AKB48 2013 Manatsu no Dome Tour :::

Goddess Sayaka during her graduation ceremony at Tokyo Dome (August 22, 2013)

She owned all of her performances. Really, no star in the sky could match with Sayaka’s radiance that night.


SayaMina’s beautiful kisses in AKB48 Kagekidan 「∞・Infinity」

These two together make a dazzling pair.❤

Sayaka stayed in character throughout the entire show, especially when she gallantly planted a kiss on Takamina’s hand or playfully stole a final kiss from Takamina when the curtains rose again. She was/is so dashing and probably the only one who could make Taka become so girly.=P~


Twitter 2014.04.14

Sayaka: (retweeted by Miyazawa Sae)
I, Akimoto Sayaka, is the new image character for Speedo.
Please check it out!

How about your boobs? Where are they? Where did you leave them?

I didn’t forget them.
Only pure people can see my boobs.(*)
That’s why, Sae-chan you must have seen them.

(*) 胸 (mune) is literally “chest/breast”. But it’s very often used by the meaning of “heart” too. I think Sayaka used it as double meaning here.


How about your boobs? Where are they? Where did you leave them?

Wait, ROFLMAO (lol)

Uchida, come out here‼︎((((;゚Д゚)))))))

You don’t understand at all.
About the real charm of boobs.
It’s really deep.


Keep calm, keep calm… and put your boobs on! (*)

Don’t put your boobs on!
by Gankutsu

Bravo ♥️♥️!!✨

(*) Sae was making a pun here based on a line in musical “Kuzariaana no Tsubasa”
落ち着いて (ochitsuite): keep calm
お乳ついて (ochichitsuite): put your boobs on
Sayaka also replied with a line in “Kuzariaana no Tsubasa” by Gankutsu.
That’s why Sae bravo her because Sayaka got Sae’s pun right away even when she only watched it once.

Akimoto Sayaka's awesomeness for newbie – part 1

Okay, so when someone asks why we love Sayaka, they are just often given a very general answer about how she’s “strong, smart, cool, awesome, blah blah blah…” without having anything to show how she is smart? Cool? Awesome?

So here I made this kind of information post for anyone who doesn’t know a single thing about her :3
Obviously it’s not everything, just something to give you an idea about how she is.

And of course I don’t know her in real life so everything is based on facts of what she said, did and wrote on her blog, TV shows, interviews, handshake events etc…

・ When she just joined AKB, she was “so fat to the point that looked like Gundam wearing “Skirt, Hirari” outfit” (she herself said so), so to lose weight, she did push-up 500 times a day. Before joining AKB, she was around 70kg.
・ When she was in highschool, there was a time when she lifted a 50kg barbell and manager of wrestling club told her to aim for Olympic XD
・ In 24h TV, she lifted a 78kg dumbbell that 2 guys together couldn’t lift it.
・ Mecchaike, when a weird guy chasing AKB members, she literally kicked his ass and rescuing her members! XD
・ Her body fat is round 13%~16% and has 6pack abs. But it’s considered not very feminine and idol-like in Japan that’s why they always brush it out in her gravure photoshoots.
・ Finished Tokyo full marathon 2011 and 2012. Won “Tousouchuu ~Run for money~” a game show where celebrities run away from hunters.

・ Her family was not as lucky compared to others, in highschool she had to take 3 part-time jobs at the same time to pay for her own school fees. She said that was also the reason why she used to skip practice and training trips a lot when she was in basketball club, because she didn’t have enough time and money. But her club teacher helped her a lot during that time (AKB kousagi ep2 121214)
・ This was also one of the reason she joined AKB, to help her family. She said she was actually happy because since she joined AKB, she didn’t have to do 3 jobs at the same time anymore.
・ Back then when she just joined AKB, she used to bring extra bentos or leftover at work place back to her home for her family. They used to make fun of her for that on AKBINGO! In Shoujiki sougi corner in AKBINGO! with Sae, she also admitted that sometimes they even had out of date food and turned it into a joke on that show.
・ There was a time when a gossip magazine published an article written that some Japanese entertainers, including a AKB member, took financial social welfare (implied that it was illegally) Some staffs even suspected it was Sayaka so she wrote on her bog denied that rumor. She said there was a period of time when her mom fell sick and couldn’t work, that time her income was still very little, her father doesn’t work at all, they did think about receive social welfare but in the end they didn’t. She said even though her family was not as wealthy as others but it was a warm and happy family and she was proud to be born in such a family.
・ She’s currently the main financial support of her family now.

・ Her father is Japanese, her mom is Filipino. In interview for Tokyo marathon 2012, she said that when she was a kid, because she’s half Japanese, she was bullied a lot. Being a kid, she used to feel so embarrassed and then her mom told her, “Just live proudly as who you are.” Now she’s proud with this blood running in her.
・ That was also the reason why she ran Tokyo marathon 2012 as a charity runner: to help raising fund for Philippines health service and showing her grateful feelings for her mother.
・ You can also read about her bullied past here and how she deal with it: http://tmblr.co/Zj-gMyQK72R3

・ Despite taking part in both basketball club and track club, doing 3 part-time jobs at the same time but her school result still remained top class. There was a time she was top 2 of the school.
・ If she weren’t an AKB member she would aimed to be a pharmacist now.
・ Got 2nd place in Shukan AKB test, 4th place in Mecchaike test (even higher than university graduated Takahashi Masa announcer), 1st place in Naruhodo Highschool with 100% correct answers, almost won the final prize in Are you smarter than a five grader (technically she got the right answer but not exact enough, personally I watched it and couldn’t even get through the 4-5th question *embarrassed*)
・ Definitely not your typical silly and airhead idol.

