N, I can-”

“Who’s Mara?” you ask.

Looking at you as he holds his hands out, his body pleading with you to come back to bed, you take a step back from him as you feel your shirt appear underneath your foot.

“Spencer…I asked you a question,” you bite, dipping down and putting your shirt over your head.

“Y/N, it’s not what you think-” he starts.

“You just said another woman’s name while I was riding your dick in bed, I’m pretty sure it’s exactly what I think,” you spit, your voice shaking as your thick tears begin to drip off of your plump cheeks.

“I don’t get you off anymore…” you trail off.

As Spencer’s eyes survey your body, your hairy legs having not been shaved for weeks and your disheveled pubic hair not being touched for days and your body stinking of three day-old body odor…

He couldn’t convince you to go to therapy.  To get help after you lost your best friend in a car accident.

“Y/N…you don’t…”

Flopping his hand in your general direction, you look down with crying eyes, your chest heaving as you take in the site of your ungroomed body.

“So because I don’t shave means you go and sleep with someone else?” you tremor.

“No!  No, I’m not sleeping with anyone else!” Spencer yelps, finally stepping off of the bed as you take yet another step back.

“Then who.  Is.  Mara?” you enunciate.

And as his eyes trail to his laptop, your jaw quivering as your lungs expel the breath you were holding, you found yourself wishing that he had cheated.

Spencer hated technology.

And yet, he had found a way to navigate the one thing he hated most just so he could have an image to get off to.

Shaking your head as you grab your sweatpants, you begin piling your weekend clothes in your bag.

“Y/N…please.  Let’s talk-”

Holding up your hand, no words tumbling from your trembling jaw as you throw your toiletries into your bag, you sling it over your shoulder as you begin marching out of his room.

“Y/N!” Spencer calls out, grabbing your arm with his hand as you wrench around, pulling yourself from his grasp.

“Don’t touch me,” you harshly whisper, your neck drenched in your tears as you spin back around, navigating towards the front door.

“You aren’t taking care of yourself!” he yells desperately.

Stopping with your hand halfway to the doorknob, you close your eyes and take in a ragged breath through your chapped lips.

“She’s gone, Y/N…Bonnie is gone, and you have to cope with that.  And you’re not.  You’re spiraling, and I’m worried about you.”

Hearing him take a deep breath, you turn your blank, stoic face to him slowly as your eyes graze up and down his naked form, committing his beautiful body to memory as you utter your last words to him.

“Then worry no more.  You’re free.”


Peeling your swollen eyes open as you sniffle, you feel your dry throat aching with every swallow as you slowly pull yourself upright, forcing your body out of bed as you walk over, throwing the curtains back from the large window in your room as the morning sun settles onto your bed.

Over the three years that you and Spencer had not spoken, you had fixed the issues he had had with you.  You had sessions of laser hair removal done on your legs, arms, and armpits, and over the course of the first year, you found yourself only shaving once every couple of months when the pricklies finally made their way back to the surface.  You kept a regular habit of keeping your pubic hairs groomed, with a reminder set at the beginning of every weekend to shave them down, in case you felt like going out and partying.

But, in all of these efforts to change the topical, you never once thought about seeing a therapist.  Coping with the loss of your friend.  Finding any sort of direction in your life.

Holding your head as you look at yourself in your bathroom mirror, you groan as you remember the phone call you placed last night, followed by the hilariously awkward voice message.

Sighing as you dip your head, turning on the water faucet to clean up, you mutter, “He says another woman’s name from a porno in bed, and I’m the one grovelling.”

Brushing your teeth and washing your face, you crack your neck as you peel your pajamas off, favoring the ones that covered up every inch of your body to the over-sized shirts you had worn so long ago, you hear your phone begin to ring next to your bed.

Schlepping over as you mindlessly pick it up, you pinch the bridge of your nose as you answer the ringing connection to the outside world.

“Y/F/N speaking, how may I help you?”


Throwing your eyes open at the sound of his voice, your eyes widen as you find yourself at a loss for words.

“Y/N?  Are you there?” Spencer asks.

“Uh…yes!  Yes, I’m uh…I’m h-…here,” you respond.

“Are you alright?”

Feeling your breath shallow out as you sit on the edge of your bed, you find your eyes watering as you breathe the question out before it filters its way through your mind.

“Was Mara pretty?”

As silence descends upon the phone call, your heart thumping loudly in your ears as your free hand begins to twirl itself within your bed-sheets, you hear Spencer take a deep breath.

