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1. Arrival dir. Denis Villeneuve - starring Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Forest Whitaker
2. Hacksaw Ridge dir. Mel Gibson - starring Andrew Garfield, Teresa Palmer, Hugo Weaving, Rachel Griffiths
3. Hell or High Water dir. David Mackenzie - starring Chris Pine, Ben Foster, Jeff Bridges
4. Deadpool dir. Tim MIller - starring Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, Ed Skrein, T.J. Miller
5. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story dir. Gareth Edwards - starring Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, Ben Mendelsohn
6. Florence Foster Jenkins dir. Stephen Frears - starring Meryl Streep, Hugh Grant, Simon Helberg, Rebecca Ferguson
7. Hail, Caesar! dir. Ethan & Joel Coen - starring Josh Brolin, George Clooney, Alden Ehrenreich
8. Hunt for the Wilderpeople dir. Taika Waititi - starring Sam Neill, Julian Dennison
9. Love & Friendship dir. Whit Stillman - starring Kate Beckinsale, Chloë Sevigny, Xavier Samuel
10. The Girl on the Train dir. Tate Taylor - starring Emily Blunt, Rebecca Ferguson, Haley Bennett

Hello!! In case you didn’t have the change to watch the Golden Globes yesterday, here is the clip of Felicity Jones and Diego Luna presenting the award for best Screenplay for a Motion Picture.

(Bc everyone needs to hear Diego’s beautiful Spanish and witness his heart eyes) (^-^)


Also my mom laughs

(MY VIDEO!! Please give credit if you’re gonna save or screenshot!!(╹◡╹)♡

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I have seen some ppl complain that Adam is still underrated actor and person. Do you agree with that? I thought he got GG nominee for Paterson but he wasn't. Also there're most hollywood actors on that awards as guests too and most of new SW-cast comes to that ceremonies (Oscars, Globes, Baftas last year) and Felicity with Diego on GG yesturday but Adam is completely under radar, or is he just doesn't like be a "celebrity"?

Adam doesn’t like being a celebrity at all, as far as I’m aware, so I doubt he’s especially concerned about not being recognised by the Golden Globes. I do think some people let their personal hatred of Kylo Ren overshadow the real person and actor Adam Driver (to the point of making cruel and disparaging remarks about his appearance), but for the most part I think he’s recognised for his talent and skill as a performer.

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Delicity headcanon. Felicity is nominated for another Oscar Award and Diego is the one presenting.

Anonymous said:delicity hc where either one of them recieved an award and just thanked the other on their speach (too much award shows feels) :D

I’d condensed these two because I felt one complemented the other, okay? <3

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Golden Globes: What Are You Wearing ... Tomorrow?

The most obvious red carpet question in the world is, “What are you wearing”? But since name-checking luxury designers is second nature for most stars at awards shows, Yahoo switched it up at the Golden Globes by asking them, “What are you wearing tomorrow?”

Not surprisingly, most celebs, like Sarah Jessica Parker and Colin Farrell, told us they couldn’t wait to lose the heels and tuxes and slip into something more comfortable — like jeans, pajamas, or maybe nothing at all. (We’re looking at you, Anthony Anderson!). Meanwhile, Nicole Kidman had plans of her own. When asked what she’d be wearing tomorrow, Kidman simply said, “I’m wearing Keith.” That would be her husband, country star Keith Urban. As for Felicity Huffman, well, she was looking forward to chilling out in a onesie, specifically one with a “backdoor.” Whatever works! Watch what this year’s Miss Golden Globe (all three of them) told us about the advice they received from their famous dad, Sylvester Stallone:

Pantsuits and gowns that made our 2017 Golden Globes best dressed list

Check out what the stars worse to the 2017 Golden Globe Awards.

All hail the pantsuit

There were some incredible dresses on the Golden Globes red carpet but it was the pantsuits that caught our attention.

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Felicity Huffman Golden Globes

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Giuliana Rancic

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Karruche Tran

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Sterling K Brown & Ryan Michelle

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Emily Ratajkowski

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Courtney B Vance Angela Bassett

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Tracee Ellis Ross

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Kathryn Hahn

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Lily Collins

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Chrissy Metz

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Millie Bobby Brown

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Mandy Moore Golden Globes

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Felicity Jones Golden Globes

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Kristen Bell Dax Shepard Golden Globes

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Olivia Culpo

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Why to watch Outlander

Alright now granted Outlander’s Jamie and Claire have been putting the screws to our beloved Oliver and Felicity. But in the end can you say MTV fandom award, and we finally snagged two Golden Remotes so all in I’d say it’s mostly been forgiven…mostly. So I received a question from someone that I happen to think is well wonderful asking me if Outlander was really worth watching. I responded of course and give her a few reason’s as to why. Well now I’m listing the 10 reasons that I actually watch this show hint have you seen any Outlander gif’s ever.

