The Big, Sappy, Anniversary Thinkpiece


It’s me, Elliot, Dawny, or whatever you call me. It’s currently 2:55AM as I write this, because what’s a better time to bare your heart on your sleeve that when you’re sleep deprived?

(I do that a lot. You probably knew that.)

It’s been one whole year since A.C.E debuted. Holy shit. That’s fucking awesome. Now I’ll admit! I have not been around since debut/predebut like so many have. No, I got into them around mid-July, still during Cactus era. But that hardly matters. No matter when anyone has become a Choice, it should only matter that they did at all, yeah? Yeah.

So I’ve been thinking.

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types of people - room edition lol

kitchen: loves the colour yellow, always smiling, shops at farmers markets, immaculately dressed, spontaneous, wants to travel the world, owns too many indoor plants

living room: collects vinyl records, loves big parties, black coffee, classic movies, can speak at least two languages, hugs everyone

office: messy hair, lover of green tea, classic literature, always organised, loves autumn, will not take shit from anyone, daydreams too much

bedroom: only wears lip gloss, cozy socks, loves the rain, french pastries, always up for a snuggle, obsessed with scented candles, has the softest skin

garden: summer dresses, dreams of the beach, freshly picked strawberries, gets up at 5am just to see the sunrise, loves their friends more than anything else

attic: owns too many books, finds it hard to stay motivated, dim light, thinks they’re dumb but is actually super smart, loves space and astronomy

anonymous asked:

What songs remind you of your girlfriend? I know you said you have a playlist and I’m curious <3 I could use some more songs to think about my beautiful crush! (that i hope one day will agree to be my gf)

( Aww you remembered I said that… 😙 )

Here’s some of my favorites…