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TV Guide No.3000 Special Talk Part 2 of 4 - ARASHI [English translation]

Sakurai-san: Speaking of miracle of ARASHI, now I bit think about the past, I had an episode.
Matsumoto-san: Eh, what is it?
S: Because it was not on air on TV you three might not know it, I and Aiba-kun, in the past, during our location filming we opened the “door towards Makai [place of demons]”!
All: Ahahaha!
Ohno-san: What is it, makai (giggle)?
Ninomiya-san: Can you talk about this!?
S: At that time, we went a lot of location filming about spiritual issues, when we went to the inner part of Aokigahara, we saw some strange light.
Aiba-san: Um, we saw it!
M: You could see it with your eyes?
S: We did, we did. It suddenly got big, and then suddenly shrank.
M: Really?
A: Well, it was really great!
S: And, after we saw that big light ball, the spiritualist with us in the programme said, “If we keep on like this the door towards makai will be opened! 30 minutes left!”
O&N&M: Ahahaha~.
S: Well, now we can laugh too though, it was terrible that couldn’t be laughed (giggle). At that time we two dashed to our utmost.
A: Well~ that was terrible~. I remember that.
M: At the end, did the door towards makai open?
S: I don’t know. Because we dashed back to the car, though we made it in time to escape, probably, behind us the door of makai opened (giggle).
N: 30 minutes left isn’t it.
A: It was really dangerous. But since we were back to the car it was OK!
O: If you were in car it’d be OK (giggle).
N: If you didn’t make it in time, would the car be pulled to makai?
S: It’s all right, because the car doors were closely shut (giggle).
N: Makai is severe (giggle).
M: Just with one car door and it’ll be all right (giggle).
S: The so-called country border, things like that (giggle).
M: Then it’s all right if we go near makai by car?
O: Probably, if in car it’ll be all right.
S: Ohno-san, surprisingly you know well about makai (giggle)!
O: Though just vaguely (giggle).
A: But at that time, I thought about going back to the car. The moment I was told “It’s already all right”, I thought what it was all about? (giggle)
N: Makai system.
M: Staff must have wanted to finish it (giggle).
A: Speaking of staff, there was also that incident too.
S: Hahahaha, that incident.
A: That was also about the spiritual location filming, at really terrible place staff slid straightaway! And then…
N: Stop it stop it~. If we don’t stop such talk will never end. Now this corner is not “horror talk” (giggle).
A: Right so (giggle).
S: But it’s reminiscing. It was around 2001. During “USO!?Japan” (TBS).
N: Indeed during “USO!?Japan”, there was a lot of such filming.
O: I recalled that I have done many things.
M: But, it was good that you two came back safely (giggle). If you two went to makai, today there wouldn’t be this miracle of we five being here would it (giggle).
N: What a makai talk!
All: (Burst into laughter)

Ohno’s ambition for Arashi in 2017

Leader represents Arashi and talked about 2017′s ambition. Yes, devoting 2017 to healthy diet and well, since he’s leader and the members are well used to his random antics, they could only accept it.

I guess leader is doing this also to keep himself in check since the fortune teller has predicted that Ohno will grow fat in 2017. What better way to motivate himself? Having all the members in it together. さすが、リーダー。

We’ll see how the onion diet works for them in 2017!

Arashi ni Shiyagare 1.1.2017

Edit: The last thing Ohno said was to do health check up together instead of experience together. Thanks to those for pointing it out


[Jun’s Happy Shot (#4)]

Jun wrote “Are you Happy?” on his friend’s wall (March 4th 2014). According to him he was drunk and got carried away.

When he visited the place again:

“Ah! my scribbles!” then I saw ‘are you happy?’ written.what a coincidence! so I took a photo of it. March of 2014… i was filming shitsuren chocolatier. I must’ve been tired (lol) maybe I was having a lot of fun. I asked myself if I’m happy and I answered by writing “yes!!!” (lol).“

(Photo and caption) ©© @sasskumoto

Kouhaku repo (selected) – ARASHI

- At the last part, during VTR of song introduction Aiba-chan could not stop his tears. Watching this Nino’s eyes turned red. Sho-kun tried best to talked to Aiba-chan to stop his tears before the camera turned back to him, but at the end Sho-kun wiped his eyes too. Watching this, Jun-kun also wiped his eyes. Then Leader too.

- When waiting for voting results, Aiba-san couldn’t hold his tears. Sho-san suddenly hit Aiba-san’s shoulders from back and whispered to him “Your koi dance was great!” and then Aiba-san turned to smiling face immediately.

- When voting started, Sho-kun whispered to Leader, and Leader silently moved to the center, aiming to, as he said in Are You Happy? Live tour, intercept Aiba-chan’s taking the victory flag!

- Sho and Nino were planning when White Team was announced to win, Leader would go straight to take the victory flag from Aiba-san’s hand (at that time Jun-kun kept looking at Aiba-chan). When the result was announced, the three kept saying “Really? Why?” and checked the monitor and the results several times.

- Aiba-san greeted all performers off stage. From the very start to very end, he bowed slightly to the performers, cleared the route for them, behaved like a gentleman. No matter Red Team performers or White Team performers greeted Aiba-san naturally. This indicated his splendid personality.