・ When she faced AkiP at AKB audition, she just wore an old Mickey mouse Tshirt, he asked her why she chose it (while other girls usually wear prettier stuff), she answered “If I pass, no matter what I wear I will still pass.”
・ AKBINGO!, they had this challenge where a girl was tied to a chair and a big fat dude put his butt in front of her, the girl then had a choice when to push the alarm to stop or his butt will touch her face. Sayaka didn’t push the button because, “I don’t want others to say that I’m coward just because I’m an idol.”
・ In AKBINGO! new year episode (2009 or 2010?), they played prank on Sayaka. They had a kid pretend to be her fan and made for her a supper salty eggroll then asked her to finish it. She still finished the dish with a smile on her face for the whole time (though she did look very miserable though XD) because she didn’t want the kid to be disappointed.
・ In that same AKBINGO! episode, they played prank and threw Meetan’s cellphone in the hotpot, while Meetan still too shocked from it, Sayaka put her bare hand in the boiled hot water and took the cellphone out for Meetan.
・ AKBINGO! shoujiki sougi Mariko vs Oku Manami. Maachan admitted that she actually felt really annoyed when Sayaka always forced her to do stretching before practice. Sayaka answered: “If you get hurt then it would be too late, that’s why you can hate me if you want (but you have to do stretching).”
・ AKBINGO! hypnotizing episode when they let a big lizard ran free in the studio, other member were panic, Sayaka caught it for others while her hands were actually shaking.

・ She got kidney stones, but she just took medicine to stop the pain and hasn’t canceled any of her job because “If you take a rest just once, there will always be someone else ready to replace you.” (Hamachan ga!)
・ When DiVA prepared for their debut was also the time when she had to practice for 2011 marathon, you can see her feet were all bandaged in “Tsuki no Uragawa” PV making. But because Sayaka herself knew that she’s bad at dancing (she’s really slow at remembering dance moves) and the other 3 Sae, Umechan, Yuka are some of the best dancers in AKB so she had to practice harder or she couldn’t catch up with them.
・ Nemousu TV, when they went to New York and audition for RIVER original PV, Sayaka was the one who both of the directors chose first, and therefore she was the only one to have the privilege to choose which director she wanted to work with.
・ When AKB missed the chance to attend NHK 59th Kouhaku Utagassen, she went to NHK hall by herself right before the day Kouhaku took place, “so that this bitter frustration will engrave into my body and I can never forget about it.”

・ You can safely say that Sayaka’s handshake tickets don’t sell that well compared to other members. Back then there was a time when it was so bad that some fans afraid her shaking hands time would be cut down because it never sold out and she often had to stand all alone. But it gets better now. Maybe because she knew how it felt during that hard time, that’s why she really cherishes her fans.
・ She said in her blog: “At first there’s no one in my line (well, it still happened sometimes now ^-^;)That was the beginning time when I didn’t want to look down and tried desperately to look ahead. Tried not to look to the side. Now, a lot of people came here to see me. I’m so happy.”
・ The only time she canceled her handshake was the time when fan reports all said that “she looked so bad it felt like visiting a patient in hospital.”
・ She learned hand language to communicate with disabled fans, learned English to communicate with her foreign fans, encouraged sexual minority fans, fans who are fighting with illness, reached out to people who are bullied…
・ There’s this incident. A fan (<- doubt this) went to her handshake and requested her doing something or so, but she politely refused with a smile, then he gave her a middle finger. When he was pulled away by security, he turned back and flip her off again! She then got really mad and was like “What did you do just now! Stop kidding me! Apologize now!” At last, that person went again and she put her hand on the table refused to shake hand with him, telling him “I won’t shake hand with you until you apologize”. He did, and then she smiled, shaking hand with him and said bye bye like nothing happened.
・ Later in her blog she wrote, “We are idols, but we also are human.
There’s no way anything can just happen you know?
There’s no way we can just smile and forgive everything you know?”
・ Some said she’s not professional for doing that because her job is an idol, her job is to smile and please her ‘customers’ no matter what they say or do. Personally, I don’t think one should ever throw away your dignity no matter what your job is.
・ Read more of her blogs about handshake events: http://tmblr.co/ZoBMvx9PFeqG , http://tmblr.co/ZoBMvxKYUOG5


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ps: you know what I love most about superwoman Sayaka, it’s not because she’s strong and doesn’t afraid of anything, but because the fact that she’s afraid of so many things and is actually very fragile but for others, she’s always willing to jump in front and protect them (I’m looking at Meetan, the lizard and Maachan episode up there)


Yuko’s Twitter 2014-07-26 14:24



Yuko’s Twitter Translation

It’s the birthday of the one who I greatly love my heart(best) friend Akimoto Sayaka
Extra big love and happiness as presents for her❤️


Yuko’s Twitter 2014-07-26 24:39


Happy Birthday to Sayaka❤️

Yuko’s Twitter Translation

Congratulations on your 26th birthdayー‼︎
Since Saechan’s in Shanghai, it was just the 2 of us celebrating
Happy Birthday to Sayaka❤️
Hope you’ll become a woman full of radiance!


Sayaka’s Twitter 2014-07-26 24:46



Sayaka’s Twitter Translation

I’m drunk really drunk。
It’s been a wonderful day getting drunk.
Thanks, Yuko.
And, to all of you supporting Akimoto Sayaka. Thank you.