Reason One: It’s Ron Freaking Moore

He tortured me in Battlestar Galactica because yes I was a Lee/Kara or an Apollo/Starbuck shipper. P.S. I’m still pissed over the show’s finale. But the man is a genius when it comes to making television that is relevant, gripping, and truly heart wrenching. His characters are always real breathing feeling and caring people with flaws and emotions. You root for these characters and you root for the couples that are within the storyline. Now granted he had Diane’s book and she’s a large presence on the show and let’s face it without her there is no show. But I don’t think anyone else would do these books and these rich vibrant characters justice.

Reason Two: Claire’s a real woman

I like it when the women on the screen are real women who swear, who do stupid things but who are also capable of taking care of themselves. She was a nurse during WWII this woman has seen the horrors of war and is shown as being good at her job. She’s not some wishy washy weak willed woman. I mean who can forget the scene after Jamie punished her. She held a damn knife to his neck during sex no less and threatened him if he ever laid a hand on her again. She’s also the woman who did what ever she had to do to find Jamie and bring him back. She was written as a strong woman in the book and this show as well as Cait is doing her justice.

Reason Three: They are both strong willed and neither one backs down

The main characters fight, they have real issues thank you for allowing that tv gods. Neither one backs down and hasn’t since the moment they met. She’s calls him a bastard and a sadist and he comes right back at her. I for one don’t think that enough couples on TV have that equality.

Reason Four: Sam and Cait’s natural chemistry

Really what can I say when you have it you have it. These two have it in spades. I actually liked Frank in the pilot and I felt bad for him when Claire disappeared so I was stunned when I saw Sam and Cait together and said Frank who. From that moment on it was all about their natural connection that just jumps off the screen. These two are for me what makes this show so god damn compelling they made me come back each week and let me tell you 1x14 - 1x16 were hard but I kept watching because I knew that these two would make it perfect.

Reason Five: They gave Frank room to grow.

Now books are one medium and television is another. This show allowed for us to see Frank as more than a plot point he was given scope and a real storyline. They allowed for us the viewers and the readers alike to see why Claire fell for him and why she spent most of the first half of the season trying to get back to him.

Reason Six: A kiss is but a kiss

Alright well we’ve seen it all for both of them and frankly most of the females viewers are in your debt. But those scenes are done with so much passion and intensity that frankly I feel slightly uncomfortable while watching them. So Starz, Ron Moore, Diane, Sam, Cait and everyone involved in this show we the fans thank you.

Reason 7: Hand holding is sexy

Really simple these two make holding hands look sexy.

Reason Eight: They remained loyal to the source material

Outlander is a fabulous book but it’s long and filled with multiple plot twists. So was I worried yes most books turned into either movies or TV often fall flat. This show has been the most faithful adaption I’ve ever seen and that is again in large part to the creator of the show and the author of the show being on the same page since day one.

Reason Nine: We do have cute happy moments in between the heart wrenching ones.

Who can forget the lunch scene, or when he’s explaining the singer’s song. Who can forget that they let the relationship grow and evolve before oh by the way you’re getting married now. My point is they have a great mix of heartfelt moments, sweet exchanges and ones that tear our own guts out.

Reason ten: It’s good television

At the end of the day this show is filled with rich well rounded characters. You don’t just have the leads and then no support from the secondary characters. Each one is well written and well acted and important to the story. This show is a great example of how great television can actually be.

Are my reasons well crafted no but they’re mine and at the end of day that’s all that matters.

sabahuniverse what are your reasons!

TRANSLATION: What Stars' Golden Globes Outfits Are REALLY Saying

Hours of thought go into the making of a red carpet moment. What a star looks like, what brand she wears, what color, what her hair looks like - all of this is carefully calculated into her star image. That is, it must add up to how we, as the audience, see her. If it doesn’t, we get upset. 

(I.e.: If a wacky star wears a wacky outfit, it’s ok by us. If a poised, perma-polished star does, well then off with her head.)

This year I’m revealing what the stars are actually saying with their Golden Globes 2015 outfits.


“This belongs to all of those people all around the world battling ALS. It belongs to one exceptional family, Stephan Hawking, Jonathan, Jane and the children.”

July 10, a Summary

First, this:

Then this precious ball of sunshine made an acceptance video for the award:

Then we learn who is playing Damian Dahrk:

FYI producers, the blonde hair and blue eyes doesn’t help dispel any of the “Damian is Felicity’s dad” theories. (PLEASE BE TRUE)

Then we got a bunch of ADORABLE tweets between Stephen and Emily, including one from Stephen promising us something special!!!!!:

Then a cute commercial starring Cupcake Bett Rickards was released:

Then we learn that Arrow will have some sort of separate presentation tomorrow:

ALL IN ALL, AN AMAZING DAY! And it’s not even over yet…

Out of all the cast Emily Bett Rickards got nominated and not just for one category but two and still she is the most under-rated actor on the show, she is the one who gets the least media attention during comic con and during full cast panel they barely talk to her and when they do it’s always ‘Who does Felicity love Oliver or Barry or Ray?’ they can ask her about Felicity’s mother Donna and the chances of seeing her dad and more about Felicity’s hacking skills, her inventions and Emily’s journey etc. I am so happy she got nominated for two LEO awards, because not only she deserves it but also because people should know how amazing she is. 

