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Great Horned Owls (Bubo virginianusby lee barlow


Northern Pygmy-Owl (Glaucidium gnomaby Steve Large

It must be spring

All across North America, one of the surest signs that spring is here is the return of migratory birds.

One morning you wake up and the trees around you are suddenly filled with all sorts of dumb singing birds that were not there yesterday. Incredibly, many of these birds have flown thousands of miles to reach your yard, following only celestial and magnetic cues passed down genetically. 

Nobody invited them, but there they are anyway.

barbara gordon is canonically

  • a disabled woman, 
  • an intersectional feminist, 
  • one of the smartest members of the batfamily, 
  • and the leader of a badass all-female superhero team, 

and it breaks my heart that she’s probably going to be reduced to “cute girl who punches bad guys and makes jokes and has a crush on nightwing” in joss whedon’s batgirl movie.