Source: Twitter @mahounosi__ru, @bluemoonars


17.01.06 Are You Happy? Live tour memo

- ARASHI wished everyone Happy New Year.
- There was a new light effect tonight: Happy New Year 2017. Happy (yellow colour) New (red-purple) Year (orange) 2017 (yellow).
- Matsumoto-san is THE BEST stage producer. Tonight I was in a position which can see most of the light effect. They are superb. Dear Arashians please buy new penlight for ARASHI’s concerts, or buy two. Matsumoto-san’s production involves everyone in the venue; everyone is part of the production. Please buy new penlights to join the party~
- To my homies: Sho-san pointed to each member one-by-one on stage while singing “friend, friend” (c.f. what Leader did). Very tender, very touching.
- To my homies: Sho-san and Aiba-san first held hands, then Sho-san was about to turn away and Aiba-san got to hold his hand again and raised their hands, I couldn’t see it clearly but it seemed it’s koibito tsunagi.
- Drive: When Sho-san held the hand-camera and filmed Aiba-san, Aiba-san showed a eye-half-closed-a-bit-shy-and-sexy facial expression.
- Sho-san clapped hands in cute gesture when watching the firework. Later during MC Nino said Aiba-san removed his earphones to say to him excitedly the firework was near, and he tried to press back the earphones several times but failed.
- Step and go: During the intro MatsuJun stood up, Leader touched his butts (kid’s play) for several times.
- Step and go: Aiba-san pretended to fall asleep in car, then Nino shook him and he woke up and give a big vivid smile to camera.
- Step and go: Sho-san repeated members’ posture during live. Aiba-san did koi dance posture and Sho-san repeated it.
- When Leader and MatsuJun were in car there was a little play that MatsuJun fished several times to get a fish to Leader but Leader thought it was not big enough probably then MatsuJun threw away the fish.
- Later when Aiba-san went back on stage and Leader was still on his way, Aiba-san acted like fishing and Leader jumped onto stage as if being fished.
- Sho-san was in high tension today. He kept twisting his waist during mini MC and when singing (c.f. Kouhaku Happiness intro). Very kawaii.
- And Sho-san talked super fast tonight. Very very kawaii.
- Sho-san thanked everyone for ARASHI getting Oricon album ranking No.1.
- Sho-san sang tenderly tonight, tender and firm, especially during Miles Away. Hard to imagine how these two feelings can be depicted together but he did it.
- Hatenai Sora: The light effect was starry sky. The stars were reflected in Sho-san’s eyes. A magnificent moment.
- Members asked Aiba-san to introduce song in Kouhaku style. Aiba-san said he had been practicing in concerts but there is no need to practice it now, but members said they (or audience) wanted to see it so Aiba-san did it again a bit shyly.
- Aiba-san said he spent time at home in new year and it was like a dream to be in live.
- During MC they talked about Kouhaku. The atmosphere was warm. There were times that we applauded for Aiba-san and Sho-san said Aiba-san would cry again and we’d better not clap hands. Nino also said Aiba-san would cry and then Aiba-san said to Nino with a smile ‘don’t say that (shy)’.
- Aiba-san explained the scoring calculation of Kouhaku seriously. Sho-san said they were surprised, he talked about what they have talked about during concerts, the plot of Leader intercepting Aiba-san holding the victory flag. He talked about it like a teenager planning a little trick to his classmate. And Leader said when Red Team was announced to win he steped back in order not to be filmed.
- Aiba-san said he cried during One Love because he was about to complete the show after all these preparation and once he left the thought behind he got touched and tears just came out. And then the contact lens moved because of tears and it hurt so he turned around trying to move the contact lens back to position. He did it with a cute facial expression and posture of wiping eyes.
- During MC MatsuJun, Leader and Nino did PPAP when promoting their films. MatsuJun did it in a way like D no Arashi, that he seemed reluctant to do it but actually enjoyed it. Leader did it very Leader-style. Nino did it like Nino taro.
- When Leader promoted his film Aiba-san jammed in to say to Sho-san that he watched Emblem and Sho-san thanked him. Both were lovely.
- MatsuJun said Hoshino Gen-san said during Kouhaku that ARASHI was a great group, after seeing members comforting Aiba-san in tears.
- Aiba-san’s おかえり was performed with a great warm smile.
- Aiba-san’s Amore was also warm with a spice of sexy shyness.
- Both Aiba-san and Sho-san did Disco Star ByeBye, left and right and the Disco Star walk. Their actions synchronised.
- During aisatsu Aiba-san asked us not to write something on sns. He was doing a posture of tying computer but it looked like playing piano. Delicate fingers delicate movement.
- Aiba-san introduced Daylight as if in Kouhaku and introduced ARASHI was to perform the last finale. After the introduction he bowed deeply, reminding me of Kouhaku when the last finale was performed. The other members also bowed deeply. A moment that one could do nothing but clap hands.
- Leader managed to hold MatsuJun’ hand with koibito tsunagi, but MatsuJun refused to do it (just tsundere) and Leader bended his fingers one by one.
- When Aiba-san gave kiss he gave kiss like what Sho-san did in Himitsu no Arashi chan (the episode they gave kiss then wink). When Sho-san gave kiss in Ai no Sakebe he did it in - I would say a bit tsundere way.

Great performance. Thanks so so much ARASHI. Best wishes to success of the remaining two days. I very much look toward to the DVD.

Ohno’s Special Opening

In the previous Baba Arashi in October 2016, unable to hide his uneasiness, he broke the basic baba card rule by disposing unpaired cards which probably led to Sho’s defeat.

Ohno addresses Sho as Sakurai Sho ‘sama’, an honorific, more respectful version of ‘san’ for people of a higher rank than oneself. LOL. 

What an opening. Clumsy リーダー.

- VS Arashi 2017.01.03