Shout Out To All Those In The Olicity Fandom That Took Part In Voting For All Of These Awards

It’s easy for everyone to jump in during a celebration after a huge win. But I’d like to take a moment to thank each and every member of the Olicity fandom that worked tirelessly for each and every award we’ve won recently.

All of you ignored the haters, disregarded the loss of followers, and battled with a determination and passion that not many could have withstood.

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As a way to say thank you to all my followers for helping me reach my goal of 2k followers by my birthday (you guys helped me get there before my birthday, holla!) I decided to try this lil blog awards thing for the first time. To enter all you have to do is be following me & reblog this (likes are for bookmarking)! The deadline is March 12th & winners/runner-ups will be posted on March 13th. 


RAVEN REYES AWARD (best icon):
ALLISON ARGENT AWARD (best gif-maker):
LYDIA MARTIN AWARD (best edits):
KIRA YUKIMURA AWARD (best fic writer):
BELLAMY BLAKE AWARD (best multifandom):
MONTY GREEN AWARD (sweetest blogger):
SCOTT MCCALL AWARD (funniest blogger):
VERNON BOYD AWARD (best theme maker):
TOMMY MERLYN AWARD (best overall):


A follow back if I’m not already following you
Will get a spot on my blog for a few months (winners only)
My love and friendship 
You can request promos for like three weeks

It’s All About Teamwork

{waves}  I’m still locked out of my Smoak & Arrow account (that’s what I get for voting too late at night while way too tired & not paying attention to the 250 limit lol!)  but I wanted to pop in as voting hits the mid-point.

The MTV Ship of the Year Award is just like the Eonline voting for Best Couple or Sexiest Moment.  It’s all about sticking with it, working together, and seeing it through to the end.  We won those Best Ever TV Award categories because Oliciters refused to give up.  They wanted to win and they hung in there, voting, until literally the last seconds clicked off the clock and the “Poll is now Closed” screens came up.

If those awards taught us anything, it showed us that, by working together, by voting together – whether you can do 1 vote, 10, 100, or more – we can really jump those numbers.  There are enough of us here to not make that a difficult thing.  If every single Olicity fan voted a handful of times tonight, I can’t even imagine the gain we’d get.

So the same theory & practice works here, Olicity fans.

If you want Stephen & Emily to walk away with a physical award like this:

If you’d like to see an interview & some new pics and all that (which I gather is what comes attached to this award from what others have said), then hop on in and VOTE with us whenever and wherever you can.

Rememeber: Every single vote counts and helps and pushes us that much closer to victory.

So let’s give this a push.  Go to the MTV Ship of the Year Oliver/Felicity page and hit that reblog button.  Cast some votes.  Let’s jump our lead even more.

Go Team Olicity! Click HERE to Reblog Your Vote(s)

I just saw a post that said that Felicity Smoak doesn’t deserve the praise she gets from the fandom because all she does is log onto Facebook while Thea, Sara and Laurel do so much more.




Are you kidding me??? They’re taking the fucking piss. Seriously. They are.

Just because Felicity doesn’t literally put on a mask and go out into the field kicking bad guys physically doesn’t mean that all she does is sit on a computer and go on Facebook. 

I mean let’s look at this, shall we? 

She has TWO DEGREES FROM MIT. Do you know how hard it is to get into MIT let alone further her education to include a masters degree??? DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD A MASTERS DEGREE IS??? I do because I just graduated with a masters degree and let me tell you it makes an undergraduate/bachelors degree look like a participation award. So what does this establish you say? It establishes that Felicity Smoak is a bloody genius. She is highly intelligent and extraordinarily skilled at what she does. No one - and I repeat no one - on Team Arrow can do what Felicity does.

Take for example, just the last episode. In 4x09, Merlyn comes to Oliver and Laurel with a phone he got from one of the Ghosts. Neither of them can do much of anything with that phone except to call it and arrange a meeting and both acknowledge that that’s because Felicity isn’t there. Only she could hack into that phone and track it back to its last GPS location or whatever she does. 

This goes to show how invaluable Felicity is to the team REGARDLESS of her relationship with Oliver. Yes, maybe Team Arrow could find other avenues for doing their vigilante business without Felicity’s technological prowess but honestly, considering how time sensitive most of their missions are, they would fall short more times than they win because they just wouldn’t be able to get anything done as fast as they would with Felicity’s know-how. 

Now, Sara, Thea and Laurel are definitely very capable women as well and yes as someone who isn’t the biggest fan of Laurel, I’ll include her, because she does come in handy as 4x09 proved. They’re physically strong women who are adept at martial arts and can take down villains left and right. Should they be praised more? Hell yes!! Sara and Thea are my babies!

But should you praise them by belittling another woman simply because her strengths aren’t the same as theirs??? NO!! THAT’S A BIG N O!!

Let me end this by asking why is a woman only considered a hero when she’s physically able to hold her own against a man? Why is a woman only considered a hero when she guards her emotions closely to her chest? Why is intelligence in a woman not seen as heroic as physical prowess???