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Wonkru Network ABC Challenge: Letter N: Nightbloods

N is for Nightbloods. Nightblood is a genetic mutation considered sacred by the grounder people in which people have very dark blood. Only those with nightblood can become Commander, because they are the only humans compatible with the flame (ALIE 2.0). People who exhibit nightblood are called “natblidas” and are sent to Polis to train for the conclave as children. Notable natblidas include Commander Lexa, Ontari kom Azgeda, and Luna kom Flokru. Those with nightblood have a high tolerance for radiation, so for a time nightblood was believed to be a way to keep people alive during Praimfaya. However the ethics of testing this theory proved tricky and only Clarke Griffin was made a nightblood through science. Although natural nightbloods were thought to be extinct after Luna’s death, viewers are introduced to Madi at the end of season four who survived Praimfaya due to her nightblood.

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Gifset created by Giselle and written by Stephanie


Wonkru Network ABC Challenge: Letter H: Hair Appreciation

H is for Hair Appreciation. Hair has always been an important detail in the 100. It is used to help build the world we know and love by showing us the styles and cultures of the various clans and groups. Hair can also give us more details about individual characters. Changing styles often reflect the transformations of characters as they grow and develop throughout the series. 

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Gifset created by Jody and written by Ella.