Bias Selfie Tag 💘

…. Kate ( @colourfulnoodles ) and Abi ( @ji-baek ) tagged me so blame them for any kind of sickness that you might experience after looking at this.

I just got my new hair cut so these are basically the only two selfies that exist of me with my new hair so bare with me 😅

also someone needs to teach me how to take cool selfies ok bc mine are just lame

I shall tag @frittatansonyeondan @polarstar17

@minyoongummysmile @writer-w-magic (you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to 🙆) P.S.: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 1.3K FOLLOWERS I CANT BELIEVE HOW MANY PEOPLE ACTUALLY SEEM TO BE INTERESTED IN THE CRAP I PRODUCE OH MY I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH 😭💘