“easy homie, didn’t yer mama tell ya it’s rude pointin’ a 9 toward yer business pals?”
at an undercover case. and before the rabbit cuts in, our good old clever fox just showed a quick weapon disarming skill. ;)


didn’t update for a while, sry :’s
need to focus on original stuff in these weeks but still trying to make some doodle of my fav rabbit&fox partners when have free time :3 






Dog Vocabulary 犬

犬: いぬ (inu) - dog/snoop (i.e. a detective, a spy, etc.)/ loser/asshole/ (prefix)counterfeit, inferior, useless, wasteful

ワンコ: (wanko)  - doggy, bow-wow

盲導犬: もうどうけん (moudouken) - seeing eye dog for the blind

愛犬: あいけん (aiken) - pet dog, beloved pet

柴犬: しばいぬ (shibainu) - Japanese breed of dog

飼い犬: かいいぬ (kaiinu) - pet dog

狸: たぬき (tanuki) - raccoon dog/sly dog/sly old fox/sly fox/cunning devil/ craftiness/sly person/someone who makes evil plans without ever breaking their poker face

野犬: やけん (yaken) - stray dog/ownerless dog

狂犬: きょうけん (kyouken) - mad dog

土用: どよう (doyou) - midsummer, dog days

負け犬: まけいぬ (makeinu) - dejected loser/dog that has lost a fight (with its tail between its legs) / unmarried woman (with no children) over the age of 30

忠犬: ちゅうけん (chuuken) - faithful dog

アイメイト (aimeito) - seeing-eye dog, guide dog

迎え酒: むかえざけ (mukaezake) - hair of the dog, another drink in the morning

犬小屋: いぬごや (inugoya) - kennel/ dog house

犬掻き: いぬかき (inukaki) - doggy paddle swimming style

幸せ者: しあわせもの (shiawasemono) - fortunate person/lucky fellow/lucky dog

戌年: いぬどし (inudoshi) - year of the dog

警察犬: けいさつけん (keisatsuken) - police dog

介助犬: かいじょけん (kaijoken) - service dog

ヘロヘロ (herohero) - completely exhausted/dog-tired/dreadfully weary/terribly frustrated/limp/weak/flimsy

犬派: いぬは (inuha) - dog person