“No.  She was just…happy,” he says.

And there it was.

You had been so miserable and so caught up in the grief of losing your friend that you had driven the only man worth loving to an internet woman, and all because he just wanted to get off on making someone happy.

Finding it difficult to breathe, the phone drops from your hand as you bend over, your hands on your knees as you try desperately to catch your breath.

You felt like you were running a marathon.

“Y/N?” Spencer asks into the phone.

“Y/N?  That’s a name I haven’t heard in a while,” Morgan says, coing up and patting Spencer’s shoulder.

“Y/N!?” he panics, yelling into the phone as his eyes grow wild.

And still, you couldn’t catch your breath.

Dropping to all fours as you heave air into your lungs, involuntary tears pouring down your face, you feel your arms shaking as they give way underneath you, your face planting harshly into the carpet as it begins to muffle the little bit of air you can get into your body.

“Y/N!!” Spencer yells.

“Morgan,” Spencer panics, looking around, “Where’s Garcia?”

“Pretty Boy, wha-”

“Where’s Garcia!?” he roars.


Leaning in the corner as you begin to wheeze, the cornersof your vision beginning to blur, you hear a resounding thud before a familiar voice.

“Y/N!  Y/N, where are you!?”

Furrowing your brow as you push yourself deeper into the corner in your bedroom, you hear footsteps out int he hallway before seeing a shadow off in the distance.

“She’s in here!” an unfamiliar sound roars.

Feeling something drape over you, you feel Spencer’s familiar body slip behind you, his fingers working along something before your bare back meets his bare chest.

“Breathe with me,” he chokes out, placing his large hand in the middle of your chest as you close your eyes, trying to hone in on the rhythmic rising and falling of his chest.

Feeling your throat finally open up, the pain in your legs dissipating as your wheezing dies down, you feel your heart rate slowly drop back down to normal as you sit there, soaking up the all-too-familiar warmth of your ex-boyfriend’s body.

Shutting your eyes as you lob your head back onto his shoulder, you feel his cheek nuzzle into your ear as he murmurs, “You alright?”

But you couldn’t move.

You didn’t want to move.

Because you feared that if you moved, you would wake up and this would all be a dream, and he wouldn’t be there behind you, with his skin pressed against yours, his hot breath descending onto your ear as worry for you still drips from his lips.

“Y/N?” Spencer asks, his hand falling from your chest to your hip, lightly shaking your body.

“Yeah,” you breathe, feeling your body regain its strength, “yeah, I’m alright.”

“You really scared us there,” the unfamiliar voice says.

Lobbing your teary-eyed gaze up, you furrow your brow as the chocolate-skinned man comes into view.

“I’m Morgan,” he says plainly.


“Nice to put a face to the name,” you murmur, leaning your body up off of Spencer’s.

“Likewise,” Morgan says, shooting Spencer a look that you didn’t recognize.

But you felt Spencer’s grip on your hip tighten as you tried to move.

Looking down at his hand, his fingers buried into your skin, it threw you back to that night as you bite down on your trembling lower lip.

“Mara…” you whisper.

“I’ll leave you two alone for a bit,” Morgan says as he taps the floor, getting up from his crouched position as he walks out of your room, shutting the door behind him.

Sitting back down as your back slowly leans into him once more, you feel his forehead descend onto your shoulder as he takes in a deep breath.

“Why did you call last night?” he asks.

It was time the two of you were finally honest with each other.

“Because you were right.  And I wanted to apologize.  And I wanted to hear your voice, and let you know that what happened between us wasn’t your fault.”

“What I did was wrong,” he starts.

“What you did was you found someone that you could make happy, hoping that whatever you learned from the experience would translate to our relationship,” you state.

His silence proved you were spot-on.

“I should’ve just talked to you,” he murmurs, his breath hot on your skin.

“You did,” you breathe, putting your hand over his on your hip and squeezing reassuringly, “and I didn’t want to listen.  I wanted to wallow in my sorrows and drown in my tears instead of leaning on my boyfriend to help me through one of the most grueling times in my life.”

I was the one that destroyed us…not you,” you say, finally feeling the strength to turn your body to the side and turn your head to look up at him.

My god, you missed those eyes.

Searching his eyes as his free hand comes up and cradles the back of your head, you watch his graceful tongue dart out and lick his lips, his mind ticking behind his steady eyes as you feel your breath hitch in your throat.

“I miss you,” he admits, his eyes searching your entire face for a reaction.

“Oh, Spencer…” you breathe, your eyes misting over once again as you bring your hand up to cup his cheek.

