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It was at this moment that Allysus realized that her divine power wouldn’t be able to prevent the onslaught of jealousy that Camila and Normani combined would lay upon an unsuspecting Lauren, and damn everybody to hell, Ally’s done being selfless.

If Lauren wanted to be a ho and go on hugging some dude while her main chick, Normani, and her side piece, Camzzi, are just a few feet away from her, then Lauren could go be a ho and face the consequences.

Ally knew that hell hath no fury like two women scorned. So fuck the meet and greet, fuck Lauren, and tbh, fuck Fifth Harmony, she’s getting the hell away from here before Camila starts asking questions as she throws her water bottle at Lauren’s beautiful face, and Normani slams those two chairs she’s holding against Lauren’s pretty little head.