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First years on the Hogwarts Express!

“Albus. Al. I’m - my name is Albus…”

“Hi Scorpius. I mean, I’m Scorpius. You’re Albus. I’m Scorpius…”

NCT DREAM Reaction To: You calling them baby boy in front of the members

Hayo (↑ω↑) Can I get NCT Dream reaction to you calling them “baby boy” or something like that in front of members? (ू•ᴗ•ू❁) Thnks ~ аν<“∬

Author’s note: I LOVE THE DREAMIES SO MUCH! MY PRECIOUS BABIES! I’m so sorry I haven’t been active lately I’m just focusing on school and make long days so I hope you understand that. Anyways gifs aren’t mine. X 


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When he’s around the Dreamies he’s their leader, so he feels like he has to act responsible and serious. Whenever he’s around the other members he doesn’t really feel like that, mainly since he’s not the youngest member. However, when you sat down next to him and called him ‘baby boy’ he couldn’t help but blush furiously. The other members started screaming as they practically squeezed Mark. Mark was still their baby so it made them happy to know that you saw him the same way. After all Mark is just adorable and has this uwu factor. You simply can’t help but want to take care of him and protect him. 


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Renjun is one of the older members in the DREAM unit, but when all the other members are around he’s suddenly one of the youngest. Which means that his hyungs often ‘baby’ him. I think that if you’d call him ‘baby boy’ all the time he might grow sick of it and start to think it’s annoying, since he doesn’t want to be seen as small all the time. But if you’d do it every once in a while he’d love it. When you called him ‘baby boy’ when some of his hyungs were around they couldn’t help but smile and chuckle in response. 


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Jeno is a precious bean, who’s quite tall and often quite serious. However, when he flashes his blinding smile everyone melts around him. Basically everyone is whipped for this guy, including you. The older members always took care of their younger brothers so they were glad to see that you shared that caring nature. After all they didn’t want their dreamies to grow up too fast. Jeno couldn’t help but blush when you called him “baby boy” it made him feel small and adorable, which was exactly what you wanted.


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Our precious too sweet for this world Donghyuck. Where do I even start with him? I mean this guy made bracelets for his fans. Literally MADE THEM HIMSELF AND APPOLIZED FOR NOT HAVING MORE OF THEM! He’s literally the sweetest and he loves cuddles and affection so I think he’d enjoy being called ‘baby boy’ a lot. Seriously a lot. Whenever you called him ‘baby boy’ he’d blush furiously and hide his face in your chest while the other members snickered. Oh my god could you imagine what that’d be like? Baby boy culture right here. 


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This guy has been wrecking me lately. Seriously Jaemin is wrecking my bias list. He can be so adorable at times that you simply can’t help but call him ‘baby boy’. It just seems so natural to call him that, so obviously it slipped out once when the other members were around. As soon as Jaemin realized what you had just called him he his eyes grew wide as his cheeks turned a bright shade of pink. He let out a loud chuckle as he hid his face behind his hands. 


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I’m not gonna lie, I’ve a soft spot for our Chenle here. He’s growing up so fast so I think that just as with the other members, they’d be glad that you also still see him like that. He might pretend to hate it when you call him ‘baby boy’ but in reality it’d make him so soft. He just can’t help but feel happy and smile brightly when he hears the nickname. This obviously didn’t go unnoticed by his hyungs, who every time they got the chance would ‘baby’ him just like you would. Only if Chenle was okay with it of course. 


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As the maknae I thing Jisung gets cuddled with quite a lot, so he might grow a bit sick of people treating him like a little boy. But this cutie did have a soft spot for you. So if you’d call him ‘baby boy’ from time to time he would like it quite a lot and blush furiously every time you did it, but if you’d do it every single time he might grow sick of it and try to show you that he is growing up well and not as little as everyone sees him as. But let’s be honest, Jisung is every one’s baby boy. Even if he’s older than you you still want to protect him and take care of him. 

You are the fireworks against my starless sky.

I can’t stop staring at how perfect this is.  Every piece of art Molly makes is amazing, but I’m so blown away at seeing one of my favourites like this. Gaah thanks so much sweetie. I just want to shout to the heavensヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ  @molliartsie

Incorrect NCT quotes #47

Mark: So wait, when pies are involved, you can suddenly do math in your head?

Renjun: Hold on. Jaemin, how much is 19,154 pies divided by 61 pies?

Jaemin: 314 pies.

Mark: What if they were salads?

Jaemin: Carry the four and -

Jaemin: It doesn’t work.

Just imagine cuddling jisung and he wants to act cool but he high-key wants to be the little spoon, even though he’s so freaking TALL (you don’t mind because you will honestly do anything for that boy). And he scruches up his lil button nose when you kiss it, but he secretly loves it because he loves everything you do (but he’d NEVER tell you that (okay he only tells you on the days he’s small and squishy and tired but still,,)). And just imagine you’re working on homework and suddenly jisung snakes his arms around you and whines that he’s not getting any attention (we all know that this boy loves getting babied, even though he protests). He demands that you leave your assignments and immediately go to cuddle him, and who are you to refuse that soft lil mochi bean?? His arms lift you up and zoom you to your room (he deadass is making airplane noises, that cute lil dork). You two spend hours just lying in each other’s arms, all soft and warm and content, just loving spending time with the other. He curls up in your arms, nose brushing your’s as you two tell each other about the day that passed, and sweet little nothings hang in the air as you drift off to sleep. “Sweet dreams,” he whispers in your ear, his heart bursting with affection for you as he kisses you softly. You grumble something incoherent about missing deadlines against his lips, but you two both know that you don’t really mind, because you would miss a thousand deadlines for days like these with your favorite boy.

This is the request for the lovely @nightdreamerdoodles UwU
She Wanted my OC Noj and @wildunderbeastly as a Gaster blaster as Babies, playing on the beach…. And here it is :D It was fun and cute, even if I haven’t drawn Babybones before xD Or at least I can’t remember xD 

I hope you like it <3