“I have missed you so much,” you whisper.

And as his lips descend onto yours, your mouth opening to accept his as your hand migrates from his cheek to his hair, you tangle your fingers within his luscious locks as his hands rush to your back, his fingers splaying across your skin as you press your naked chest into his, your bodies descending to the floor as he peppers apologies down your neck.

“I’m sorry…”

Kiss, kiss, kiss.

“I’m so sorry…”


“So, so sorry…”

Kiss, kiss.

“Ahem,” Morgan groans, clearing his throat in the doorway of your bedroom.

Sighing as your eyes open, Spencer hovering over you as he smiles weakly, he brushes a strand of hair back from your face as he bends down and kisses your lips once more.

“Have dinner with me tonight,” he murmurs against your mouth.

“It’s a date,” you whisper back, smiling as you untangle your fingers from his hair.

Avengers Headcanons

Ok my friend and I came up with these a while ago and she told me to post it on tumblr but I’ve been really lazy lately (it’s summer can you blame me?) but anyway I’m finally writing it down yay. It’s kind of a continuation of that one post about Steve Rogers yelling at the media which I currently cannot find (but it’s beautiful)

  • so it’s already been mentioned that Steve would be VERY vocal about his opinions in the media
  • whenever some news agency asks for his input on something he goes on these incredibly long rants about social justice and stuff like that 
  • people would swarm around him asking for opinions and he’d just grab the mic and rant
  • eventually all news agencies are told never under any circumstances should they give him mics 
  • but this ultimately fails, he’s Captain America
  • so they’re forced to get used to it
  • anyway, one day Steve is just going on about something he feels passionately about, like donating to veterans (he’d feel strongly about that) and he’s encouraging this
  • and he parades around the city with Bucky (who came somewhat reluctantly) collecting money for it 
  • Ton always rolls his eyes at this but mysteriously the day after Steve goes on one of these rants some charity magically pops up out of nowhere supporting whatever cause Steve’s into at the time 
  • Tony denies any and all connections to these charities 
  • but everybody knows. Everybody knows.
Say It, Just Say It

Prompt: Coming out fic (x)

They spend a long time trying to figure out how they should exactly come out. All of their friends that were YouTubers either seemed to already be dating when they made their channels or had been accidentally outed. Joe and Caspar, on the other hand, had managed to successfully hide their relationship from the public (and even the majority of their friends) for almost a year. Making a video seemed to be the obvious way to go. They put the majority of their life on the Internet, so what was one more thing. But that came with the drama of whose channel it would go on (and Caspar, though he wouldn’t admit it, was always scared of what would accompany if Joe and him broke up and the video was just sitting on one of their channels just like what happened with him and Gaby).

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Blast From The Past

Characters: Chris Evans x Reader

Chapter: Two

Warnings: LANGUAGE! (still laughing hysterically to myself for the reference)

Notes: Based off a really strange dream

Tags per request: @fandommaniacx  @beautiful-and-strange  @shamvictoria11   @everything-but-the-not-natural   

Originally posted by yohawkeye

Chapter One

Chris was so confused; a wife and child? A woman appeared right in his living room. “Robert, huh?” You looked at him and softened your expression. “Yeah, we named him after both you and your dad. He adores you but he is a mama’s boy. Just like you.” You smirked. Chris laughed softly.

“What is even happening?” he asked. “I wish I knew. One minute it’s 2016 and I am tucking my son in bed while my husband, you, walked our dog, then I’m here in 2012 and my husband is single and WAIT!” You shouted at the end startling Chris. “April 28, 2012? That’s today’s date?” Chris nodded. “Yeah, why?” “You don’t understand we met for the first time May 7, 2012. That’s just a week away!” 

Rubbing your temples you plopped down onto the couch beside him and sighed. “How do we meet?” Chris was surprised he was suddenly very interested. “Isn’t that against some rule? Revealing future information? Like some Butterfly Effect shit?” You laughed. “I never really liked that movie.” He flashed you that typical Chris smile that always drove you wild. You couldn’t help the small laugh that came out. “Yeah, I know.” Chris leaned up, “Plus, I’m not even sure I believe what’s going on. But what if this is real? Maybe you’re here to tell me so I can make sure to be there. Right place, right time. I don’t even know your name.” He watched as you laughed heartily at his comical rant. He tried to will himself to stop finding this crazy lady attractive. He thought you somehow looked familiar. “My name is Y/F/N Evans. Oh… well my maiden name is Y/L/N. In 2012 I am a dancer on Dancing With The Stars. That’s how we meet.” “I’m…I’m not going to be on Dancing With The Stars.” He said confidently. “No, but you attend the Season Premier. Chris Pratt’s wife Anna is a huge fan of the show. They had an extra ticket and asked if you wanted to go. You always told me that you were supposed to go to some other thing that night but for a reason you never told me, you decided to go to the show. You said when you saw me dancing you couldn’t keep your eyes off of me.”

 You were very aware that you were blushing as you were smiling and telling him the story he loved to tell everyone but decided to continue. “You met me at the after party and asked me to have dinner with you the next day. Then it was all downhill from there.” You turned and smirked at him. “Wait! What? Hey! Am I that bad of a husband?” He looked at you with a half playful, half serious expression. Without thinking you reached up to stroke his bearded face, “No, Chris, you are an amazing husband and father. I’ve never been happier in my entire life.” A silent tear escaped and rolled down your cheek. Chris didn’t realize he had nuzzled into your palm. He reached up and wiped your tear away. “Why are you crying?” He asked eyes full of concern. “Because, something is wrong. I’m not supposed to be here. You’re supposed to know me and be in love with me.” Putting your head in your hands you curled into yourself. Chris, not knowing what to do, put his arm around you and pulled you to his chest. He couldn’t help himself; he’s always been the type to care for everyone. It’s one of the things you loved about him. After a few minutes of being held by not your husband Chris, you attempted to pull yourself together. “It’s only been like 45 minutes and I already miss my husband so much. Sorry about crying on your shirt.” You sniffled and motioned to his chiseled chest. “Don’t worry about that. I’m sure your husband misses you. Well I’m pretty sure I’d miss my wife if she just disappeared. I’m happy to know that any version of me has someone that cares so much.” He looked off into the distance. “Chris I know with your anxiety that what happened today could not have been easy for you.” You reassuringly touched his arm. “You know about my anxiety problems? I’ve never vocalized them publicly.” “Not yet you haven’t, but you do eventually. Of course your wife would know about it. I have anxiety too. I love taking pictures and meeting fans but when they bombard me and surround me, it freaks me out. I feel like I’m trapped and I start panicking.” He grabbed your hand. “I understand that completely. That’s how I feel. If it’s a controlled situation I’m fine but otherwise I’m looking for an exit strategy.” 

You pulled out and unlocked your phone. “What do we call what happened? I need to figure out what it was and how to get back.” For some reason Google wasn’t working. “Why isn’t my phone working?” After thinking for a few seconds Chris thought that it may be because that model has not been made yet and would not be online. “Can I borrow your phone or laptop?” “Uhh sure.” You picked up Chris’s phone and put in the pass code to unlock it. “How did you…” Chris was interrupted by the smirk on your face. “Right… wife.” He sighed and pushed himself off the couch and went into the kitchen. “Beer?” You sighed in defeat after not being able to find any information on your little accident. “Got anything stronger? Maybe in the top cabinet to the left of the fridge?” He laughed and pulled out a bottle of Jack Daniels. “Damn you’re good. Well when was the last time you had anything to eat? Hungry? I am.” While you were thinking back to your mac and cheese lunch with your son your stomach growled. “I could eat. How about Pizza?” Chris smiled. “Well I’m sure you know that I love pizza. I usually get everything, what about you?” “Same.” You beamed. “Oh and hot wings with ranch!” Chris just laughed. “Alcohol and pizza and wings. I can see why I married you.” You couldn’t help the smile that crossed your face. You thought about running across the room and jumping in his arms; but he’s not your husband, not yet.

There was a knock at the door and you got up to open it for the pizza guy. The delivery guy was checking you out, hard. Chris apparently took notice. He was at your side; his arm around your shoulders holding the door and his huge muscular body leaning towards the poor guy. “What do we owe you?” Chris emphasized. “Uhh $17.35. Please.” The suddenly unconfident delivery man stuttered out not daring to look at you again. Chris handed him a $20, muttered thanks and shut the door. You were no longer able to stifle your giggle. “You okay?” You asked. “Yeah. Fine. Why?” Biting your lip to hold back your laughter didn’t last long at all. “What? What’s so damn funny?” Chris questioned. “Oh nothing. Just you got really protective over someone who’s not currently your wife.” You laughed even harder, throwing your head back and holding your stomach. “I’m just looking out for future me! I didn’t like the way that guy was looking at you!” Finally managing to compose yourself, “Mhmm okay, hubby.

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